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Romo Sings Along to Jessica's Tunes

10/20/2008 2:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As though it weren't bad enough their team got throttled yesterday and their QB is out, now Dallas Cowboys fans wake up to this news: Tony Romo actually listens to Jessica Simpson's songs ... and knows all the words.

So says People, which reports the Cowboy was spotted at Jessica's Dallas show the other day -- and says he was "caught singing along to a few songs." And it gets even better: Whether intentional or not, People hilariously notes, "When Simpson hit a powerful note ... he clapped in awe." Our italics.

As we note, Romo along with Tom Brady and Reggie Bush, might be the victim of the celebri-babe curse.


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When he is singing her stuff, does he appear to be having a seizure, too?

2203 days ago


Jessica's album is actually really good and she has a powerful voice. Does it matter that he was singing alone?. Really is this news? He's been dating her nearly a year. It's not a surprise that he would know some songs from her latest album.

I actually like this couple. They genuinely seem to be really in to each other and supporting the other.

2203 days ago


He never gushes about Jessica in public, its always her going on about him.

Something just isn't right in this set up.

He may have let her decorate his house, but it's not like he bought a house and a ring just for her.
Not sure this will last once he gets tired of effing her.

2203 days ago


It's not unsual for the girl in a couple to be the one that gushes rather than the man. I think with the man it is not so cool.

But especially with Tony you can't blame him with the way that people have treated the relationship and labelled her Yoko Romo. If he started to gush and lost a game or two, the media and people on the internet would crucify him.

It's obvious to me that they have pretty secure relationship given all the crap they've taken and still going strong.

2203 days ago


Good for you, Tony! He's acting like a true boyfriend and a guy in love. I'm happy for Jessica. She deserves to have a devoted man by her side. Tony obviously knows how to treat a lady. Good luck to both of them!

2203 days ago


She is his girlfriend why wouldnt he sing her songs JEEZ!!!!

2203 days ago


Honestly, I can walk down the street and find something smarter ( "my man throws the football REAL GOOD" ), better looking ( nice cellulite rolls, slut ), and taller ( than again, more than 60% of the world is taller than this midget ) than this plastic, painted up, extension headed, collagen puffed circus freak masquerading as a country singer. jESSICA, IF YOU CAN'T GET A CLUE, go buy one. Tony, there's just nothing to say.... enjoy the losses as they pile up this year while you're ******* this worthless littlle pillowtoy on the sideline- I forgot to complement you on your outstanding "work ethic" as the field.

2203 days ago

Cocoa de Puff    

She wrote a couple of songs about him and she said before he inspired a couple more. Tony also helped her with some decisions on the album, so why wouldn't he sing along. I'm sure he doesn't sing along on the songs about other guys, but, why not about the songs about him. That's a pretty big compliment that she wrote a song for him and to her that he likes it well enough to sing along!

2203 days ago


OH TMZ can't get your own material so you have to resort to stealing from People as your source & of course you need some hits on your site
GIve it a rest & leave this couple alone. Tony & Jessica have been together for a year. If Tony was bailing he would have a long time ago. It's called weathering the storm & they are doing it together because they want to be together. The harder the media attempts to split them along with the haters the stronger they get.

Nice try TMZ & GO Jessica & Tony.

2203 days ago


I was at the show as well(the stat fair-Dallas) and i have pictures of him smiling and clapping(with his hand injury)as she peformed!! its obvious he feels the same way!!

2203 days ago


Good for him! That's awesome! I would expect my significant other to be there to cheer me on and support me too! I don't know why this is news or even funny. TMZ needs to quit trying to get people to hate on this couple. They are adorable. Enough already!

2202 days ago


Well there is no accounting for taste

2202 days ago


Oh dear!. Someone has anger 'issues'. ...Take a chill pill.

2202 days ago

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