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"Dancing" Star Throws Hissy Fits

9/25/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If voting were up to the cast and crew of "DWTS" -- we're told Warren Sapp would be the first one to go.
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Our spies at "DWTS" tell TMZ Sapp's big head and man-diva attitude are causing problems.

We're told he talks down to everybody (especially the guy dancers and production assistants), yells at people and consistently walks out of rehearsals with partner Kym Johnson.

Move ovah, Shannon Elizabeth!

Stone Still Has Custody of Kiddie

Sharon StoneSharon Stone never lost custody of her child, so says her lawyer.

Stone had joint custody, but two weeks ago. the court clerk wrote in the file, ex-hubby Phil Bronstein "shall have permanent sole physical custody" as of Sept. 12. It's right there, in black and white.

But wait, there's more. The clerk also wrote, "Custody, visitation, holiday and vacation schedule shall remain in place as outlined on 10/4/07 order." That's the order that gave Sharon joint custody of the kid.

Sharon's lawyer says the inconsistency is obvious. In other words, Stone still has joint custody and the clerk just screwed up.

TMZ's Search for the Hottest Politician

Don't worry folks, these risqué photos of Macomb County Commissioner Carey Torrice weren't stolen from her cell phone or jacked from her personal email account -- they're sitting on her official website for all to see. And we likey.
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It's gonna be hard to beat Michigan's Carey -- but we're looking for pics of the hottest politicians from your neck of the woods. Men or women, it doesn't matter -- click here to send us your candidate candids (with all their information).

Hey Daddy

Like father, Like son. While mommy's away, the kids and daddy will play.
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Green or Gas Guzzling?

Saving our planet is all the rage these days. While some stars are jumping on the green team, others aren't so eager to hug a tree.
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Fashion Roadkill!

Prada showed off its Spring/Summer 2009 looks last night in Milan for Fashion Week. Looks more like Fall to us.
Model falls: Click to watch


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The only person that sounds beyond ignorant is you.
I am so sick of people being racist and their hang ups because of the color of my skin. First of all treat me as a person, get to know me then decide if you dislike me/like me. Not all bi-racial children are misearble, not all blacks are bad, not all whites are racist. You just prove that ignorance really has no limit because you really believe what you are saying..As far as you saying you would never dance with an african american is nothing I haven't heard before. However, I have seen many who say that statement is the first to jump ahead of the line to date an african american male/female. If his behavior is bad then say that, but leave race out of it and comment only about the person and not skin or race.

2183 days ago


I am surprised to hear that about Warren Sapp. I thought the article would be about Cloris Leachman. I like him on the show.

2183 days ago

Roy Lesher    

The criticisms are pretty valid and a surprise for just week 1. Tells me the producers have done a terrible job in selecting some of the contestants. There are a good number of talented celebrities with style and class, but we could do without the offensive exceptions. We should not have to wait four or five weeks to weed them out. DWTS may lose a good number of supporters by then. Nothing wrong with black athletes, but how about Reggie Miller who is retired from NBA, only 43 now and always a class act. Much like Rice and Smith. Absolutely nothing wrong with non-black athletes either and the producers are showing a sad bias by going with three black football players now.

2183 days ago


This show first started with class and a different format than the other reality shows. All age groups were watching and partaking in the voting. Seems like it is now about making a joke of the show and keeping the worst dancers who add some comedy instead of growing talent. Most people enjoyed watching the dancers learn and grow as the show went on. Now DWTS is a mockery. The way they voted for Cloris Leachman from the beginning was saying another year like it was with Springer. He at least tried and could bend his knees and now we have this idiot woman who lacks talent, class and anything that should have even gotten her on the show. To top it off you have the female judge insult Susan Lucci by saying she needed to gain weight. How do yo expect that when all the past years have showed that these workouts had them lose weight. To continue to dance with personal insults especially when you in your 60's and still looking good is enough to keep Susan on if that joker Cloris can stay. This show is on it's way out. People also get off the rollercoaster on Kim. She did what she did, paid the price and at least admits on her site she isn't as everyone thinks and shares what things people might not know on how to make yourself look like you thought you couldn't. No one can be a role model to kids except their parents and since we know it's adults keeping Cloris I think that says it all!!

