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Double the Estevez, Double the Fun!

10/21/2008 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller, Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are taking that whole "Two and a Half Men" thing to heart.

Our sources say Brooke is double the preggers -- as in she's expecting twins. Your move, Denise.

The little tykes would be the first for Brooke; Charlie has two young kids with ex Denise Richards and a 22-year-old daughter named Cassandra he had out of wedlock with girlfriend Paula Profit.


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first and ok is EVERYBODY taking clomid to get twins in Hollyweird?!?!?!?

2195 days ago

Big Mr. P    

Friends as we draw closer to Election day please remember our troops and our country. We do not want to turn over the control of this country to a Marxist Socialist Liberal Democrat. Please vote McCain/Palin on November 4th and if you are in California vote Yes on Prop 8.

2195 days ago


Good for him. Denise has been an attention whore throughout the entire mess. He came out of that one looking clean as a whistle. Congrats on the babies! (And how do these hollywood people keep making so many sets of twins? All I know is if you have identical twins, they are gold as child actors)

2195 days ago

that's all    

Why do these Hollywood trash keep having kids when they don't spend time with the kids they have or even get along with the person they made them with? What a screwed up world.

2195 days ago


My theory is that all of these sets of twins for the mildly talented celebs who are having them are to fulfil their pacts with the devil. Brangelina aside, none of these folks are deserving of the fame and money that they get. So they have their dream baby and a spare to sacrifice a'la Rosemary's Baby.

Don't know why the Spears, Hogans and Simpson gals aren't popping out bookend cherubs though - must rethink my theory.
Unless Vadge and ARod pope twins out of her aged orifice - than I am back on board. OH - and Adrienne Barbeau's twins are exempt too - Love me some Adrienne!

2195 days ago

so sad    

regarding post #2: shut your mouth. the bush admin has failed our military and so will mccain. what, you think gays don't serve? people like you are useless. most of the servicemen and women at our military base are voting left this year so get over it.

2195 days ago


Whats with all these Hollywood women waiting so long to have kids (to get their careers going first i guess) then taking fertility drugs and having twins? Adopt people!

2195 days ago


#5 the ONLY reason you are free to spout off your ignorant mouth is because of the military and those men and women putting their butts on the line 24/7 so you can have the freedoms America provides that NO other country does! I have zero tolerance for people who bag on US military! As a relative of many military officers Bush has only protected our military. Obama seeks to destroy everything the military has built up making foriegn relations better in Middle East. McCain is war vet so we know where he stands on military. I am not an Obama hater, i think many things he would be good at in presidency but not foreign relations. He has no hands on experience with it. Nor does Palin nor does Biden but McCain does hands down and our foreign relations will be biggets issue we have to face in next decade.

2195 days ago


Celebrities sure have been having a lot of twins lately!

2195 days ago


You go girl, the more babies the moere money when you divorce his ass!!! have triplets next, take those fertility pills like candy!!

2195 days ago


#9.....Stop using the Palin talkin gpoints. Democratics love our country and out soilders we just don't want them being used and killed by the republican govt. because they were pulled into a war made out of lies by Bush/McCain!! We love our vets we just dont want them losing limbs and being killed unnecessarily. Yes McCain is avet but not all presidents are war vets and some of our best presidents in this country were never soilders. Stop mistaking the two. You can be a great president if you did not serve in the armed forces!!!!!!!!!!

2195 days ago


How do you consider Bush as protecting our military, when he put them in an unneccesary war? I just don't understand how anyone can defend him or the war he started? I have military family and friends who I support and pray come home uninjured, but Bush only gave them what was necessary to fight the war he started for what I consider a not very good reason. I am not attacking those who fight for us, I am attacking Bush and his very poor decisions. And I might not feel that way if he was actually protecting our country agains the terrorist who destroyed it several years ago.

2195 days ago


Chuck is such a slime. Yuck!!

2195 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

1-Stop picking on Denise!
2-Twins? 2 spawns of Sheen???? One can only hope they pick up none of his qualities.

2195 days ago


Sheen is gross and nasty.

2195 days ago
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