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TV Prudes Peeved Over Pee-pee Peekaboo

10/2/2008 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about giving a guy a complex, when a network says his genitals are "undetectable."
Survivor: Click to view!
The high and mighties at the Parents Television Council are on the warpath again, filing an indecency complaint with the FCC after Marcus Lehman's bits aired unobscured on the debut of "Survivor: Gabon." It was the first episode in the show's history to be shown in hi-def and yet no one noticed the guy's twig and berries hanging out. Don't worry Marcus, we've always heard it's more in how you use it, anyway.

CBS claims it was "completely unintentional, inadvertent, and fleeting" and "undetectable when viewed in real time." PTC says, "CBS's decision to hide behind excuses ... is the epitome of irresponsibility."


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Triple Play    

So what is your point TMZ?

2181 days ago


May I suggest to the "Parents Television Council" that they get a life. Seriously. Who cares. Does anyone even watch this show anymore anyway?

2181 days ago


lol niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2181 days ago


I LOVE Survivor and i am a dedicated viewer and i have to say i didn't notice this at all but the show is always up every girls crotch or down her bathing suit any chance they get, sometimes they even have to blob out some girls ass or nipple so i have to say that i think they are going for some T&A for sure to get more viewers.

2181 days ago


Are you kidding me! What are they using a microscope? I can't see any thing I shouldn't be seeing.

2181 days ago


There has been nudity on Survivor from day one...Richard Hatch walked around naked constantly. And what about when
Heidi and Jenna stripped for peanut butter. It is no big deal. I really don't think that kids are sitting around watching survivor hoping to see some skin. Not when they can turn on a soap opera or watch a music video. I honestly believe that there are people out there who will complain about anything under the sun. I watch Survivor with my 12 year old son and never once has he turned to me and said..."Gee, that chick is hot I hope to see some T's and A's.' We watch it because you can learn about different places and cultures and he likes the competitions. We watched the premire of Survivor and didn't see anything falling out of anyone's pants..probably one of those blink and you miss it moments. Makes me wonder how many times someone had to rewind it to catch it. I want to start a group called "Sane and reasonable people commitee againts idiots who complain about everything"...anyone want to join?

2181 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Well most of all it's pretty sick in the first place to have your hairy giggles floppin' around like that anyway. I mean come on. As a guy? You just KNOW when your stuff is gonna 'accidentally' slip out. I say that was on purpose. Sue the guy.

2181 days ago


Tbe PTC are ignorant idiots. They have a lot of free time to grasp at nothing. And they want tv shows to change their standards for them. When if they're going to be such tightwads, they shouldn't let their kids watch so much tv. Such a simple solution. What idiots.

2181 days ago


I have looked and havent seen anything. He must not be hung enough for me to see it....

2181 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

i didnt see the penis

wheres the penis???????

2181 days ago


Who cares???

Plenty of people..this is the second time TMZ put it up and you know you peeked..

Thanks Parents Television Council

2181 days ago


For crying out loud. No offense to the guy releasing his twig n berries... but I didnt even notice & I had already heard about this prior to watching.
Ya have to ask yourself... what kind of pervs are reporting these events or working for this council to even notice this crap. Are they just sitting around waiting for someone to screw up. It feels kinda like entrapment... I know it isnt... but come on... bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine... it is never ending with them.

2181 days ago


i didnt see anything- What is it was seen?- Penis or foreskin?

2181 days ago

Triple Play    

That sounds likje a double standard they didn't complain when the girls boobs are exposed or there is a nipple slip. why worry about something as small as his wiener

2181 days ago


who the hell cares. moreso, this is the best this lame website can cover? i mean, honestly. how many days on the same tedious story? why not just proposition the guy to see it up close. jeez.

2181 days ago
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