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Our Little Girl Is All Growed Up!

9/26/2008 12:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four short years ago, Amy Winehouse was a track-markless wonder and the only pipes she brought to mind were her vocal chords.

But after a few short lessons with Keith Richards' Guide to Aging, this chanteuse is ready to rock in the afterlife ... any day now.


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arte help    

Looks like the walking dead!!

2218 days ago


it's nobodies fault but her own. you reap what you sow baby!

2218 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

how soon, papa,
how soon..?

2218 days ago

Jack the dog Fred the goat and ? the horse    

WOW they should plaster those 2 photos of her on buildboards and have "DON'T DO DRUGS" underneath that!!
That would scare me away from drugs!!!!

2218 days ago

hoochie mama    

She actually looked pretty HOT.....Should we blame the parents, or the hubby, for this?
It seems that she went over the edge, when she married....(doherty?). I don't know who her hubby this timel
I wish she would just go back in the studio and clean herself up, or she will be dead by the end of the year..

jjust my opinion


2218 days ago


This is heartwrenching and i feel bad but guess what, we can't do nothing. And so there is no point in thinking about it. People in London maybe can boycott her or something, like boycott that she needs help and do it to her parent s too maybe, that's about it! There's no point in worrying about it and making oursevles sick! I did it with Britney and it's not fun. Luckily britney is better but I can't do it again with another person out of my reach. It's just sad all around and in our faces but you know there are a lot of people like her out there, she just happens to be righti n our face but out of touch. Her parents make me sick, Britney's parents did something, not fast enough at first but they did something. What are these parents doing? They know what she looked like before. It's just a sad story in our faces a lot thanks to TMZ that we can do nothing about and we can't make ourselves sick over it!

2218 days ago


This makes me so sad for her. Her husband just turned down getting out of jail 2 months early because he did not want to go to rehab. This is a sad couple!

2218 days ago


LMAO - the commentary is hilarious. The pictures - not so much :(

2218 days ago

Get Over Yourselves    

In my opinion, her family and her handlers are pathetic. This girl obviously needs help and you are going to tell me that there is NOBODY who can intervene with what she is doing to herself. Of course this is something that happens with addicts all the time, but we get to see it first hand because she is a celeb. I am very disturbed by these pictures and am shocked that someone hasn't stepped in. SHAME SHAME SHAME on the people who are benefitting from her success and not working to get her back on track. It's disgusting. The poor girl is destroying herself and all of her people are letting her. You have a beautiful gift of a voice Amy and your music is so powerful. Please stop doing this to yourself.

A Fan

2218 days ago


Are we sure she doesn't have some communicable disease? Tore up from the floor up. Poor Amy. Does she not have anyone who cares about her? Too bad crackheads can't see how bad they actually look. She probably thinks she's still sexy. *shutter*

2218 days ago


Remember parents, your job is done at 18 unless, that is unless your kid is SICK!

2218 days ago

No symphaty from me    

Amy started smoking pot when she was 15 years old and obviously graduated to the heavier stuff. She was beautiful and an amazing talent. Fortunately, she hasn't lost her voice. I wish someone would help this girl cause lord knows she needs it. Amy get well, we miss you!

2218 days ago

d to the izzle    

Hey -- don't forget. Keith Richards is still alive. She may outlive all of us.

2218 days ago


wow, what a shame!

2218 days ago


What a hot mess............

2218 days ago
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