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Travis Barker -- "I Hate Planes"

10/8/2008 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And who can blame him?

Travis Barker tells Us Weekly he's "grateful to be here at all" after the plane crash that burned him severely –- and killed his assistant and bodyguard. "My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash, so when that happened," says Trav, "well, I'm just thankful to be alive!"

Barker reveals he's got third-degree burns from his feet to his waist and on one of his hands. He's still in treatment at an L.A. burn center.

Brinkley Ex –- Cheating Was Her Fault

Christie Brinkley's ex Peter Cook isn't just a perv, he's a world-class moron, too.

He's given a shocking sitdown to Barbara Walters in which he says he cheated on Christie Brinkley because he didn't get "the attention" and "the thank-you" he needed for his "efforts" and all the "tremendous work" he was doing for the family.

Pervy Pete says he hopes he won't be seen as a "scumbag pervert." Wrong on both counts.

Gisele's Fam -- We're Fine on Our Own!

She might have Tom Brady on the payroll -- sorta -- but Gisele Bundchen doesn't support her entire family back in Brazil.

So says the fam to the Boston Herald, which says a recent report that she sends $10 mil back to them every year is totally false. "I have no idea who could have made up a story like that," says Patricia Bundchen, G's sister, adding the report could be "very dangerous for Gisele's family."


No Avatar


Peta Cook done alright in ma book. Oooooooh yeaaaaaaahhh. Ah is rootin fo Oboma, tooo.

2171 days ago


I completely agree with Peter Cook. Poor guy, I have tremedous empathy for his plight.

2171 days ago

Lenn K.    

Please Pete, stop yourself. We men know that we are pigs somethings and to make excuses for it is stupid. You did it because you have a penis and no brain connected to it. Think man, there is no reason to cheat unless, well there is no reason, period.

2171 days ago

Area Man    

Travis needed a bodyguard?

2171 days ago


Peter Cook is a jerk. It's typical of people like him to blame the victim. I would hate to have on the jury an assault case. His type would side with perp and blame the victim for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2171 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Gisele doesn't send ten million back home? I'll bet she sends a LOT more back home than Obama does!Did you see the pictures of his brother George Obama living in squallier while his rich American brother lives in a million dollar mansion (thanks in part to convicted fixer and neighbor Tony Resko). Hey, how about taking care of your own family before you try to take care of me? At least send him cigarette money.

2171 days ago


Peter Cook. Typical male response. Problem is that cheating involves more than having sex. It involves so many lies, deceptive plans to meet up with your adulteress/er by appearing faithful and busy with anything but cheating, manipulative by saying you or "the devil made me do it" crap. Cheating is one of the most conscionable and premeditated things you can do. He did it because he wanted to!

2171 days ago


Obama's father abandoned him when he was little and apparently did not pay any child support to his mother who had to go on food stamps and the dope had the nerve to go around making more kids and not taking care of them. Obama had no real relationship with this man let alone any of his fathers other children that he abandoned too. His father is the dope for his half brother, not Obama. Obama takes care of the kids he fathered. I have worked hard and I am not responsible for children my father goes around and makes whenever he wants to recklessly shoot sperm all over the place! Cheap shot to blame Obama

2171 days ago


You guys nailed that one on Peter Cook! Poor Barbara has thrown in the towel completely and the alien from the planet It's-All-About-Me continues in his insatiable quest to be watched... He said she wrote him love poems, he was hanging out with the rich and famous and she is one of the world's great beauties, yeah, that must have been HELL! He had certainly come a long way from drug dealer and then he blew it again... boo hoo...

2171 days ago


If you don't feed your dog. Don't act surprsied when he jumps the fence.

Simple as that.

2171 days ago


Good job, Peter. You found a way to convince people that you're more repulsive than we already thought.

2171 days ago


Peter Cook needs to get a grip. Cheaters always blame the one they cheat on to make themselves feel better. Be a man and admit your a pig! Christie hold your head up high you can do soooooooo much better.

As for Travis Barker; I wish him a complete and speedy recovery. No one should have to endure that kind of pain.

2171 days ago

Big Bear    

Travis got all those ugly tattoos burned off. They made him look like a real freak. Sorry he had to get burned to get them removed!!

2171 days ago


I'm NOT votig for that old fart MCain and his aulterous whore of a VP.

The Enquirer printed that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband's business parter and reember, they wre right about Edwards too.

2171 days ago


Of course Travis needs a body guard - to protect him from Shanna

2171 days ago
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