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Photos of Locklear Arrest

9/29/2008 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Heather Locklear's DUI arrest on Saturday near Santa Barbara. The actress looks somewhat dazed as she's taken into custody. But after taking a closer look, she could have an interesting defense.
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A resident called authorities after allegedly seeing Locklear driving "erratically" in a parking lot. But the CHP didn't see her driving -- she had pulled over on her own accord before they got there. There are reports she was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medication -- but we're told the tests are still being analyzed. As we posted yesterday, no alcohol was involved.

The bottom line -- Locklear has a lawyer with a Ty Cobb batting average, Blair Berk. Especially given that deputies apparently didn't see her driving, look for a plea bargain and very possibly a reduced charge -- e.g., reckless driving.

By the way, check out the huge rock on her finger. She was apparently staying at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito with Jack Wagner.


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Michelle in Clwtr    

She's fat too old to be pregnant! And for the people bitching about the cop taking her photo, SHE'S IN A PUBLIC PLACE BREAKING THE LAW!! Get over yourselves!! There is someone else there taking pictures of everything too! I despise people who drive under the influece! You would be crying a whole different story had they not got to her in time and she ran over your Baby or Mother!

2179 days ago


The officer could very well be taking a photo as evidence! You have no idea why that picture is being taken so back off.

2179 days ago

Betty White    

Boy, when the mask comes off, it really drop with a THUD!

2179 days ago

Space Mountain    

#14 that is a silly response that a police department would have an officer take pictures with his cell phone! Come on, most police cruisers have video so they can record drunk drivers for evidence at trial.

2179 days ago


I am very sorry that Miss Locklear is exposed in such a way as she is not a publicity craving personality. This picture in particular shows a very distressed and sad Heather and she does not deserve to be burnt to the stake like this. She me going through the Hollywood mid-life crisis when actresses above 40 are not offered any roles anymore. I am saddened by this picture and wish I did not see it as it was necessary to expose this person any further.

2179 days ago


Guys I understand you don't want anybody to copy your pics, but that frickin watermark has got to go!

2179 days ago


They can arrest you if you are carrying your meds in anything other than the prescription bottle ....

I vociferously disagree with this policy ...

2179 days ago

Big Bear    

You have to feel sorry for the poor lady. I have enjoyed the things she has been in. The look on her face is just like the blank look on Britney Spears face. So sad and blank!!!

2179 days ago


What a shame! This poor truly talented actress can't get a break. Listen, getting old in this industry is not pleasant at all. She's had a rough time lately, and I, too, believe someone had to be stalking her to have gotten the police to come to a location where she was driving erratically without any witness except possibly TMZ. Yes, you can get arrested for driving with prescription medication. My cousin took just 1 ambien, and it hit her like a bombshell. She's not a drinker at all and thought she'd run to the store quickly to get some things. Yes, probably foolish the first time taking a medication, but everyone reacts differently. She nearly crashed as it was way too strong for someone who never drinks or takes any kind of meds except motrin! She was pulled over and booked, but thankfully when she got to court she was able to prove that their was nothing untoward going on. Look at Patrick Kennedy, he got arrested for ambien;however, he was also drinking with it.

As for the police - they are not your friends when an arrest comes down. Taking pictures, if it isn't already, should be illegal. Why in the world would he need to do it? When is a camera ever pulled out when an arrest is made! Give me a break! Was Mel Gibson photographed when he was arrested or anyone else? This had to be a rookie, and they should fire his A** ASAP! No excuses! I hope her attorney goes after HIM and pulls out all the stops!

God bless you Heather, and I hope and pray all will get better for you soon!

2179 days ago


Cops are not allowed to take photographs with their personal property - it's against SOP. Any photographs taken must be ordered by a supervisor and then submitted into evidence. He should be fired. If the cop was worried that she'd claim something that didn't happen, then he would have turned on his voice recorder to record her allegations.

Also -- was she trying to push her car in one of those pics? Why?

2179 days ago


Why is the cop taking a picture of her with his cell phone? Completely unprofessional! Otherwise if she's impaired I'm glad they arrested.

2179 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

Where did my post go. Feel sad for Heather, but she does look 4-5 months pregnant. GET HELP HEATHER. YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO POISON YOUR UNBORN BABY WITH JUNK AND CIGARETTES. GROW UP.

2179 days ago


Yes, they do arrest people for prescription medication. My friend was on anti-depressants, and she was convicted of a DUI.

2179 days ago


don't they have dash cams for picturing taking purposes?

2179 days ago

Rest in Peace    

What a mess she is...she looks like she had a bad night. Messy, dazed, goofy laughing, she needs to go back to rehab. I don't feel sorry for any of these celebs, stay @ home in your mansions if you want to get messed up, but don't put the world in jeopardy when you fall off the wagon (whatever wagon hers may be!).

2179 days ago
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