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10/16/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama MCCain

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McCain's an idiot and this photo shows just glimpse of that. Every time he starts talking I nod off, I can't imagine 4 years of him leading our country. Plus, it looks like he's storing marbles in his cheeks, don't know why but that just irritates me. LOL!

2198 days ago



what a dork, him and Palin, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

2198 days ago

please don't    

McCain/Palin supporters...this would be your president. Think about it.

2198 days ago


HAHAHAH ...That is great ...When i look at him i see the same dumbass deer in headlights look that Bush has !! Poor Guys !

2198 days ago


um first of all I watched the entire debate and hardly blinked, didnt get up to go to the restroom, didnt miss a second and not once did he make this face! Shame on you TMZ for completley doctoring this photo. I dont see any pictures of Obama on your site that are doctored like this. I see whose bed your in! Thats it, I'm tired of this stupid website. I will now be getting my my news and celebrity gossip from hookers!

2198 days ago


To lame: this is an actual picture of McCain last night trying to shake hands with the moderator after the debate, he got confused, because he is a confused old man who has no right running this country...... he lost last night BIG TIME. Go OBAMA!

2198 days ago


I saw that last night and was like WTF?! lol

2198 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

i think Obama is a smooth talker and always remains cool and collective, BUT, I DONT feel he has the love and passion for america that MCcain does! I to be honest am not crazy about either one, I am a independant, but i think MCCain is a true amercian patriot and I think America needs that back! With all these immigrants coming here and never veiwing america as their home only there place of money making.. we need that strong I LOVE THE USA feeling back! Which I feel Obama does not posses!!

2198 days ago


LMFAO, you guys are Hilarious

2198 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

#14 can you come up with something a little bit more original PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2198 days ago


omg, you guys who are saying it isnt real are stupid. he did it at the very end as they were leaving. i saw it... its not anti-mccain. mccain made a freaking stupid face and its funny and tmz just posted it. if obama made the same face they would have posted it, too.

its funny. mccain is old and senile and thats funny. give it a rest. how on earth can anyone support him after last night? the guy was a effing mess.

2198 days ago


9. Obama is the future! McCain can only get the really old or uneducated to vote for him. I respect him, but we all know that America needs change that provides for ALL AMERICANS.

Posted at 11:03AM on Oct 16th 2008 by openmind

You're not openminded, you're a sheep. Obama isn't even qualified to run the country you MORON. And how come all the bad people want him elected? Why are these TERRORISTS funding his campaign anyway? DUH!!!! What exactly is your mind open to? It's been open alright, and filled with TRASH! Kiss your rights and your economy goodbye if BO gets elected. He already tells us what we can and can't talk about. Do you value your freedom of speech? WAKE UP AMERICA! You don't know the real BO, You are all suckers if you think you do.

2198 days ago


You Liberals are like freakin' lemmings . The celebrities say vote for Obama so you must . Jump everyone jump. Freakin' IDIOTS!!

2198 days ago


You're correct. McCain is an old man-whose body is broken from years of torture while serving his country. Ask yourself how Obama would have stood up to the same...I would give him 2 hours and he's start giving away the US state by state...

That said-it was funny! He was just being funny-he's got a sense of humor.

2198 days ago


Joe Six Pack
Joe The Plumber
Joe Biden

Tooo many joes!

2198 days ago
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