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Britney Spears -- Mamanizer

10/11/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and papa Spears visited her boys at preschool yesterday, though she may want to cover up a little next time.
Britney Spears -- Click to View!
That pink bra is getting a lot of exposure. Granted, it definitely beats a pink wig.


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Just goes to show you can take the girl out of the trailer park...

2116 days ago


That was original.

2116 days ago


She has no class what so ever. She just craves attention no matter how she can get it even if she has to expose herself at a preschool.

2116 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Leave the girl alone. She's trying to put her life back together and you vultures just keep on hounding her. You guys are the trash.

2116 days ago

citizen kope    


2116 days ago



2116 days ago


isnt that a typical White Trash uniform?

2116 days ago


Hey, hey...all you negative bloggers listen up! All of you including myself have done things in the past due to bad decisions, etc. whatever the case may be...just as Brit has. You have no room to talk. So shut up go spew your childish crap somewhere else!

2116 days ago


I'm not a fan of Spears. But for the love of whatever floats your boat do u really need to pick apart a person just because your site doesn’t have anything else to incite the num nuts of the world. People have a unhealthy fascination with picking apart this girl and the girl has a illness that she is being seen for. She has done well so far no thanks to the cretins trolling these boards who would like nothing better then for her to have a setback. Karma is a wicked thing and wishing ill on others is going to bite u in the ass one day.

sweet: Spears has never claimed to have class so your argument is ridiculous. If she had ever claimed to have class I would see some merit in your post but at least u kept it short. Which u should be commended on.

blahblahbah: Your name says it all. Must be nice to talk trash abt people. But since she never lived in a trailer park that remark is ridiculous also.

As far as what she was wearing. I've seen worse. And nothing is poking out and alot of people dress like that. Maybe the moral police of this world will send out flyers to everyone to let us know what to wear how to wear it and when to wear it. Now that sounds like a solution. Only problem is then everyone will know who the judgmental butts are in the world and your cover will be blown.

2116 days ago


I wish you guys would ust give her a break. She's made an amazing recovery. TMZ, stop trashing her!

2116 days ago


Shocking Bristol Palin Drug Tape Shows Bristol Palin Shockingly Use

It's another Sarah Palin scandal from the National Enquirer,
which is making the most out of the reporting team it dispatched to
Alaska to focus on the Jukes family of the tundra. This week they dig
up two scandals, although the first one is just an attenuated DUI

After the Alaska governor was named John McCain's running mate,
she disclosed her husband Todd had been arrested for drunk driving in
1986 - but not that his brother James Palin was involved in a
devastating hit-and-run that inflicted multiple injuries on a female

Court papers obtained by The ENQUIRER show that James Palin,
Sarah's brother-in-law, was busted as a 20-year-old on Feb. 15, 1989,
in his Dillingham, Alaska, hometown - after a major drinking binge.

According to official records: James, in a drunken stupor,
slammed into a woman with his vehicle, stopped, pulled her out from
underneath it - and then callously sped away, leaving her injured on
the side of the road like Alaskan road-kill!

Eh, whatever, a 19-year-old drunk hit-and-run case? From the
brother-in-law? In Alaska? Alaska, where DUI's are considered a
God-given right and passengers toss their drivers a six pack rather
than chipping in for gas money? Color us unimpressed.

The real meat comes from the revelation that preggo Bristol Palin has
been known to act like a teenager, and has, in fact, been videotaped
so doing. The taping took place shortly before Ma Palin took the oath
of office, and it shows young Bristol smoking the weed:

"One of our pals was videotaping everyone as they drank and got
high. He gets to Bristol, and one of her friends holds the pot pipe
to Bristol's mouth and says out loud, "And here's the future governor
of Alaska's daughter!"

"Bristol smiles at the camera, puts her lips around the pipe and
inhales deeply. She holds the smoke in for a while, exhales, coughs a
few times and then laughs uncontrollably. It was just another regular
night of partying for Bristol and the other wild kids in Wasilla.

One of those wild kids, future Palin son-in-law (assuming the
McCain-Palin ticket wins) Levi Johnston, also gets prominent
placement in the article, which claims that the hockey player has
both sold and smoked OxyContin, and has purchased cocaine no fewer
than three times! Also, he used steroids, and he popped Bristol's
cherry in a tent. The whole town was talking about it! Crazy, crazy
stuff, and on newsstands now.

For more, visit any other small or large town in America to see the
exact same thing play out in real time by everyone else.

-John 8:32

Go Britney !!
Go Obama !!

2116 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I am kind of partial to the lime green bra she wore to the music school.

2116 days ago


that's right slut, show your kids you underwear.

2116 days ago


I don't get the complaints. Obviously the pink garment is supposed to be part of the outfit, just because tmz calls it a "bra" doesn't mean it's something intended to be invisible. It may also give some support, but so do bathing suits.

2116 days ago


Hey there you are Brit, we have been missing our trash!!

2116 days ago
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