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David Sues Over Alleged Californication

10/22/2008 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Duchovny has filed a lawsuit claiming he was defamed by a newspaper that claimed he was in a relationship with a 28-year-old tennis coach.
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The Daily Mail, a London paper, ran a story over the weekend claiming that David had a "full-blown sexual affair" with Edit Pakay, a tennis instructor.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Duchovny claims "The story falsely alleges that Duchovny sought out Ms. Pakay to be his tennis instructor and that the 'professional relationship'...quickly turned into a love match." The suit points out Duchovny had said he would leave Tea Leoni for Pakay.

Duchovny says there was never a romantic relationship. The suit claims, contrary to the story, that Pakay never told the paper there was a romantic or sexual relationship.

David wants at least a mil in damages.


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Oh lord. David has been bad! If I was Tea Lioni, I'd do what i did when I found out my hubby cheated on me: sell the engagement ring he gave me to I hope Tea does this and closes the book on this marriage for good. I used to like David Duchovny from the X-Files days but not anymore!

2159 days ago


You crazy Americans sue for everything, no wonder the rest of the world HATES YOU!

2159 days ago

No wonder, huh John?    

Since when did it matter if people in other countries hate mine?

I don't give 2 $h!ts about what some stupid foreign bigot thinks about My country.

I'd rather be hated by the entire world than share the same baseless hate with people I wouldn't even trust to wash my car...

2159 days ago

Tim McMahon    

Its official he has crossed the douche bag line.
I just got a douche chill, bbrrrrrr

2159 days ago


John isn't even "man" enough to say where he is from. What an @ss!!!

2159 days ago


If you hate Americans so much why are you reading material on an American website? And since the rest of the world hates us I guess we can stop supporting it financially. Wait! What's that you say? John doesn't speak for the rest of the world? Oh, my...

2159 days ago


Why do you hate Americans? Is it because we have orthodontics?

2159 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

He doesn't look very pretty in the photograph.

2159 days ago


Why are you saying he's bad? I think he has every right to sue them if what they said was wrong and false, If he had indeed cheated with this woman why proceed with a lawsuit at all when his marriage is already over? Stop kicking someone when their down already and knock it off.

2159 days ago

Rest in Peace    

Story is good, but the comment about orthodontics was the funniest thing I have read all day, thanks for the laughs Tee! In your face John...really wonder what your teeth look like :)

2159 days ago


Good for David! If the story was false then he should sue. You can't just print whatever you want and get away with it. Sign me up for that jury!

2159 days ago


How much did they pay the tennis instructor to change her story? Do lawyers really think people are that dumb?

2159 days ago

Spell Check.    



2159 days ago


If David didn't do it, and as reports said, Tea coaxed him into going into rehab, then maybe she just wanted him out of the way for a time while she bobbed Billy.

2159 days ago


Oh David, get over yourself! Man up, and grow a pair!

2159 days ago
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