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Coach Ashton is a Bill BeliChick Magnet

10/21/2008 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, Ashton Kutcher has coached his Harvard Westlake High School football team to an impressive 4-2 record, he brings intensity to the field, and he helps lure legends like Tommy Lasorda onto the sidelines. But the real reason the guys on the squad like him -- the extra tight ends he packs into the stands.
Ashton Kutcher: Click to watch

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Big Mr. P    

My friends. With election day coming keep in mind the safety of our country and our true values. Do not turn this country over to a Marxist Socialist like Hussein Obama. He will have at least 2 opportunities to appoint new judges to the supreme court and this country cannot afford that. Please vote McCain/Palin and Yes on Prop 8 in California.

2163 days ago


Ignore what #2 wrote and listen to #1.

2163 days ago

Mr Right    

Who do you think the terrorist want the next president to be?
VOTE McCAIN!!!!!!!

ps Asston Kutcher has zero talent!!!!

2163 days ago


Ashton Kutcher and Max Hodges are the cutest and coolest guys on the planet.

2163 days ago


forget one and three liisten to this white people are losing there grip on america lol lol,,, yes iwas born in west virginia but not a racist

2163 days ago



2163 days ago

Olivia Nathanson    

uncle tommy is not at the h-w games because of ashton! he goes bcuz gavin mccourt, whos dad frank mccourt owns the dodgers, is the kicker on the varsity team. gavin is also a d-bag who cheats on his girlfriend!!

2163 days ago


oops... WALLY.....................

Ashton Kucther is very talented. Ya know, it's funny that all the time we hear jealous girls on here writing how much they hate female celebrities for the same reason. But it's sexist to say that because, why are women "jealous and hateful" if they say that?!? And a guy saying it to cut him down and come off on top for saying that?!? Based on YOUR jealousy. Thing is he has talent and has amazingly innovative concepts of writing and producing shows. Not all of them are amazing, but honestly shows like PUNK'D are worthy of much praise. It never got old, the creative concept, and his ability to cast a phenomenal group of nobodies. Anyway, he’s HOT and TALENTED.... Loyal to an old hag... which I am one, so in case it doesn't work out with Demi, Ashton...

2163 days ago


#1 Sorry about you're supreme court luck, I guess you're all sad McSame won't be able to appoint some one who will continue Bushes efforts to un do the constitution of the U.S. No we will not vote for the looser John McSame and his whacked out side kick Palin. Soon to be President Obama is an intelligent, fair minded unifier. He is not a Marxist or socialist, you sound like radical right wing extremist nut and in case you haven't noticed. No one is listening so good night and good luck. Now about Ashton Kutcher. It really should be a crime to be that hot. Cruise, Clooney, Crow, step aside. This one has you all beat. I can look at him all day, however he isn't as cool or loveable or DJAM. DJAM is the super sonic chronic Shi$!

2162 days ago


"Ohio for Obama/Biden 08"

2162 days ago

Mr Right    

#8 You say-"Ashton Kucther is very talented"

"Thing is he has talent and has amazingly innovative concepts of writing and producing shows."
" shows like PUNK'D are worthy of mush praise"

Jeez your standards are so low it's embarrassing
But Its obvious your just a horny old hag who likes him just beacause as you said "he's HOT"

2162 days ago


As someone who has been invloved with football his whole life, I can really appreciate what he is doing. Football isn't like any other sport were you can just show up and play. It takes hours in the film room, and 15 hours of practice a week, even just for freshman football. I say good for him for using his experience to help out these young althetes. From what I've heard and read, he had football scholarships on the table before getting into some legal trouble as a kid. Nice to see some celebs giving back. You can't be a football coach if you don't live for the sport. Congrats to him, and maybe in a few years we will see him coaching at the varsity level.

2162 days ago

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