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TMZ's Search for the Hottest Politician

9/24/2008 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't worry folks, these risqué photos of Macomb County Commissioner Carey Torrice weren't stolen from her cell phone or jacked from her personal email account -- they're sitting on her official website for all to see. And we likey.
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It's gonna be hard to beat Michigan's Carey -- but we're looking for pics of the hottest politicians from your neck of the woods. Men or women, it doesn't matter -- click here to send us your candidate candids (with all their information).


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After viewing this ladys website I find abosolutely NO FAULT with those photos. You have to go to her website to understand the context of the photos. The one where she is dressing up as a cop was for donations to a police organization. Once you go through her website and look unbiasly u will see there isnt anything trashy about the wbsite or the Carey Torrice. Some People being way too judgemental without really getting the facts.

2229 days ago


My god there are some jealous fat linda's on here. Every one who said bimbo probably weighs 300 pounds +

2229 days ago


This chick is typical EAST SIDE DETROIT. Typical nasty fake boob job, probably done in Windsor. I bet she drives a Hummer H2 with a bunch of Detroit Red Wings stickers on it and a gun rack. Terrible hair dye job and what the heck is going on with that orange tanned wrinkled face? Look at that photo of her sitting next to her husband...they are completely different colors??? She looks like that Shanna Sands girl. I'm sorry, but please do not associate her with the rest of Metro-Detroit or Michigan in particular. If you want to be TAKEN seriously, then you would not have this type of website, no matter what type of charity work you are doing. GROW UP

2229 days ago


Hey, I love women as much as the next person but there is a time and a place. Regardless of the skank officer costumes being used for donations, they are UNPROFESSIONAL. She is in a position of public service and high profile. Therefore she should act and dress professionally. I'm sure they had official uniforms in her size. In almost every photo she is posed with different servants in inappropriate clothing more befitting a Forever21 sorority girl than an adult.

She may be a perfectly wonderful commissioner and for that, great. However, when a person decides to pursue a career in public service there needs to be a certain amount of decorum and respect shown. No one is saying she has to dress like a frigid frump, but she does need to dress professionally- i.e. put the funbags and Daisy Dukes away. I would be embarrassed to be represented by someone with such poor judgment.

No doubt she is "servicing" a few constituents. LOL

2229 days ago


When are you pepole going to learn that the days of the stuffy old politician in a suit or pant-suit are gone? People are sick of politicians. Hooray to Carey Torrice for FINALLY bringing some fun and down-to-earth liveliness to politics. I am sure the voters of her community elected her because of what she stands for. It is obvious from the survey on TMZ that people would rather have Carey Torrice be vice-president than Biden. What does that tell you??

2229 days ago


yes, welcome to Macomb Countyhahahahahaha....she's actually very involved in the community, unlike most of Washington. She is very very down to earth and nice.

2229 days ago


This girl is probably the only politician that actually cares about the people she represents. She doesn't just sit there and say she is going to make a change to get the votes she actually does it. From making the animal shelter a no-kill facility, working to get a sidewalk put in for the senior citizens to adopting a highway to keep our county clean she proves looks aren't everything. If anyone actually did some research and saw what a positive change she has made on our community you would realize she isn't anything close to being a bimbo. I feel sorry for the morons who can't see past the glitz and glitter to see what a wonderful person Carey truly is!

2229 days ago


Obama should drop Michelle for her...

2229 days ago


I have seen here in real life and she isn't that pretty. I was shocked to find out her age, she looks 40+. Cameras make people look good and in real life she does not look good.

2229 days ago


Lets face it she's young, cute, and smart.I wish our county commissioner had all that! Take a look at her website. So what if she wants to be an actress or wears clothes that some people don't approve of. As far as I'm concerned she's done a hell of a job for her county. She's stands up for what she believes in and doesn't back down. Everyone wants someone to fight for there rights. So would you go to someone whose done nothing for your county?? Or would you go to a fighter?? Take a long look in the mirror I'm sure all of us wear or do something we shouldn't. But that doesn't mean were a bad person. Well she's got my vote! I'm tired of people being voted in office because they've been there for years! Wait and do as little as possible!!! Those days are over! Good luck Carey Torrice!!!! Keep fighting for what you believe in!

2229 days ago


This comment is for the person named "board" Are you kidding!!! I hate to break this to you but you have JEALOUSY written all over that comment. Not to mention what have you done lately?? Get real 40 something??? Yeah right! Maybe it's time you had your eyes checked. I think people show there true colors when someone else gets the spot light. Here's a tip for you in case your mom didn't already tell you this GROW UP!! Besides I'm guessing your age to be 50+ by that comment.

2229 days ago


WTF I live in Macomb County. She is nothing but a dippy woman who doesn't know how to do her job. I have seen her at the public meetings and all she seems to be able to do is sit there and smile. Give me a break.

2229 days ago


I have also seen Carey in person. She looks under 22 years old. She has the face and body of a 20 year old. People making comments about her looks are definately jealous. They probably live on the East Side of Detroit and are not very happy with their own life. I would like to see the nasty body of the people writing bad things about Carey. You will never even come close to being the successful woman that she is!

2229 days ago


all of yous that say that she must be a good politian becuase she's hot need to put your "brain" back in your pants. the day you have a daughter and she shows up like this we'll see if you say good things.

2229 days ago


i'd f*ck her in the a*s but i sure as sh*t dont want the chick who polishes my knob to be running my city.

2229 days ago
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