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Hangin' Tough

with the People

9/25/2008 4:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fans at last night's New Kids on the Block concert at Nassau Coliseum got a close-up view of their favorite middle-aged boybanders.

The grown men appeared on a small stage in the middle of the crowd and performed a few songs, much to the delight of thousands of people whose musical tastes haven't aged as much as they have.


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This is about as pathetic as it gets! Give it up and go out and get REAL jobs, guys! Sheeesh!

2221 days ago


I so can't wait to see them on Oct 8th! I love you Donnie and Danny! NKOTB FAN FOR LIFE!

2221 days ago

I Heart NKOTB!!!    

Hey TMZ....Shut the f**k up! I saw NKOTB at the ACC in Toronto last Friday; and let me tell you, they put on an awesome show! They were rehearsed, well choreographed, and performed with all the spirit and fun that they had 15 years ago. Which is more than I can say for 95% of pop acts going today! Who the f**k are you to judge other people's musical tastes?

2221 days ago


Kind of sad that I've seen better pics from fans. These tmz paps photos suck...all grainy and blurry.

2221 days ago


Have to agree with I Heart NKOTB. I haven't been to a show yet, but I have my tickets for the Dallas show. And I am so ready to go. As far as you, TMZ writer, I bet you can't say that you don't ever listen to the stuff you used to listen to 'back in the day'--unless, that is your 'back in the day' was last year. Whichever the case (last year or 20 yrs ago), what is so wrong with others listening to, and loving, the stuff they did. Along with whole new wonderful album that really kicks pants off a lot of stuff out there today.
Also, I am just curious, what is supposed to be considered 'middle-age' these days?? Last I checked it wasn't 35-39. But, if the age has decreased, then what is so wrong with a bunch of women (who, by those standards) aren't too far from it--myself included-- enjoying these gorgeous men? Nothing. They are still very sexy, actually sexier, very talented and entertaining performers.
I, along with many others, have been enjoying this ride they have taken us on again.

2221 days ago


the jacket joey is wearing looks like the one from back in the day on the music videos. is it?! LOVED new kids growing up!!

2221 days ago


Hey TMZ, I think you have some closeted Blockheads on staff! How else did you get so many pictures? I think your crushing on them a bit!! Its ok for you to come out of the closet, we have a great support network - just check out

These guys put on a better show than you'd expect. Seriously, they are excellent performers. Ya, they are a little older but have aged better than 99% of Hollywood, musical groups, or most of us.

Thank you for all the pics! Next time, and we know that there will be a next time (once you've gone Block, you don't go back) bring a better camera...

2221 days ago


Just saw them in Toronto on Sunday night.....great show, thanks for coming back to us.

2221 days ago


Stop calling them middle-aged. They're only in thre 30's and thats not middle-age.

2221 days ago


TMZ is just a bunch of haters!!!!! I love the NKOTB then, now and all the years in between. I can't wait to see them at the Staples Center on October 8th. You should read all of the comments because there are alot me out there. Love ya Jon, Jordan, Joe, Danny & Donnie. Go Sunrise Terrace!

2221 days ago


Lol I went to their concert on Sept.18 and literally have the same pics. I was that close to the small stage/ The only difference is that two of them are wearing different shirts. Nice pics by the way, anyone else can check out and there is tons of pics from other fans

2221 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Be nice, TMZ. Just last week in Nashville, I saw the Eagles in concert and although 2008 is a long way from the peaceful easy feelin' of the early Seventies, I sure enjoyed the evening with thousands of other Eagles fans. So what that their heyday was decades ago, they still sound great and have a sense of humor--Glen said it was the Eagles' Assisted Living Tour. I couldn't name a single NKOTB song, but if their fans want 'em, well, let 'em dance the night away their way...

2221 days ago


You crazy fans.. You like them because of their looks not their talent their craft. That's because you let your Vagina hormones & Estrogen do the talking for you. If you didn't have those things you think their paper-wights. Their too flashey like Windows Vista "New kids on Vista". When they first came out "New Kids 3.1" NKOTB 3.1 for Workgroups. Pop music is Proprietary like a Dell and HP. A real band plays instruments. R&B is better Alycia Keys. That's all I am going to say

2221 days ago

Just Me    

"Middle aged" never looked so good! You should all hope you look this good and move so well when you are their age. Madison Square Garden - October 27th is going to be amazing!! I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about the show..I can not wait to finally see it in person!

2221 days ago

Yes, you are indeed a racist.    

For 6:07, why get real jobs? Do you make as much as they do? Jealous much???

I can't wait to go see the guys again on September 30th! Always have & always will LOVE THEM!

2220 days ago
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