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10/16/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama MCCain

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Sue Wong    

One doesn't need to be American to be interested in US politics. Their economy and problems have a global effect. I have American family and I'm concerned for their well being. I don't understand how poorer people in particular can vote republican or put up with their terrible healthcare system. Don't they want better for their children? I was physically sick when I heard that over 500,000 billion had already been spent on the war in Iraq which by the way results in taking young American lives for no legitimate reason. That money could 've been spent on health care, education, housing, job creation etc. I'd rather see money spent on helping PEOPLE. Food and clothing for children and those in need. I shake my head and wonder "don't Americans want more?" DEMAND MORE. The war in Iraq was paid by your tax dollars. Do you approve of how it was spent? If you do then you deserve what you got. If you don't DEMAND MORE> Make them accountable.

2197 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

that McBush has NO class! what an idiot..

2197 days ago


Sigh @ 11:36....., your arguments are WEAK at best. You sit and point at people watching FOX new? Are you kidding me? Yeah, you prefer the news outlets with totally LEFT leaning biased. Those are okay, right? Those are probably the ones the welfare recipients are watching. I am single, I work and I support my 4 kids by myself. I don't get child support from their father or welfare and I don't have a husband bringing in an extra 42,000 a year lke yourself. You also want to downplay Barack Hussein Obama's ties to terrorists? Well that is not a small thing. I think it's very telling of the man's character. The same goes with his "spiritual advisor", that abomination Rev. Wright. If it was McCain who had ties to terrorists and had a rascist, America hating "spritual advisor", it would be a whole different story, right?

The State Patrol officer that Sarah Palin wanted fired USED A STUN GUN on his 10-year-old stepson. I sure the hell don't want people like that in a position of power in any form. Do you? Get informed with the facts, stop leaving out the details that totally change the dynamics of what you are trying to convey, and check your bias at the door next time before you go off on some rambling rant.

McCain 08

2197 days ago

Two Buck Chuck    

The picture is classic.

2197 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Hey Tula #75 -

You sound like the candidate you're supporting: bitter and angry. Good luck with that.


2197 days ago


"6. I can't stand listening to McCain, he's old, and if he passes away in office, Palin is going to rule the US, think about it all you McCain people, reality sits in now, GO OBAMA!

Posted at 11:00AM on Oct 16th 2008 by LES SAISONS"

What you say is true LES SAISONS and it is quite scary because Palin is just Bush in a skirt. Honestly, Republicans would vote for a monkey (Bush. He really does look like one too.) if that administration upheld their antiquated and hypocritical politics. Now they're gonna vote for rich out-of-touch grandpa (McCain) and glorified trailer trash (Palin. That hairdo is so trailer park chic, it's ridiculous). Same s**t different president.

Here's something to think about. What if McCain was black and Obama was white?

2197 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Hey Tula -

Do you hear that? That's the smallest violin in the world playing for you and your sob story. Perhaps if you kept your legs closed and picked up a newspaper you'd realize that you don't even register on the McPalin radar. Keep believing that that ol' timer gets it, HE DOESN'T

2197 days ago


You do not want Obama for our USA President. We will never know his real back ground and whom he had been associated with until it is to late for America to defend. I have alot of black friends that I think the world of, they would do anything to help me. But, we are not ready for a black president.
Thanks - Just concerned

2197 days ago

hot snot    

i already voted last week - he may not win, but I support McCain 100%

I have to say, i love love love how this is going. I mean sure, people are directing anger at each other instead of whom it should be directed at. BUT at least people are FINALLY interested in doing something! this election has raised the dead, and it is fascinating

2197 days ago


McCain has balls and knows what he's talking about and he's not scared to say it. Obama says a lot of nothing and you puppets are jumping on the band wagon and buying it hook line and sinker.

2197 days ago


I was all for mccain until i watched the debate last night because it was hard payin attention to what he was sayin for watchin the amount of times he blinked his eyes... i bet his eyelids are sore today... And he is crazy.. but i think im voting for obama but you know there really isnt much to chose from...

2197 days ago

Not for Nothing    

'Sigh' it was a pleasure to read your's way over the heads of these ignorant fear driven right wingers.
it was truthful,percised,and very logical,and more importantly 'Intellectual', basics these McCain morons won't uderstand.

2197 days ago





2197 days ago


Think about this - Obama smokes and his parents died at an early age, Biden has had two aneurysms that could have killed him, so that puts Nancy Pelosi in charge - NOW THAT'S FUNNY!

McCain's mother is in her 90's and she got out her seat to give applause at the convention a ton of times and faster than most of the people reading this could - quit worrying about him dying and worry about yourself if Obama gets in.


2197 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Laca said : "If you must make McCain look like an idiot you should play fair and make Obama look like one as well."

Yeah idiot... when Obama makes himself look like a complete moron I am sure they will pounce on him as well. It's just that McCain gives TMZ so much material to work with... Maybe you conservative cry babies need to just get over yourselves and realize that your old, washed up, last year's ideas, candidate is not going to win this election.

2197 days ago
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