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Travis Barker's Fickle Finger of Fate

10/17/2008 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Travis BarkerDJ AM is already out of the hospital and chilling with Jay-Z -- now Travis Barker says he's not too far behind.

Barker wrote on his MySpace page, "Just another quick one to let everyone know that I think Im getting out of the hospital soon :) I can't wait to get out of here and be home with the babes. The doctors say Im healing up quickly and I'm gonna be out of here b4 you know it."

BTW -- check out that finger!!!


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Hang in there, guy. We love you!

2134 days ago

Hannah Destiny    

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Travis Is Uber Amazing He Is Such A Talented Man I Am so Glad he is on The Road To Recovery..My Advice To Him 5000 IU of Vitamin E a Day ..Vitamin E Is The Magic Cure To Heal Skin Quickly!!!!!!! Love You Travis

2134 days ago


I heard they had to remove his junk, as it was totally fried....

2134 days ago

Silver bells    

How sad, first he is saved from death and now this is the thanks he gives his Higher Power??????

2134 days ago



People are out here, pulling for him to recover, even though some of us had never heard of him, and he's flipping us the bird?

Can't believe this guy has so little respect for his own body that he's made it an eyesore with the tattoos.

I could look past the scarring from the burns, but how do you see past those disgusting tattoos?

2134 days ago

Team Kim    

Hope you get out of the hospital soon Travis....I'm sure you will be much happier at home. Take care and Godspeed in your healing process....WE LOVE YOU!!

2134 days ago


Yes, I am suprised by this picture. I have always been a fan of Travis Barker and prayed very hard for his recovery.
I find this offensive and sad.

2134 days ago

arte help    

Who exactly is he giving the finger to? His fans or the family of those who died? What a jackass loser. I'm glad he lost his c*ck in the fire. Can't f*ck for the rest of his life. HA Ha Ha.....

2134 days ago


OK Travis - I'm going to give you a little rope on this one. Perhaps your common sense has been temporarily suspended due to head trauma. Probably not in the best taste for you to shoot a giant bird to all those who have been pulling you. But I'm still glad you survived and seem to be doing ok. Hang in there and enjoy your life!

2134 days ago

not first    

when the hell is +44 going to come out with a new album? travis get your ass back in the studio already

2134 days ago

Godspeed Travis. You're obviously were saved for a very good reason, live your live with focus and purpose. Get well soon and hug those babies of yours.


2134 days ago


Well it seems he doesn't much apprieciate his second chance. Nothing will change somebody with his type of personality. Once an ass, always an ass I guess. He must never had a taste of religion of any sort to ground him and open him up to accept others. Selfish, self-centered fool.

2134 days ago

STFU haters. Travis is having a little fun. Mellow the h ell out.

2134 days ago


Ha-ha, right back at ya you crispy dude. But some butter on those burns, I hear it totally helps!

2134 days ago


Wow, I was shocked as well. When you flip the bird, it means, "Go to hell". Ok, so you did it. You were not LUCKY, you were BLESSED to make it out alive. God believes in forgiveness. How about an, "I'm sorry for flipped the bird", I've got a lot to learn and be greatful for. Trust me, it won't make you any less cool. Don't know why Shanna left you side. It did seam she was all to pieces because she loved you, and she was who you called. Honestly, and not trying to judge you, do you have a problem with anger management? People think Zoloft is a bad med. But, it's not. It's great for people who have anger issues, etc. It doesn't make you a zombie. However, if you take it at bedtime, it has a slight sedate effect, and otherwise, you can't tell you're on it. Low dose 50mg a day, that's all. Others will see the difference in your ability to laugh, have a good time, without the rage. Be thankful and respectful to the one that brought cha' Blessed one. Love to you from so many, and especially from Him.

2134 days ago
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