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Nick Hogan Races to Freedom

10/21/2008 8:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

166 days in jail = leaving your friend in a vegetative state for life.
Nick Hogan: Click to watch
Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County Jail just after midnight Tuesday morning. We're told he arrived back at his mom Linda's house to a thumping party, replete with loud music and cops surveying the scene.

And how's this for funny/creepy: a big-boned buxom blonde ran up to Nick as he walked free. None of the photogs could figure out whether it was Brooke or Linda. (Check the vid to see.)

Nick pleaded no contest to a felony charge of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury back in May. He was sentenced to eight months but only served the aforementioned 166 days due to "good time and gain time" credit.

His best friend, John Graziano, remains hospitalized and will require medical care the rest of his life.

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TMZ Fraternity    

Thats great he got let out, and Brooke looked cut all excited to see her brother.

The comments on this board are so full of Man you people are such pathetic losers..its 8:30 in the morning and you clowns are already talking crazy..

Please get some friends or a pet, because your opinions and thoughts are so hateful its comical. Do you actually think you are voicing your opinion...LMAO!!!

2138 days ago


First thing more sickening then the OJ trial are you stupid OJ KILLED 2 people. Nick was driving a car that his friend willingly got in drunk was over the age to drink and probably bought Nick the alcohol so he contributed to minor. Please explain how that is worse then KILLING 2 people. I am glad he is out he did his time. I for one do not agree with what he did but do not think he should of recieved any jail time. John willingly go into the car both were drinking and he was the only one old enough. That is the bottom line if you play you pay. It is sad what happened to him and I do feel sorry for him and his family but don't blame everyone else for his actions. I am so sick of parents not taking the responsibility for their own kids. His family wants money that is not going to bring your son back. He choose to get into the vehicle he choose to drink it is a tragedy but he is just as much to blame as Nick. There is nothing wrong with a family sticking together. THAT IS WHAT A FAMILY IS SUPPOSE TO DO. I have three kids and no matter what they do they are still my children and I will always love and stand by them. You do not turn your back on family regardless if your rich or poor. They are the only people you can truely count on. He is a child, made a mistake like every child does. Unfortunately it was a horrible situation. He did his time. Leave him the hell alone. You don't know how he feels about the situation I am sure it has messed him up. It is not for us to judge he has to live with this forever. I am glad he is out and can focus on his future. Leave them alone.

2138 days ago


i dont even think he should have gone to jail in the first place. it was an ACCIDENT!!!!!! he didnt do it on purpose. no one gets in a car and thinks oh im gonna make sure my friend gets hurt and im ok.
he'll never do it again. he's prob punishing himself way more than any judge could. im glad he's out and i hope they all sort themselves out now. i even hope that now this trauma is over hulk and linda get back together. i know... wishful thinking. it is more entertaining tho seeing how all over the place they are tho.

2138 days ago

Big Bear    

The lady was not Linda or Brooke it was Bubba his special friend from jail. Bubba dresses like a female from time to time. Jail is a place for losers. Nick is a loser!!!!!

2138 days ago

pattie in cali    

NICK, i wish you all the best, i have been very hard on you and your family, i hope and pray that you have learned. what you did was so wronge, but being human we do bad things, maybe you will help your friend, get your life on track, stop driving fast, because you have done this more than once, find GOD, help you fellow man, all the hogans need to grow up. you have a second chance, your friend , he doesn't . don't be like your parents, this is a very sad , because theres a young man out there that won't have a life, make everything count.

2138 days ago

Who's at Fault?    

I am deeply confused by those that say "It's not his fault that John jumped in the car." While that is unfortunately true for John, it is not his fault that Nick was engaging in illegal drag racing (which he has done previously) while inebriated. To reverse the rather prosaic metaphor that has been used to rationalize why John is fully at fault, it's not like John put a gun to Nick's head and said, "Race!" Nonetheless, what is true is that they both share blame, but Nick more so. If a driver gets into an accident while having a passenger, the passenger is not at fault for the accident, thus why the driver, not the passenger, pays recompense for the damages. In the case of this accident, the recompense was a jail sentence and deservedly so. So to say John and only John is at fault is ignoring the fact that Nick was driving a two ton machine and in my opinion is senselessly foolish. They both were at fault, they both paid the price.

2138 days ago


i do believe that nick in no way intended for that to happen to his friend but he knew there was a chance when he decided to drive reckless. it only makes sense that he would have to serve jail time...and since his friends consiquence is to suffer for the rest of his life...shouldn't nick only get the same??

p.s. linda hogan makes me sick....ugh dating someone the same age as your son....and younger than your daughter?? thats just disgusting.

2138 days ago

darling nikki    

It was a catastrophe waiting to happen. Leaves me scratching my head at why a parent would allow their kid to drive a race car when they just got their driver's license in the first place. I see some on here claiming that accidents happen and everyone makes mistakes. And sure, we can all look back in our lives and can recall dumb things we did.....god knows I can. But it does not make it right, Just makes you extremely lucky if nothing came of it. For those saying Nick got a light sentence because of his "celebrity", he got the same sentence as anyone else would have gotten. Now that he is released, he is on probation for five years, will have to serve 500 hours of community service, surrender his driving privileges for three years and complete a DUI school within one year of his release. I sincerely hope Nick has learned a lesson from this. And my condolences to John and his family. To everyone else, please be sure to buckle up, especially if you make the choice of being a passenger in a car that is drag racing.

2138 days ago


68 I'm not sure of your comment. I was trying to show that Nick has paid for his crime and people with far worse acts have had similar punishments. But I still think he will be taken to civil court and will found quilty. But I don't know the % because John was some what responsible for not wearing his seat belt. He may have walk away from the accident it he had been wearing it.
But Nick will have to pay something.
Also people where saying that Nick got off because of his father and his money but other people with similar crimes actually did less time.

2138 days ago


This family again showing it's true colors, Nick get's out of jail, and Linda Hogan has asked the media in a interview to give them some privacy that Nick needs time to adjust that he is not gonna be the same after being in jail that it was a life changing event.

How life changing could it be to get out of Jail at midnight, and then go right back to Momma's house for a HUGE PARTY...I do not think John Graziano made it to that party, UM... Sounds like Nick a changed person..YEA RIGHT...

The Hogans make me sick.

2138 days ago


boo! hiss!

2138 days ago

big ball sack    


2138 days ago


Does that family have ANY class? Clearly there is no remorse over what happened.

2138 days ago


the vegetable Graziano didn't buckle up. he is at fault too. Nick paid his dues. enuff already.

2138 days ago


.... For all who say that the passenger went willingly, come on now, how many times have we all gotten into a car with a friend? If we knew the person driving was going to almost kill us in an accident we never would have gotten in .... the point is this, there seems to be a celebration for Nick, no doubt he served his time and all of that but what about the victim ... seems that he should take the opportunity to tell the paps and other news media that he should not be celebrated but educated about the serioiusness of his accident. It really could have been far worse than his friend fighting for his life lying in a vegitative state, his friend could have died ...... see my point ?? ....... Inject your family into this situation, horrible accident, loved one almost killed, person served time and is being celebrated by the media .... meantime your family member is still in the hospital, struggling to get better, person at fault family is defending him on all levels, he may possibly get a television show off of the back of the accident .... if he does, every dime he makes should go to the family ..... for rehab bills, medication and the sort ...... just seems fair to me .... in addtion if the reverse happened to the Hogan family, all hell would have broken loose .... that'z allz I'm sayin' ....

2138 days ago
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