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Shaun of the Dead

10/9/2008 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 50-year-old resurfaced at an event in L.A., looking pretty.
Shaun Cassidy
"Partridge Family" stars Shirley Jones and David Cassidy are Shaun's mother and half-brother.

Shaun has created several television shows and has five children from three different women.


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Second & Third Grade - I had a life size poster of him on my walls along with pictures from every article from Teen Beat to homemade stuff my friends and I made. He was my first concert, and I literally cried when he came on stage. I loved him soo much!!! We listened to his songs over and over and over again. My brother hated it.

2207 days ago


#29: Well, that's good. People like you should definitely not procreate.

2207 days ago


I had sex with him so many times it wasn't even enough...only in my mind....I was a teenager!! Love you Shaun. I'm 39 now but am still hot for you!

2207 days ago


OMG...this is so embarrassing, but...his was the first concert I ever went to, and I **STILL** have the heart-shaped necklace & bracelet set with his picture in it!! LOL!! I remember I had a life-sized, full-length poster of him on my wall that I (gulp!) practiced kissing on. (hey, I was only about 12!) I also remember that the Hardy Boys came on Fridays, and I always elected to stay home while my Mom & Dad went out to eat so that I could sit there and drool. I also remember jumping/dancing on the couch when the music started! LOL!! Did anyone else act so insanely in love with Shaun Cassidy, or was I the only idiot in the bunch?! (is my face red...) I can't believe that he has 5 kids by 3 different women! He sure got around! Yes, I always thought that he looked just like his Mom, and always thought that David was cute, too! This past year I just discovered "American Gothic" and I absolutely loved it! I would like to see all of the episodes, though, I missed the beginning ones. I hope that "Chiiler" brings them back, it was a good series.

2207 days ago


1.Oooops..typo...I meant "Chiller".
2. O.k., SeniorBallistic...Ewwwwwww, gross - thanks for the mental image *that* invoked.
3. I forgot to add that when I went to his concert, he had on these shiny/satiny stretch pants that didn't stretch as much as he thought they would, and he ripped them! He had to make a hasty exit backstage to change. Unfortunately, I was too far away to get a good view, even with binoculars! LOL!! (Seriously - my friend & I wore binoculars around our necks so it would feel like we were in the 1st row...LOL) *sigh*

2207 days ago


wow.......sounds like i'm not the only one who dreamed of marrying Shaun when I was 10....first concert I ever went to, and my Dad was pissed because Shaun was drinking beer on stage!!! I won a contest at school, it was between kids who had "collections". Some kids collected sports cards, stamps, etc. I collected anything and everything Shaun Cassidy :) I still have my freaking Shaun Cassidy stick-pin, anyone remember those???? My sister met him a few times (she used to work with Shaun's brother) and she said he was just as fabulous, sweet and nice in person. I'D STILL DO HIM!!!!!

2207 days ago


If you go to the Shaun website, you'll see a slideshow of his current pictures and, believe me, this particular picture does not do him justice. He's still incredibly good-looking. Don't judge by this one pose. His smile is amazing!!!

2207 days ago


seriously, no way shirley can deny that's her son!

makes me feel old he's 50, but makes me smile cause he's a cute 50!

2207 days ago


Oh Shaun my first crush. He was a heart throb. I had pictures of him everywhere. Give Shaun my e-mail address maybe would could re-kindle.

2207 days ago


Please TMZ warn us some may of us may want to turn away some of us have weak stomac`s He is so Ugly no wonder gay men find him so atractive

2207 days ago


Holy Crap! He looks exactly like his mother, Shirley Jones. If you put him in a dress you would think it was her.

2207 days ago


Is he the one that does the threesomes with his older bro and casting couch flesh?

2207 days ago



2207 days ago


i used to love the hardy boyz! i bought season 1 for my kids and my oldest (17) thinks he's so cute! its great to see she inherited good taste from me lol

2207 days ago


Who is his father....I can remember his face but not his name...i think he hosted a show...he was Shirley's husband....anybody??

2207 days ago
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