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A-Rod Gets Jock in a Bunch Over Brady

10/3/2008 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez is so over Madonna. Next up: Tom Brady!

So says the Boston Herald, which is calling bromance on the pair. "Dugout spies" claim A-Rod was "antsy" for a rainout when the Yanks played the Red Sox last weekend ... so he could grab dinner with Tom. "He was all excited," says the spy, "and he was all worked up over his 'date' with Tommy."

The Herald says they don't know if they actually had dinner.

Brit's Next Gig: ThighMistress

Britney Spears is looking all toned and fit these days –- and she might want to make some coin from it.

"A close Spears pal" tells the Chicago Sun-Times Britney wants to go all Jane Fonda and put out a series of workout vids. The idea was inspired by Brit's love of dance and how it helped her get back into shape. It seems Brit found her mom's old Fonda tapes and "got a big kick out of watching them."

No deal's set, but a Jive rep says it "makes perfect sense."

Hasselbeck -- I'm Not Going Anywhere

Bad news for the Rosies of the world: Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn't leaving "The View" anytime soon.

Despite rumors she was going to the right-wing cocoon of FOX News, there is "absolutely no truth" to that, says her agent. And a show rep tells, "Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie ... consider Elisabeth to be vital to the program."

Hasselbeck has appeared on Gov. Mike Huckabee's new show on FNC.


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So A-Rod is hot for Tom Brady?/ I don't blame him....Tom's pretty hot!!

Maybe they double teamed Geeezelle afterwards??

2209 days ago


It is time for the Elizabethan era to come to an end.

2209 days ago

Sue Wong    

TOO BAD!!! This loud mouth woman is a pain in the ass. How the hell did she even get this job when her claim to fame is being on survivor?

2209 days ago


Elizabeth is a stupid stupid loud mouthed woman and should be tossed out on her behind "yesterday" She cheapens the show.

2209 days ago


Elisabeth is the only thing that makes that show "The VIEW". Add yet another democratic comedian and they would have to change the name of the show.

2209 days ago


I am glad she is staying, I love watching Joy and Whoopi rip her apart, great entertainment!!

2209 days ago

Foreclosed bankrupt working stiff    

I don't know where she came from but I can't stand her... She is a sanctimonius BITCH. I've watched the View. I like the show except for her... so I don't watch much at all...

2209 days ago


Elisabeth absolutely need to stay on The View. She has managed to stay strong even with all the crap from Whoopie and Joy. I seem to remember just a few short years ago that Whoopie was actually fired from her job as spokesperson for Slim Fast because of her foul mouth and total left-winged and disrespectful comments. And Joy...what a pain in the want to talk about loud. And who is she...what has she ever done?

Bottom line is this; show would be beyond boring without Elisabeth.

2209 days ago


I can't stand this confrontational hag. She has zero tolerence for anyone else's opinion and behaves as if everything that comes out of her mouth is gospel. I don't know exactly what kind of audience watches "the View" but I should think it would be more entertaining and informative if you spent that hour watching paint dry.

2209 days ago


Give me a break!! How one sided are you people?? She should be tossed from the veiw because of her Republican background?? DO YOU PEOPLE EVEN KNOW WHO WHOOPI IS?! She is a disgusting loud mouthed liberal. At least Elisabeth doesn't use profanities and say repulsive things about people. Whoppi Goldberg makes me sick.

2209 days ago


#9 Kasey....racist much??

2209 days ago


Elizabeth has the guts and smarts to stand up to the left-wing liberal media-I wouldn't watch the show without her! Joy is the one that should go, she is so rude -even to guests of the show!

2209 days ago


The View is the worst television program out there, and she is one of the biggest reasons. I know why she isn't going anywhere...because nobody would watch her on her own. I am the demographic that show goes for, and I lean to the right politically, but I certainly do not embrace her as any sort of lead to follow. She is as bad and intolerant as the liberal media loving whores that show has created.

2209 days ago

Lenn K.    

It's funny when a leftwing socialist show like the view gets to call FOX news right wing, but there nothing wrong with that. Just remember when there wasn't a FOX news and all you have was leftwing socialist programming the liberals thought they owned the world. FOX comes along and there world go upside down because not everyone thinks like a socialist. Elizabeth will be just fine being attacked 4 to 1, because that's what liberals do.

2209 days ago


Don't play the race card with me...that is pathetic!! I would be the first person to stick up for a minority if there was a joke being told or something!!I am completely not racist. I suppose you think that is the reason I am not voting for Obama too...because he is Black. Wrong- unlike him I have family values.

No the reason I can't stand Whoopi Goldberg is because of the 2004 elections when she stirred up hollywood by using Vulgarities to describe president Bush. If you ask me that is just class-less!!

2209 days ago
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