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Lindsay Goes GaGa for SamRo?

10/17/2008 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan, or some chick that looks exactly like her, went crazy at Sam Ronson's DJ gig last night in DC -- dancing around like a chick who drank half a wine cooler at a frat party.
Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch
Either Lindsay's trying extra-hard to prove that the relationship isn't in as bad of shape as rumors suggest, or she just really liked that song: Lady Gaga's "Poker Face."


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derek jaro    


2204 days ago


that looks nothing like LL

2204 days ago


TMZ is such a nerd.
Hot Chick dancin in da club.
What's your problem?

2204 days ago

Open your eyes    

What's the big deal here? Samantha's got a groove going, and Lindsay busts out a couple of move up in the DJ booth. They look like they're having fun, and LiLo looks fantastic. Accept the obvious: the gals are a couple, and a happy one.

2204 days ago


Oh come on she just did a few moves,she looks completely sane and sober,and i have a feeling she did it to tease Samantha dancing around her.Great to see her and Samantha so happy.You guys want them breaking up,and its not happening.There are here to stay.By the way Samantha looks great too.

2204 days ago


I NEED to know what song that is towards the end....

2204 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    

She looks like Madonna on speed in the freeze frame. Isn't it wonderful how money can buy you just about anything, including security guards to dance for. That club scene is a terrible enviroment for a full recovery, but an ideal one for her to continue what she's probably been doing since Utah.

2204 days ago

Open your eyes    

There have been plenty of eyewitness reports from plenty of clubs. Lindsay's only 22, she's allowed to have fun. But she's not getting wasted down on the floor with her skanky pals like she was a couple of years ago. She keeps her girlfriend company in the DJ booth, drinks water, dances around a little and mostly works her blackberry. The bodyguards are there because she unfortunately needs them.

I really believe some people liked it better when Lindsay was on a path to self destruction. She's still hot, she's still talented, and now she's got a real future. More power to her.

2204 days ago


When Lindsay was in rehab in Utah, she had a little extra weight on her and she was often pictured working out. Now, somehow, she is skinnier than ever but you never see pictures of her working out, only partying and shopping. I wonder if she is back to her usual ways, doing cocaine? Looks like it.

2204 days ago


What is that song that starts playing around 15 seconds into the clip?

2204 days ago

Open your eyes    

Except she's never hopped up like she used to be. Half the women in the US are on diets and would kill for her current body. Why assume drugs when there's no evidence?

2204 days ago


This is her job? Any kid who can push the next button on there ipod could do this. TMZ, congrats, your paps no longer have the best job in the world

2204 days ago


If she is "just dieting" she should drop the stupid ugly leggings business and let everyone in on her "diet secrets". I guess she just has great metabolism now right!

2204 days ago


I realy doubt she is using again,she is on heavy probabtion and checked regularly.She has had alot of pressure lately with what happens with her father and also all this situation with Samantha ,the huge press and trying smoothly to accept the fact she is in a such relationship.This all could cause alot of stress that leads to weight loss.All and all she looks alot better than before though/

2204 days ago

dancing is healthy    

Wow, TMZ, the clip is cute but your copy should read more like "Lindsay gets a little groove on to Lady Gaga in D.C." because that's pretty much what happens...nothing like crazy chick drunk on half a wine cooler at a frat party - you lose credibility for that one, not that I ever expected anything from the clip other than what it is - Lindsay groovin to a song.

I guess no one at TMZ likes to dance.

2204 days ago
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