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So a Horse Walks Into a Tree ...

10/17/2008 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Relax, the horse was fine.


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If a horse get his head stuck in the forest; does anyone hear it?

2194 days ago


The did say the horse was ok, but I do have to wonder just how it even got stuck there in the first place.

2194 days ago

judy anderson    

If there are any equine people know that the horse "is not fine". TMZ...why don't you tell the story?

2194 days ago

ray jay    

you take a beautiful picture like that and then leave no caption. you missed out, cuto's.

2194 days ago


Not funny at all, really.

2194 days ago

Why do you care?    

I have kept horses for years and they are not notoriously bright. That halter comment and it being a demise is b.s. As a farm owner/ horse owner I walk the field every other day to make sure it is safe and condiotions are viable for the benefit of them.. It is a small 20 acre, with 4 horses. Never had this happe, though I have had many funny/weird things happen, but I still chuckled.

Lighten up people, animals are a tool for our amusement otherwise we wouldn't pay to vet and feed them. They are our joy and sometimes the brunt of a joke from God. Start campaigning and PETA dialing to him.

2194 days ago

judy anderson    

I'm with #63...this is not funny...please remove it!

2194 days ago

judy anderson    

Opps...I meant to say I am with #62!!!! Please remove it.

2194 days ago


Why's Brittney trying to climb trees?

2194 days ago


Someone must have put sugar cubes in the tree!

2194 days ago

A.M. Hartnett    

Thanks for posting this, TMZ. The entire office couldn't stop laughing for about 15 minutes.

2194 days ago


I guess TMZ had nothing else to write about...

2194 days ago


Oh good God people LIGHTEN UP. The person said the horse was fine. It was cut out of the tree.. Quit requesting to take it down because it's sooo heartbreaking. Really grow some balls. Learn to laugh. I've got horses too. They were probably waiting for help while taking this picture.
Boy a lot of you wanna make me roll my eyes way back in my head.

You idiots don't seem to realise even animals do stupid things..well this horse did. It's life..nothing is perfect and everybody does something stupid. Don't like this picture? Well quit looking at it. Because obviously you are very interested in staring at it.

2194 days ago


That horse's ass and mane looks just like that long blonde haired guy who keeps talking just as much as Harvey. I.E., (Long haired blonde guy & Harvey TMZ Show!!!): - "Regardless of how many times you dye that hair and will not get a decent haircut, or, how many times you change that straw in your cup, and keep trying to look sexy and sound intelligent (Mr. Lawyer), you have both had your 15 minutes of fame! Get a haircut; drink out of a glass like a real man, and stop focusing on OPP(Other People's Property)!!!

2194 days ago


Really think that picture stinks. Horse does not poke it's head into a tree and sit on it's behind without a fight. 2 things either the horse is sedated or the horse is dead. Think about it.

2194 days ago
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