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Bret Puts Brakes on "Rock" After Deadly Crash

9/30/2008 4:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels is temporarily pulling the plug on his upcoming reality show "Rock of Love Bus" to reach out to the families of two women killed in a car accident caused by a "Rock" roadie.

In a statement issued by his people at VH1, Michaels has "requested that his participation in the production ... be temporarily suspended" as he tries to "reach out" to the families of teenagers Yasmin Jackson and Kevetta Davis. They were killed Friday on I-57 in Illinois when Dennis Hernandez, a crew member from the "Rock" production outfit, fell asleep at the wheel of a truck, crossed the median and hit two cars. Dennis was on his way to the next "Rock of Love" shooting location. He was charged for the crash.

Reps for VH1 stress Hernandez wasn't an "associate of Bret Michaels or part of his tour staff."

Here's VH1's statement in full:

A crew member from the 51 Minds Entertainment production of the upcoming 'Rock Of Love Bus' series on VH1 was involved in an auto accident on Interstate 57 in southern Illinois on Friday afternoon. The crew member, who is not an associate of Bret Michaels or part of his tour staff, was traveling alone to the next location stop for the series. The accident resulted in two fatalities in one car and injuries to two passengers in another vehicle. The crew member survived and has been released from the hospital. Local authorities continue to investigate.

Bret Michaels has requested that his participation in the production of the series be temporarily suspended in deepest sympathy as he attempts to reach out to the families of the victims. Traveling separately, Mr. Michaels had left Illinois early Friday morning and was not near the scene of the accident.

Michaels, 51 Minds Entertainment and VH1 extend their deepest sympathies to everyone involved in this terrible accident.

"As a father of two, I cannot even imagine what the families must be going through at this time. I will make every attempt to reach out to them to let them know that my heart and prayers are with them during their time of grief," said Michaels in a statement.

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a gentleman!

2184 days ago


Who is really responsible for this accident? Could it be the corporations that own the productions companies that feature the reality shows that refuse to hire Guilded talent? In other words, no Teamster or other Union member would be allowed an unfit "turn-around" time that would lend itself to exhaustion. Remember, people, television is not designed for your entertainment... it's a business designed to sell products to make money. How many of the shows you watch have writers, directors, producers, grips, gaffers, or drivers that belong to Unions that are responsible for crew health and welfare? How many of the shows you watch are non-union, hiring younger and less experienced crews, demanding they travel at all hours without the required amount of sleep? Brett can "reach out" all he wants to the families of the girls who died, so tragically, and in the meantime, how about everyone else "reaching out" to the cable television industry and demanding higher standards for its employees?

2184 days ago


thats so sad to hear. im from that area where it happend. its a very small community! my heart goes out to everyone!

2184 days ago


Good for him. It seems genuine too. I feel bad for the families and it seems he does too. At least he is doing what he can to be respectful of the families, when in all reality, he doesn't have to postpone anything.

Glad there are still a few people in this world who think of other people instead of themselves.

2184 days ago


Tmz should do a story on reality shows forcing people to work long hours and look at all the accidents that happen on low budget reality shows. Im not saying tihs is the case but usualley ruthless productuon coordinators will have the mentality if you dont want to work 15 hours we will find someone who will and then force you to not sleep and work. 2 people are dead cause of what a deadline to get bret to a strip club?

2184 days ago


I saw the wreck about 1 hour after it happened. It was awful.....

2184 days ago


That seems sweet on the outside, but is he really being nice or just trying to head off a law suit?

2184 days ago


Just as well, although it is tragic what happened that show was nothing but whore bait anyway and he is an f-lister so no big deal.

2184 days ago


I love the show and was looking forward to watching again, but I can wait. Thank you Bret for your chivalry. I truly believe you are a good man! Everyone else can kiss my ass!!!

2184 days ago


Why was the driving with not one but two teenagers Brett must be a fricking pedophile thats the real story. It seems to go over people's head. Ah he's such a nice person, well the fact of the matter is he's a washed up loser and a skinner.

2184 days ago


I think Bret is doing the right thing here... Yeah, he was not involved and had nothing to do with the unfortunate accident, but he is trying to reach out and be a good gentleman about this all.... since as he states, he is a father as well and can't imagine what these 2 girls families must be dealing with...
Yes we can all wait just a little bit longer for Rock of Love 3... the tour bus edition, but I hope the VH1 and the production company slow down a bit and chill out and not make the impossible drives these crew members have to do... Can we all say.. drive for 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours!!! How many lives would be saving across the country if EVERY truck driver was like that...

Bret, thanks for being a good man... you should have stayed with Amber - BUT I guess then there would be no Rock of Love 3..

2184 days ago


#9 - You obviously cannot spell - can you read? The bus driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the girls' car. They were NOT on the bus with him. I agree with the poster who said that the production company should have used a Union driver. This man was driving with a suspended license.

2184 days ago


9. Why was the driving with not one but two teenagers Brett must be a fricking pedophile thats the real story. It seems to go over people's head.

Read much? The article says that the driver of the bus was ALONE. He fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the median & hit TWO cars. The 1st car had the 2 passengers that died, the 2nd car had 2 passengers that sustained injuries. It also says that Bret WASN'T on the bus that crashed he had apparently left BEFORE the bus left.

Also, according to Perez, Bret hasn't tried contacting or contacted the families yet.

2184 days ago

lesbians rock    

You people commenting slamming Bret, know nothing about the accedient. The driver didn't have the girls, not did Bret, wiht them, they were driving home to one of the girls homes, to visit her family, for the weekend, form College, when the driver fell asleep, and crossed the median, and hit the girls head on. Quit guessing, and get some facts before spewing B.S. Oh yeah, I forgot where we were, sleaze sells.

2184 days ago

Tally Girl    

There is something else wrong here, there was another car in the crash, that is not mentioned what-so-ever, that couple, a retired couple from Florida is now in critical condition. I am glad they are calling out one part of the story but everyone should try to get the rest of it and see what really happened.

2184 days ago
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