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Beyonce Leaves Destiny to Security

10/4/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Beyonce in the running for the White House? Because her security is in ridiculous full secret service mode.

All bootyliciousness aside -- It's not like someone is going to kidnap the diva as she's returning to her South Beach hotel.

Wait ... where exactly is Solange?


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She's so OVERRATED!!!!

2175 days ago


Another "Look at me!" moment for a medicore "celebrity at best. Can't stop
throwing up every time I see her and that Jay Z character. What a waste.

2175 days ago


with the looks of those legs she should be jogging back to the hotel...

2175 days ago

It's Wrong....    

Well, she kept you at arms length...
I'm just sayin'

2175 days ago


don't hate on bknowles. you all don't know what her day-to-day may be like. perhaps this has become a necessity for her...maybe s.carter insisted that she beef up her security detail. one never knows. she's not hurting let her live her life and feel safe in whatever way she needs to. if TMZ had set the tone of this post with something like, "beyonce wisely adds security after being stalked," (which she was) you all would probably be praising her. folks are so quick to tear people down.

2175 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

Another "Celebrity" that thinks they are larger than life. The apple don't fall far from the tree!!!

2175 days ago

Joey A    

She has a $5 Million dollar rock on her finger, who wouldn't have that type of security with that??

2175 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I'm sure it has something to do with her husband..those guys are all east coast , west coast heavy hitters, and some warning may have gone out, we don't know..but there is a reason !

2175 days ago


Are you kidding me?!?! Is it really necessary for all those security guards? For crying out loud, she's not royalty nor is she the leader of a country. Does she honestly think she's important enough to have not one, not two but four security guards?! She's a big girl, I'm sure she can fend for herself. Besides, most people don't even seem to be paying attention to her.

I seriously cannot stand celebrities with over-inflated egos; and with this blatant display of arrogance, she appears to have an ego as big as her a$$!

2175 days ago


Holy Moly....just above that dress line your gonna run into some THICK stuff......

2175 days ago


B is ovverrated, arrogant, untalented, ugly, and a joke.
That security is not necessary.

2175 days ago


Nah nah, nee, the Hova hires them and wants to know if she was "getting too friendly," or "up in some nees nuts" for the most part. Jay don't don't think someone gonna snatch her physically. But! If you are worth all that money and your wife gets nabbed or stabbed, you aint finna sleep so well.

2175 days ago


Pathetic, yeah so much for not drawing attention to yourself. Then celebs bitch about I just want to be left alone. What the hell do u expect when u have 6 huge guys with black suits on in the middle of hot ass miami. Get over yourself!

2175 days ago


Truly, a waste of human flesh! and pretty stupid hanging out at the beach with three suited security's. Talk about drawing attention to yourself, no wonder she needs protection. Besides, three bullits-one to each head and three bananas all the the dude walking along side her and it's over!

2175 days ago


Good Lord, why cover this absolute doosh bag? ever seen her dance? Kim Kardashian makes me wanna puke but ill give her this.(id rather watch kim dance then BK) TMZ i love you guys BIGTIME but please quit covering doosh bags.

2175 days ago
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