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Sara Evans Returns to the Mullet

10/4/2008 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara EvansCountry singer Sara Evans has gone from Platinum plaques to mangy mullets.

The one time "DWTS" contestant is slated to perform at the the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival in Niceville, FL later this month. The southern festival says on their official website that "Times have changed, but not the special affinity held by residents for their ever-present mullet." The festival is actually referring to a fish -- not the hairstyle.

Sara Evans must have a lot of free time on her hands -- apparently the beehive festival was booked.


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I’m from NYC and live in this dump only because the Military brought me to this Shi% hole! There are nothing but dirty redneck hicks that love to wear camouflage gear and that’s dressed up for them. I hate it here and live 20 minutes from Niceville. This entire area is filled with dirty, toothless, pickup driving rednecks! I’m tempted to leave my husband if we don’t get out of here soon! Good God I’d die if my child would reproduce any of these rednecks. There’s no good Pizza here and nothing to do. I believe last year someone got shot in the parking lot of the redneck festival that made front page of the local paper! Whoopee. One down 20K to go! Destin is far better than Niceville but I guess every place has at least one area they aren’t proud of and that’s anything North of Destin FL. Crestview being the worst. This area is so racist and the KKK is still alive down here and they hate New Yorkers because they are still hurt over the civil war. Get over it you backwoods freaks! Get some real malls, real radio stations, real 4th of July fireworks, a real ice rink, and restaurants. This whole town is pathetic and scary. If you want a good laugh go to the Wal-Mart in Crestview FL….What a hoot!....... Ghetto at its best! These people don’t deserve the beautiful beaches! Take your rebel flag and shove it!

2208 days ago


ok i lived in Niceville, FL for quite some time and everyone that says it has nothing to do with the haircut- you are lying to yourself. have you ever been the the festival?! rednecks and white trash everywhere!

2208 days ago


Niceville is one of the most amazing places to live. The Mullet Festival is just a local fest that we have come to enjoy year after year. It is to recognize the local restaurants and businesses and just have good fun. I have been away from the area for 3 years now and I miss everything about the area. It is a wonderful area with many wonderful people. Yes, there may be some bad people, but doesn't every area? And if that last person can't find anything nice about the area, then they have not tried very hard. There is plenty to love about Niceville and the surrounding areas.

2208 days ago


Dear Rednecks Suck,

Not everyone here is a redneck, racist, or ghetto. The only thing that your comment accomplishes is that it proves that trash really does travel. May God bless your husband for serving in the Military so that you have the privilege to make degrading remarks. Stop judging and profiling everyone in this GREAT area. Go back to NYC, we don't want you here.

2208 days ago


Woah, Niceville. That brings back memories. I used to go to church in that area. I lived in Fort Walton Beach at the time. I never heard of a Mullet festival though. Then again, I was around 7 years old at the time when I lived there.

2208 days ago


It's amazing how people can knock what they know nothing about. The Mullet Festival is a great time to be had by all, and does well year after year. Have you ever thought that it might be the nostalgia of a small town event that might attract the big name stars? Past acts have included Gary Allan, Blake Shelton, Lonestar, Terri Clark, Little Texas, Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bentley, Rascal Flatts, Diamond Rio, Dixie Chicks, Rick Springfield, and yes, the originator of the mullet hairdo, Billy Ray Cyrus. Just because Niceville isn't a huge publicised town doesn't mean they don't deserve high paid acts. Here in Panama City Beach we have an annual Seafood Festival that also brings in acts like Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson, John Michael Montgomery, and Collin Raye. This year we're proud to have .38 Special, Blues Traveler, and Craig Morgan. Just because we like our trucks and may be more comfortable in a tshirt and jeans than stillettos and suits, don't think we're less deserving than anyone to have certain things. You don't always need a red carpet to have the time of your life!

2208 days ago


I'm from niceville too.. hahah went to niceville high.. glad to be out of that place.

2207 days ago

Nontlih Sirap    

Wow Rednecks Suck, talk about racist. I think I speak for all of us 'backwoods freaks' when I say if you don't like it, GTFO and don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

A bit of information, much of these 'backwoods freaks' are transplants thru the military, like yourself, so you might want to watch it when you're blowing off at the mouth. Furthermore, you are living off of these 'backwoods freaks' tax money and making your husband look bad. run on back to NYC, they're missing their Village Idiot

2207 days ago


I can't wait for the Mullet this year! Everyone that is from here looks forward to it. We have had some big name bands come here~ so don't knock it till you've tried it!

2206 days ago

Lelsie B.    

Another HOT conservative chick. McCain/Palin 08'

2206 days ago

Lelsie B.    

Another HOT conservative chick. McCain/Palin 08'

2206 days ago

Jesse Harris    

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! Mullet festival is the best thing that happens all year! Sara should be honored to come to Niceville and throw down at the greatest event since woodstock! People from all over the world book thier vacations to come down for this! If you have never been, you do not know what you are missing!!! I have never missed one since I went the first time back in 92. It will be a time you will never forget. Puttin Niceville on the map!!! All my fellow people from Niceville would have to agree with me that this is something in life that should never be passed up!! God, I love Niceville...I also heard that next year they were trying to get MGMT to come perform! Hope to see you all there, and go Sara!!!

Jesse Harris

2206 days ago


In responce to the NYG. Any woman, I use the term lighty, who would leave her husband because of where he is station is a b**ch. Here he is serving his country and you are whining. About the civil war bit you need to get over it. About Niceville and the Mullet Festival NO one ask you to go, Your husband needs to pack your bags and send you home to your mama. Unlike your a**hole unpucker your lips and get over it.

2193 days ago

black redneck    

first of all you know nothin about niceville. IM black and I go to the mullet festival every year and im treated like a regular person. and ill be goin again to see Brantley Gilbert tear up the stage this year! Niceville is not racist we just dont like ignorance.

1514 days ago


I've followed this situation from the first day and from what we know, Evans threw her family away because her HUSBAND was "too conservative" and wanted a big family and she wanted FAME! The entire drama is just sad for the poor kids and Evans needs to grow up and start being a MOTHER FIRST! The father of these kids wants a stable family life for them and the mother just wants anything to do with her and the kids don't matter! She just doesn't want their father in their lives to hurt him, as so many women do (and I'm a woman so don't go hatin')! All this will not end well for these poor kids. GROW UP and act like a mother to your children; you had them, now put them first and that sorry "career" of yours should be way down the line. You have few "fans" anyway now, thanks to your actions. People aren't stupid Sara, we know the real you! Now get busy and raise those children and let their father in their lives before it's too late!

1268 days ago
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