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Balthazar Getty Thinks He's 2pac

10/15/2008 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either he was really happy that nobody asked about Sienna Miller for a change, or Balthazar Getty suddenly felt really proud of his L.A. roots -- cause dude dropped some westside gang-sign language and a gangster-ass shout out on his way through LAX yesterday.
Balthazar Getty: Click to watch
Somewhere, 2pac is smiling ... because he's not really dead.


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THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

LIke his museums , Little Getty and Big Getty.

2198 days ago


South Side dumb ass

2198 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

I thought the reason we hadn't heard from this cheating, stank-ass man-whore in a while is because the ground swallowed him up.

2198 days ago

Harleyriders Daughter    

he's on his way out of town to go see Sienna as he isn't working for a week. Don't spend the time with your kids or anything.

2198 days ago


LOL .Noone really needs to comment, this picture just proved what a untalented idiot he really is!

2198 days ago


He's turned in to the cheater he plays on Brothers & Sisters, I can't even stand to watch that show now!

2198 days ago


Thats the "Shocker" sign dummies!

2198 days ago

Laughin' in Malibu    

Please file this under "Things White Boys Really Shouldn't Do"

2198 days ago


his divorce is finalised.. his wife gets sole custody !!

2198 days ago


why 2Pac? Why not M&M? Let 2 Pac rest in peace TMZ.......geeeez

2198 days ago


Sienna is sucking the brains out of his head. The last thing he is thinking of is his kids. Good thing they have their mother

These two pathetic losers deserve each other. I hope he regets every day for the rest of his life that he left his family for that talentless, trashy ho

2198 days ago


This points to the root of Balty’s problem – he’s 33 years old and wants to act like he’s 21 again.

He spend most of the time between the ages of 15 and 24 in drug induced haze that killed his acting career.

He cleaned up, married Rosetta (who’s 8 years older than him) and created the family he never had as a kid.

But he’s bored of family life – 4 kids, a station wagon and a mid-aged wife – and wants to get back the life he lost in his late teens/early 20s due to his drug habit.

Pathetic. Grow up, Balt.

2198 days ago



2198 days ago


He is even an A- HOLE on brothers & sisters this season.

2198 days ago


Don't be fooled. He's just showing off because either he is overjoyed by the thought of spending SM's settlement money or SM has been keeping him "happy" by spending all of her settlement money on him. Apparently, the terms of the AFFAIR must require SM to foot all of BG's expenses (ie- clothes, alcohol, hotels, watch, plane tickets, food, clubs, bills, etc....). He is only with SM because his wife doesn't want him and no decent woman will have anything to do with him, plus SM doesn't have any qualms about sleeping with a MARRIED FATHER OF 4 who has so little respect for her that he still won't file for a divorce/legal separation. SM is just BG "booty-call" and "sugar mama", that's why he hasn't made any major commitments to her and SM keeps trying to give the impression that she and BG have this "great romance". This video just shows that like SM, BG is very desperate for attention and would do anything when motivated by money. He is just trying to keep himself relevant since SM has been laying low and has reduced the frequency of her staged photo-ops, "personal attacks", and PR story leaks .

2198 days ago
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