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Angelina: The Only Baby Weight Is in Her Arms

10/4/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This woman just had twins in July. Twins!

Even with handling three kids in tow -- Angelina Jolie still looks flawless. All hail the queen MILF.


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People have to realize that metropolitan areas (New york, LA, Chicago, etc) kids dress differently than they do in the small town. Kids wear black and use color sprays in their hair, etc. It's not strange - it just depends where you are from. Clearly the "Jolie-Pitts" are more worldly than the average citizen. Of course their children look different than yours!

The reason she carries her daughter is because she ALWAYS carries one child while holding the hand of another. Zahara probably weighs the least of the three that she has in tow (in this particualr photo).

I find it nice that she actually carries her child instead of loading all of them up in one of those double wide strollers that clog the sidewalks everywhere lately.

I have to wonder why people get so bent out of shape about people they don't know.

Taking the time to write a message about how "ugly" someone's child is (or the way someone compared her to "poop") is nothing short of insane. A "news" item should be written about THAT: the incidence of unchecked, insane jealously found on message borards everywhere in America.. get a grip!

2217 days ago


Is Saint Ang trying to emulate the malnourished kids she keeps "rescuing"??? She looks like a bone skinny ho bag with ginormous fake lips! Instead of adopting, she should just allow them to run away and join the circus. At least then they would have a half normal life compared to the one she and Brad subject them to on a daily basis. What GOOD mother allows her 6 or 7 year old SON to dye his hair, cut it into a mohawk or paint his fingernails? How did white bread Brad ever get hooked up with this vampire tramp? NO CLASS, NO SHAME!

2217 days ago


She's a skank. Money can't buy class.

2217 days ago


Well she started out unhealthy looking and stick thin to begin with (did you see her hands and wrists??) she looked like a skeleton with skin stretched over it. Rather like Madonna right now!
And why are they always carrying Zahara? Can she not walk>? I agree, please learn to do her hair!!!!

2217 days ago


She's more concerned w/ Maddox's hair to bother w/ the other children's hair!!! Maybe next he'll have blue or pink hair!!! Or maybe dreads!!! It seems that more people care about Brad Pitt's women than him!!! He is pretty boring!!!

2217 days ago


I agree with #14. And it's not very safe either to dye your kids hair.

2217 days ago


Does Zahara have some sort of disability that limits the time she can walk?..Reason being, just about every picture I see of her with either Brad or Angelina, she's being carried..And I totally agree with the poster asking about getting her hair done..Angelina has got to know someone who works with hair for women of color and can do something with Zahara's hair.

2217 days ago


she looks so gorgeous but she really needs to do something about that poor girls hair. it;s like she doesnt even care to comb it. and why is she always dressing those kids in black? oh well, she's still a great mom

2217 days ago


Are you kidding me? Why are these women so mean spirited? I see it all the time at work and oscially. The more assertive and independent the woman, the more she is attacked by other women. Angelina is lovely. She has taken on responsibilities that these haters would never even consider. She has donated millions and millions to charity and you hate her? Seriously go home, make cake, hug your kids, donate some time to charity.

2217 days ago

Kooky Fan    

MILF my ass - I'd want full STD testing before I tap that!

2217 days ago


The black kid needs some grooming, her hair looks awful..

2217 days ago

Love Those Teenage Girls    

I have to agree with #2 -- she's NOT a MILF, she's a kid collector. The BEST she could be is a KCILF.

Typical Hollywood liberal. These kids will grow up in a dysfunctional household. But hey, skank, nice tats -- nothing says class better than a female with numbers tattoed all up and down her zombie arms.

2217 days ago

Love Those Teenage Girls    

The best will be when we see Sally Struthers doing a voiceover on one of Angelina's pics saying "For a donation of only 47 cents a day, this poor woman could eat AND find a cure for her swollen lips".

2217 days ago


Why is her 7 year old kid's hair bleached?

2216 days ago


Absolutely devine, she is beautiful inside and out!

2216 days ago
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