2183 days ago


To txlaredneck - what is your problem or shall I say your breeding. The only one ignorant is you. With your comments I can't imagine or believe that you know let alone talk to anyone other then your own kind - closed minded rednecks - I doubt you even know what a real redneck is.

2183 days ago


For Glamourous Girl,

You may want to check your spelling and grammar skills before you have a total rant on someone you've never met. You made a real fool of yourself.

2183 days ago


The judges should be the ones to vote off the worst. That way lousy dancers get off and the goods ones have a chance to show what they can really do. We all know everybody has a fan base. Not good. Cloris L is a great actress, lousy dancer. This show is getting to be a popularity contest.

2183 days ago


Lets get off the black/white issue. It no longer is what that comment stated and I think the past contestants did an excellant job too of showing style and class. Unlike Cloris Leachman who is rude and gets a higher score than another contestant who could bend over doing a dance. DWTS use to be about people trying to learn and grow doing these dances that are not seen in every club. Now it is about who can make jokes and rude comments, flash a boob and still get more than a 2 when they deserved 1 for trying and still stunk. If this continues the show will fail like Idol was doing when they were having votes keeping on contestants as a joke. Also it might help next time if DWTS didn't put on people like Leachman and Springer to cause things like this to happen.

2183 days ago


That is so typical of Warren Sapp. I was at a practice for the Tampa Bay Bucs and a 10 year old boy all dressed in Warren Sapp appareal asked Warren for his autograph. He not only said no but he pushed the kid to the ground and laughed. What a jerk.

2183 days ago

noreen seipel    

I waited all summer because I love to dance and watch other people dance. I gave them all credit for the hard work they do and all the pratice they put into learning all these dances. What I have seen this past week should make the real dancers and stars, walk. Ary you trying to make this a funniest viedo show. Cloris Leachman is the real joke. Get her off the show and send her to the nursing home where she belongs. Her poor partner hope is is making a good pay check for trying to dance with her. She displays action of a child. I guess when you are as old as dirt to do revert back to your childhood days ( 5 or 6). I'm a senior myself but I'll never be an idiot. Good luck to the rest of the dancers especially the pros. I don't think I'll rush home to watch any more. Catch it if nothing else is on.

2183 days ago


Personally, I am an amateur ballroom dancer and I like Warren Sapp as a competitor. He is very light on his feet. His comment about sequins was great!! Cloris Leachman is another story. Overdone. Needs to go!!

2183 days ago

brown sugar    

I saw Warren Sapp on the show and I was truly impressed that a man his size was so light on his feet. The negativity about this man is wrong. He maybe competive but he played football for years so this type of attitude comes natural to him. He is doing something positive like dancing and people want to pull him down. This man has shown that you don't have to be a small to move across the floor like he does. Everyone is talking about what he has said and what he has done behind the scenes but no one is talking about what was said to him. It is two sides to a story. Stop being so judgmental!!!!!

2183 days ago

Paula Goodwin    

It would be nice if we could hear the announcers and not all the screaming from the audience. There has to be a way to somehow keep it down.

2183 days ago

Glam is an Idiot missed 2 of the 20 chances to use "lol". It makes you look like an idiot.

2183 days ago


I do not like reality shows at all. But when I got hooked on Dancing with the Stars it was because I enjoyed the dances. I thought it was great to see someone learn a new dance each week, come out and perform it and then have people vote for them IF they were good. I felt that people were voting for the good dancers and not have it based on popularity. I agree with one other person's comments here about how the judges should be the ones to make that final decision as to who continues and who gets dropped. They are the professionals and know what they are looking for in the dancers. I find that Lenny is the hardest to please but maybe the one who knows a good dancer when he sees it. He makes comments that lead you to believe that he is going to give a very high score and then shocks you to see he gave the lowest one. Go figure! But I feel the show needs to be careful who they bring on to dance, this is what will keep their audience and ratings up.

2183 days ago
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