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10/16/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama MCCain

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The picture is real. It was at the end of the debate when McCain went the wrong way exiting his seat to shake hands with the moderator. I'm not a McCain supporter but thought it was a funny response on his part of walking the wrong way. I'm sure we have all done the same thing at some point in our lives. What I thought was really more telling of the type of man/husband he is versus Obama is how they each interacted with their respective wives at the end. Obama followed his wife off stage showing her the respect she deserves as a lady and his wife. McCain left his wife in the dust as he exited from the stage. I didn't think that showed much respect for her.

2199 days ago


Are you guys serious?? First of all McCain is never going to win a debate vs. Obama. But are you so stupid to fall for that smooth talk! Shame on whoever is voting for this creepy guy! You will all regret it when the democrats hike up taxes on Everybody!!! Not just the rich...everybody! I look forward to giving my hard earned money to all the poor people who are only poor because they've chosen to be poor! The only reason Obama gets so many people at his rallies is because most of his supporters are the lazy unemployed and want the government to take care of them! While McCain's supporters are actually at work!! Trying to make something of themselves and not depending on government to do it for them!! This country was built on Capitalism not Socialism! But socialism is exactly what Obama will bring! Watch what you wish for cause you just might get it!

2199 days ago


I think this picture is too funny; this is how I feel when Obama talks about his tax plans and his socialist "Change" for America! A small business who nets 300,000 a year does not compare to billion dollar corporations Obama, so why do you want to punish these companies and take their money away so you can give it to people who don't want to contribute to society! Yeah, Obama's "Change" makes me want to throw up!

2199 days ago



2199 days ago


I love how when people want to make Obama look like a terrorist, they use his middle name. Because, of course, if your name is even close to Saddam's, well you must be one too.
Let's stick to the facts people, and stop acting like such uneducated morons. Unless you are one. And # 10 surely is.

2199 days ago


That is too funny!!!!

2199 days ago



A vote for Obama is a vote for socialism!!!

2199 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that TMZ changed the color of the "comments" buttons from red to blue after YEARS of them being red? Yep, just a little stab at the republicans. Just goes to show how one sided and horribly liberal the media really is.

2199 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Do you even know what socialism means? Please explain how this would be so. Please learn us unedumacated liberals.

2199 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

to hates politics in my entertainment -

hahahaha! are you serious? so, it must be a conspiracy instigated by the evil terrorist cell working for the obama camp who are making tmz change their site colors, right?

2199 days ago


McCain is a frigging tool!!! He sealed his fate last night. Now, similar to the monkey noises I frequently make when I see George Bush speak publicly, I will be finding a comperable noise or gesture to make every time I see Mc LAME speak,
Anyone who votes for this geriatric clueless dote is a moron!!!!

2199 days ago


Ugh, Republicans are the most idiotic, ignorant-minded people ever. I guess thats why the majority of college-educated folks are voting for Obama.

2199 days ago


#64- Sigh....VERY well said! Thank you!! I agree with you 150%

2199 days ago


WTF!!! Not only is his face really ugly, but what the hell is wrong with his arms??!! It's like his arms don't move or are too short for his body! LOL.

2199 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Well that certainly sums up McCain's ENTIRE campaign...

2199 days ago
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