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Don't Forget to Wear Your Swim Cap

10/21/2008 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Phelps ended his weekend of high stakes gambling with a kiss from his beauty pageant girlfriend while partying VIP style at Prive nightclub in Vegas.

Dude, you win.

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Man, all yall r just jealous cuz micheal phelps is SOOOOOOOO hott and whoever that girl is is luckyyyyy and to have a guy witha size 14 feet and a million gold metals! He's so hott and I would kiss him and hid cute litttle ears infinity(i cant spell) times! And #9, yeah you "Big Mr. P"(more like Mr. small p" go get a life...hussein obama? how original, we dont need another bush, so vote OBAMA! and as for you Big Mr. P, you probably r some dumb matthew perry looking freak who cant get laid by a prostitute =P haha jkjkjkjk everyone has their opinionsssssssss

2191 days ago

let's save the world    

Comment #9:Big Mr. P

I am totally with you on both count...! I can see that you are indeed someone with values/morals

2191 days ago


You guys complain when someone gets recognition for doing nothing. And now that someone comes along that has worked hard to be where he is, you rail him, too? Plus, just because of his success in the Olympics the guy is never allowed to have a girlfriend? Yeah, it may be a possibility that she could be a golddigger, but that doesn't mean that every girl he will ever date will necessarily be one. I think he is cute and a lot better looking than many men out there (the same men that are probably criticizing him). So leave the guy alone. He deserves his shining moment--he has earned it more than most celebs out there.

2191 days ago

Just Saying    

I read that his girlfriend Nicole DOES not want them to go public about their dating.
Perhaps she knows she will be targeted by alot of angry fans and non fans, accusing her of being a gold digger for one.
Then she knows American's #1 athletic hero can not be be flaunting his mixed or biracial girlfriend..NOT acceptable in middle american. American sports hero of Olympic status must stay the wholesome white boy with a pretty white girlfriend by his side.
Now we get why he does not talk about who he was dating.

2191 days ago


That 'Spock" ear sticking out of his ball cap, kills me.

2190 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

Whoever said this chick is not black may be right, she might just be a high yellow or mulatto....lol

2190 days ago


he is hands down hot! God, his body is incredible! i'm trying really hard not to be a dirty old woman, i'm in my 30's and he's in his early 20's...but WOW, his endurance must be amazing.....he should pose naked somewhere so i could assuage my curiousity about him. Live it up Phelps, you deserve it!

2190 days ago


When is he coming back to our AA meeting here in Maryland? I give him 1 year before he gets ANOTHER DUI! Any takers? Or should it be Gamblers Anonymous, and don't say he can do whatever he wants because he has a crap load of money. How many sports figures making millions lose it all and everyone asks how the F$#k did that happen?

2190 days ago


He's from Baltimore, they like the dark meat, and lake trout, and crabs, and bottom feeders, and heroin.....shall I continue?

2190 days ago


sorry mr. P but mccain is getting spanked at the pools by a black man. Our beautiful country can no longer afford your type of facism, racism and socialism where we the tax payers bail out the rich. You will be saying President Obama for 8 years, get used to it.

2190 days ago


I thought Phelps was gay.

2190 days ago


May, Renee is right --- you pretty much do come across as a dumb woman - really, have some basis to what you're saying, otherwise, you come across as being ignorant as Renee has stated... and by your ocmments, there is no basis..... what, so you don't like Mike Phelps? So what? Anyone on here cares what May says? Let's have a count of hands here.... LOL...

And to Mr. P, you come across as a bigoted, narcisstic, and ignorant statements... do you have any facts besides just doing name-calling? Not saying who to vote for, but do you want to be part of the group Mr. P is a part of.... no one should want to be that close-minded... what a dork!!!

2190 days ago


I am jealous...

2190 days ago

San Francisco    

This is a perfect example of forcing a person to become a celebrity simply by photographing him....endlessly.
He's a swimmer - who cares what else he does/
As for injecting political views into this, #9, you're a homophobic pig. Win or lose, gays WILL marry someday and you'll sit on your redneck ass & cry.

2190 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

I think Michael plans on puttin' that big hose of his into the tunnel.

2190 days ago
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