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Crosby C**k Blocks Fan

10/8/2008 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Crosby clearly didn't want to talk about the declaration he wrote in the Rob Lowe nanny case, in which he claims nanny Laura Boyce said she only dates Black guys because of the "size of their c**ks." After a concert in D.C. someone screamed out "Why'd you like it big and Black," and that set Crosby off.
David Crosby: Click to watch
When it was over, an autograph seeker -- not the dude who screamed out the remark -- claimed Crosby threw a hot cup of coffee in his face.


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Ihma Khunt    

Sue the fat f--ker! My name is Great-Sue!

2203 days ago


That autograph seeker guy is lucky old Dave didn't pull a gun on him. David Crosby. What a waste of donated organs.

2203 days ago


LOL, I have to comment on this. As a straight white guy that played sports all through high-school and college and was in the Air Force for 6 years I have taken showers with literally thousands of guys. Take it from me, black guys are no better hung than white guys. Ladies, if size counts to you the biggest guys are almost always tall skinny guys...of either color. For example, a 6'3'' fellow that weighs 170lbs is probably hung like a donkey, or a 6' 0'' guy that weighs 150lbs probably has one hangin to his knees. OK, there's my lesson of the day.

2203 days ago


That's what happens when you see the Southern Cross for the first time.

You get a hot java thrown in your face.

2203 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    

WITH FANS LIKE THAT- WHO NEEDS ENEMIES! I bumped into Dave on the beach in Hawaii..he is a very friendly person. OUT OF RESPECT FOR HIS PRIVACY- I let him be, although he was alone and seemed to be open to conversation.. That A-HOLE in the clip was not a true fan. The camera man was a jerk as well.

2203 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Strange how there's no coffee on the guys shirt...sounds like a pap set-up to me.

2203 days ago

tmz is the pits    

TMZs paid blogger Greta is the epitome of stupidity.

2203 days ago

tmz is the pits    

TMZs paid blogger Greta is the epitome of stupidity.

2203 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Once again RUDE CRUDE Pap A holes cause mayhem

2203 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

I want to get paid for posting here, email me.

2203 days ago


That is so lame! The guy with the coffee is such a wuss and probably a plant. Obviously, Crosby had been stalked and was upset and threw the coffee because they were harassing him. The whole 'black c**k" thing is ridiculous. Why air this dirty laundry publicly and then taunt a 67 year old? TMZ is an embarrassment!

2203 days ago

Rock Singer    

Mr. David Crosby is one of the biggest phony's in music, he and his band sing about peace and love but don't practice what they preach ...even if it was a set up why not walk away. his actions show him for what he really is a rich fat bastard.

2203 days ago


I hope that lesbo singer who had his baby by way of egg donation does not have the anger problem David does.

Guess Prison and getting off drugs (yeah right) hasnt mellowed him a bit. I am so sorry I went to the last 2 CSNY concerts --this guy isnt worth it anymore. Neil Young should punch him out, but that freak has gotten weird too. They all hate this Country--always have and I guess always will---why they live here? Young can go to Canada anytime he wants.

This wasnt a set up, Crosby got caught in a real moment.

2203 days ago

d to the izzle    

Shouldn't there be at least ONE brown drip of coffee on that white shirt of his?

2203 days ago


Crosby has been notoriusly bad for years when approached for an anutograph. I have met all 4 members of CSNY over the years, been to shows, gotten all their autographs except for David, and he loves to keep it that way. Just a rude, nasty man who has been living a good life but doesnt show it. He is lucky to be alive & still have fans. He should appreciate this a bit more.

2203 days ago
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