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Britney Spears -- Mamanizer

10/11/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and papa Spears visited her boys at preschool yesterday, though she may want to cover up a little next time.
Britney Spears -- Click to View!
That pink bra is getting a lot of exposure. Granted, it definitely beats a pink wig.


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DJ Slick D    

In a way I'm glad she went through all that bad stuff she went through, because if she didn't I wouldn't have got to see those pictures of her private parts and that was a real treat! I dare any DJ to step to me!!! "Rock It Out" -David-

2205 days ago



2205 days ago


Talk about making a big deal out of nothing. Slow day huh? Move on to another topic tmz. You're not gonna get 100 comments on this subject. Jesus Christ.

2205 days ago

Leave it alone    

John 8:32... How can you make a Scriptural ID and then spew Enquire garbage to bash people? Hypocritical to me. What would your life and that of your family look like when the Media trash got ahold of you under a microscope. As for Brit... Time to leave the girl alone and stop supporting all of the rag mags and people who are trying to find ways to destroy her.

2205 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Give it a little time and those poor kids in the school will probably end up seeing her cooch, if they haven't already seen it. I wouldn't want this freak anywhere within visual distance of my kids, because you never know what kind of crap she is capable of pulling! At least her handlers were there to make it somewhat safer for the other people in the vicinity. And thankfully, she's not driving either! Can you imagine her in a car in a school zone? What a terrifying thought!

2205 days ago


I guess the tmz staff is watching college football. Can we get an update?

2205 days ago


There are a lot of people here defending Britny, but where I live, it is not ok to pick up your kid with your bra almost totally exposed. She knows that she is under media scrutiny. Unfortunately, her life and career have been built around sex (for God's sake, she can't sing) and she doesn't seem to understand where the lines are drawn.

2205 days ago


You know Brit is back when the worst thing TMZ can find on her is a side shot of her bra showing. Ha!

2205 days ago


Isn't it funny that if she was wearing a bikini top under a tank top, that would be ok, but a bra (that looks like a bikini top anyways) is not?

Give me a break. All of you who are putting her down for something as silly as this are lame.

Can you say Jealous much?

Give it a rest

2205 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

-John 8:32 Today must be a big day for the National Enquirer.

As far as Britney's pink bra showing when she raises her arm, much to do about nothing, as usual.

2205 days ago


You people can't be serious. That shirt is not built to contain that bra. It is absolutely inappropriate.

If I hear that "jealous, much?" comment one more time I'm going to scream. Not jealous. I am fatter, uglier, and a better role model to my child.

2205 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

BritneyDOES love the paps. She does crave and must have their attention daily. It is still bad. It was worst. Her dad has pulled her back . Britney needs toleve the show business world for at least one year adn take her disfunctional family too. Did Jamie Lynn need to be out there for OK Mag? NO!!! The more you say, theymore theywill write. Shut up a d stop nd leave the mags and show business. Britney 's top is waytoo big nad you donot expose yourbra or panites . That is trashy, common, nsty, rude, undignified, tacky,all of what she and her family are.

2205 days ago

Big Bear    

Dad had to take Britney to preschool to see the kids. Britney does not know where they go to school and probably would not know her kids from the other kids. Britney does not spend a lot of time with her kids. K Dead is a great dad and thank goodness for him!!! Britney and paris hilton share the same brain.

2205 days ago


Good grief, I'm the last to defend this girl, but there is nothing wrong with the way she is dressed or visiting her boys' preschool. sheesh! Do they have to follow her even there? I hope she appreciates having such cute little boys and they start to smile more.

2205 days ago


I didn't find anything funny, good or bad, with the her pink bra showing. I thought it was an undergarment?? C'mon TMZ, I love you but these pics were soooooooo boring.

2205 days ago
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