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TMZ & Baldwin

Say Palin's Hot

10/19/2008 5:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So who knew Alec Baldwin would go on SNL and tell Sarah Palin what TMZ told her just hours in NYC earlier... politics aside, she's kind of a babe.

Sarah Palin -- Click To View!


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As I predicted, I see that you UNDERSTOOD my post souljp1!!!! Hope you enjoyed it.

I'll be here all week!"

Point made, point proven! Thanks, and have a good day!

2192 days ago


hey Safprods,

I believe "change we can believe in" is the Obama campaign's slogan.
Sarah Palin would never be VP under this slogan.

Hell, what am I saying. The idiot Sarah Palin will never be VP, period.

2192 days ago

Mr. A    

227. How is it Blacks have endorse and supported white candidates dating
back as far as we have had the right to vote, even when Jessie
Jackson and Al Sharpton ran we voted primarily for white candidates
and now a lot of you have the F@#$ing nerve to say we are only voting
for OBAMA because he's black.. Explain this to me, make me understand
why we did not support them
JJ and AS???
See it does not make sense you Azzh#$% have never ever supported
anyone or any race but your own and you want us all to right along
and keep on doing it because there is no such thing as fair in this
country unless you vote white forever until the end of time, does
not matter if you suffer under MCCAIN like most of you are right now under
Bush AS LONG a BLK MAN OR any other minority man is not in charge, RIGHT??? Let's hear it for White and only white!!!

Posted at 12:51PM on Oct 21st 2008 by souljp1 the ranting and raving over your pent up HATE and ANGER you've had for WHITES in this country, are we to assume you're ready to hit the streets and start the rioting after election day and Obama doesn't win?

This is so concerning (for White Americans) because we DO support people of all races and nationalities that are peaceful and loving of thy neighbors as they love themselves.

Is Obama's popularity amongst Blacks so strong merely because of his contention towards whites? His reverend Wright and Luis Farrakhan association speaks CLEARLY of his pent up anger and hate towards Whites, the Blacks know this, see thru the BS he spews for whitey's VOTES, but then he's going to bring the big black hammer down and like WRIGHT proclaimed in his church...'There's no justice from racism until WHITEY begs to be BLACK!"

You sound like you're ready to lead the charge.

Like always...for ALL the success stories of ALL the Blacks in this country, none of them count for jack diddly SH@# if one Black person is denied their goal. Whether it's a Black quarterback for an NFL football team vying for the starting position or a head coach job or a Senator vying for the presidency, if a WHITE person obtains it instead of them...we're all right BACK to slavery and racism in AMERICA. We've gone nowhere!

You make me sick you ignorant racist jackass!

2191 days ago


Liberals = Ignorance!!

2143 days ago
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