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Heather Locklear Busted

9/28/2008 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Heather Locklear was arrested yesterday on suspicion of driving while impaired.

Locklear was pulled over while driving in the Santa Barbara area.

Law enforcement officers tell us alcohol was not involved, but they are conducting tests to determine if Locklear was under the influence of drugs.

We're told she was released on her own recognizance, without having to post bail.

This could set up a bizarre custody battle given that Locklear and ex-hubby Richie Sambora have both been busted for similar charges.

Sambora pleaded no contest to DUI back in March -- his daughter Ava was in the car at the time he was popped. We're told Heather's kid was not in the car when she was arrested.

In June, Heather checked herself into an Arizona medical facility to fight anxiety and depression.

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Heather's reps have yet to get back to us.


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Locklear has been going downhill for a while now. And she is probably depressed because her face is so screwed up now.

2181 days ago


In response to RobertBee ~ you must be one of those guys who could get close to Heather. So sad when we see men like you who I am SURE did drugs like everyone else around the set & parties who tried there best to get close to an actor or actress and was dissed! Heather is a sweet & wonderful woman! We are all human (except maybe you)! Just because your not famous your sh*t doesn't go public, but I'm sure if you were someone that the public respected & gave a crap about you life wouldn't be so nice posted here! So leave Heather alone & allow her work through whatever she has too! Can't wait to see her again on TV & hope she & Jack get married & have a beatiful life together. You RobertBee......GO GET A LIFE!!!

2181 days ago


Wow, never knew this about her. Now I know why she has been able to stay so skinny all these years.

And yes, "self", you are correct. She only has the one child, Ava. (At least, that's all she's claimed to the media.)

2181 days ago

Mandy Spears    

See was married to Tommy Lee in the 80s during Motley Crue's biggest drug period. You think she didn't party with the guys? She just kept it under control better and had better people hiding it from the public. It all comes out eventually.

2181 days ago


Well now Richie has something to use against her in court also, they are even! Both have drug and alcohol problems. Nice, they have a daughter who will grow up to be the next wave of problem children off Hollywood. VH1 get ready for more "reality" shows, you have your work cut out for you!

2181 days ago


I knew it! Sidney Andrews Mancini did not die in that car accident, and she is now out for revenge. There's your story, TMZ.

2181 days ago


Poor Heather, I think she faces what a lot of women in Hollywood face over 40 --the slowing down of one's career. I hope Heather can figure things out for the sake of her little girl. This little girl needs both Heather and Ritchie to provide a stable home.

2181 days ago


Heather I hope you reach your bottom. LIfe is great when you put the hurt aside. I was in a sixteen year relationship with three kids. My ex. called it off I tell you it was the best thing that happened to me. I did not see it at the time but I could not see myself in that relationship looking back. Keep looking forward. No one man or woman makes you complete.

2181 days ago


Heather is beautiful, talented and she seems to be intelligent.
Why would she get mixed up with drugs and become a poor role model for her daughter?
Hopefully she will get through this difficult time and stay away from it.

2181 days ago


What a shame, I hope she can overcome any problems she is facing. It is so sad that so many people want to jump on people that MAY have a problem. I'm sure all the critics making comments are pure as snow and have no problems, I guess it makes them feel better to put other people down, so sad.

2181 days ago


Ok,so let me get this straight, "M" and Robertbee KNOW Heather personally? Come on you two, you are just spouting off at the mouth. 'Her "PLANTS", get REAL.
AM SO SICK OF READING & HEARING THIS CRAP ABOUT HER! i'VE never said anything up until now so here goes.
Heather just happens to be one of my DEAREST COUSINS!! She & Richie did NOT divorce because of either one's drug use or drinking. They divorced SIMPLY because they grew apart, not to say they DIDN'T STILL LOVE EACH OTHER, they do, they have Ava together. That little girlKNOWS she is loved & adored by bpth.
So, you idiots who watch/read/listen to the trash talk about the 'stars' deserve what you get. Talk about wasting your money!

2181 days ago


99.99% of stars are on drugs other than their prescribed "pills" Most are illegal too. Heather is no different she just got caught. Look at her picture she can't even open her eyes, huh, wonder if she is nodding?
But of course it will come back that is was her meds for depression

2181 days ago


BOY!! I bet those lesbians fingers and tongues got hard as a rock.

2181 days ago


Anyone can be released on his/her own recognizance after a driving while impaired arrest. No bail does not mean "will not be charged." And cops don't charge people with crimes, district attorneys do. If you get arrested during the weekend, the DAs office will look at the case once the workweek starts.

2181 days ago


I am sooo very sad for Heather L. I hope and pray this will not be the norm, and that a simple explanation will clear everything up. This can happen to anyone on prescribed medication.

2181 days ago
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