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10/16/2008 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama MCCain

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Amazing T!    

Mr.Obama is leading Mr.McCain 51% to 47% in National polls.
Liberal or conservative biases aside, Mr.Obama is winning this election.

2198 days ago


It's a real photo, if you had a DVR, you could watch the lunacy again to remind you what an impulsive imp this guy is. And McCain supporters want this guy behind the red button? YIKES.

2198 days ago


#75- haven't we all learned now about Obama's "ties" to Bill Ayers? I think we all should realize now that his only ties are serving on a Republican-based charitable committee. However, Todd & Sarah are quite another story. She was the key-note speaker at her husband's secessionist group's convention. He only removed himself from their roles when she ran for Governor. Now lets see, who is the one REALLY hanging around with domestic terrorists? This group wants to LEAVE the USA, does Civil War sound familiar?
So, let's keep to known truths about our candidates, and not add to the B.S. with a bunch of lies, what do you say?

2198 days ago

DJ Architect    

If Osama Obama gets into office watch the sleeper cells come out. We need someone in there with experience and the ability to do. NoBama just votes present so he can get paid, he takes no real stance on anything. Just look at his book quotes and u will see he does not polan on standing by the U.S when times get rough. Once an terrorist always a Terrorist.

2198 days ago


When Obama takes over America it will be so much fun watching the liberals stick the Fairness Doctrine down the TMZ'S throat.

2198 days ago


74. One doesn't need to be American to be interested in US politics. Their economy and problems have a global effect. I have American family and I'm concerned for their well being. I don't understand how poorer people in particular can vote republican or put up with their terrible healthcare system. Don't they want better for their children? I was physically sick when I heard that over 500,000 billion had already been spent on the war in Iraq which by the way results in taking young American lives for no legitimate reason. That money could 've been spent on health care, education, housing, job creation etc. I'd rather see money spent on helping PEOPLE. Food and clothing for children and those in need. I shake my head and wonder "don't Americans want more?" DEMAND MORE. The war in Iraq was paid by your tax dollars. Do you approve of how it was spent? If you do then you deserve what you got. If you don't DEMAND MORE> Make them accountable.

Posted at 11:59AM on Oct 16th 2008 by the other side

DUH, this bailout, which is a result of problems caused by the DEMOCRATS is costing a hell of a lot more than the war. Since we've been in Iraq, no terror attacks have been carried out on US soil. The war is working. I'm sick of the Democrat sloths who want free houses because they purchased homes that were beyond their means. Hell if they get a free home, so should we all. Don't give any of us that crap about how you care about our election. You don't live here, it's not your business. If the Dems are so great at fixing healthcare, why didn't the Clintons get the job done? It's because the people in the medical industry are overpaid and they are out to make the big bucks. It IS unaffordable, I would rather have Socialized medicine, myself, but you can't socialize everything or we turn into a socialized nation. That defeats the whole purpose of the American dream and the freedom of this great country of ours. I trust McCain will be 1000 times more effective at fixing our economy than Obama with his liberal tax and spend policies. I will be voting for the true Patriot, the true hero, John McCain.

2198 days ago


That picture is ABSOLUTELY real! He didn't know which way to turn after the debate to shake Bob Schaefer's (sp?) hand, so he did that awesome move. Even though I am not voting for him, I do find that he has a funny sense of humor. Can't wait to see him on Letterman tonight!!!

2198 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

95. Hey Tula -

Do you hear that? That's the smallest violin in the world playing for you and your sob story. Perhaps if you kept your legs closed and picked up a newspaper you'd realize that you don't even register on the McPalin radar. Keep believing that that ol' timer gets it, HE DOESN'T

Posted at 12:06PM on Oct 16th 2008 by Cry me a River

Now THAT was funny! totally agree with you Cry me a River. Perhaps if some of this uneducated skanks claiming to have a shred of intellect in their choice for a president kept their legs closed and stopped pumping out babies, we wouldn't be in this mess. There are a hell of a lot of welfare momma's voting for McCain than Obama voters. Just look to youtube and check out his supporters. hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha - Ignorant and a drain on our economy. Pathetic!

Nadar 08!!

2198 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Voice of reason said:

Barack Obama promises to return to the higher tax rates if elected. It is amazing how many people who fall into the categories above think Bush is screwing them and Bill Clinton was the greatest President ever.
If elected, Barack Obama has already promised that he will repeal the Bush tax cuts, and amazingly, a good portion of the people who fall into the categories above can't wait for it to happen.

PROVE IT. OH WAIT... YOU CAN'T. Because Obama is going to repel the tax cuts on the wealthiest of Americans who make up less than 5% of the population. The tax cuts Bush put into place. He and the Democrats will then implement their own tax cuts aimed at small business owners and middle class Americans. So what is your problem with that? Why do you hate middle class Americans? Why do you think they should continue to shoulder the burden under Bush's archaic and Victorian tax policies? Why do conservatives keep lying about Obama's plans?

2198 days ago

The Truth    

#25, you need to get a job and stay out of your mother's refridegerator. MCCain and Palin can't run water together. Go to youtube and you can see her daughter drinking a Fifth of liquor at age 15. She is even holding a gun. Dumb aass wake up. This isn't the 40ty's . Every other country hates us and we are going to hate people that live her. Wake up and have a cup of your mothers coffee.

2198 days ago


And I liked Clinton, but part of the reason we were attacked on 9-11 is because Clinton let us take 5 unretaliated hits.

2198 days ago


"76. Ugh, Republicans are the most idiotic, ignorant-minded people ever. I guess thats why the majority of college-educated folks are voting for Obama.

Posted at 12:01PM on Oct 16th 2008 by alice"

Aren't they though? It is true most college-educated people anywhere are voting for Obama. If most people really understand government and the electoral process and had any sort of common sense, they would never vote Republican.
At the root of all Republican politics is racism and elitism. They're not really about equality.

I believe that everyone who votes should be required to take a poli sci class.

2198 days ago


Julie, would you please get yourself educated before you spill anymore of that B.S. Try READING the news, checking facts on the various sights, non-partisan sights, such as snopes, etc., perhaps watching some news on T.V. would be nice......

2198 days ago


McCain was showing humor for those of you that are not smart enough to figure that out!!! I am sorry but I don't want my money to go to Obama so he can give it to some lazy crack head that won't get his lazy *@* out of bed and get a JOB. If I want to help someone it should be my choice not Obama the liar.

2198 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Ummm Sher, what exactly do you meant that Clinton let us TAKE 5 hits? Must be similar to the fact the current administration ignored the warnings from our own countries agencies about an impending attack. I love love love how people who think like you can twist events, facts, the color of the sky to suit your purpose. It completely fascinates me. I bet you typed all this with a straight face too. I am laughing out loud.


2198 days ago
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