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Hogan Gets the Heck Outta Dodge

10/22/2008 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh out of a Florida jail, Nick Hogan arrived at LAX this morning with mom Linda.
Linda Hogan: Click to watch
Whoops, no, wait, it's just the creepy look-alike -- Linda's skateboard-toting BF Charlie.


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Still suckin your mommas T*ttie!    

the whole hogan family is a bunch of losers and a embarrasement to society!! Waste of Oxygen

2189 days ago


im so sick of the hogans

2189 days ago

Jack Yard    

First off, her friend, Charlie, looks nothing like her son. So what if she hangs out with a young guy!!?? No one slags on Hulk for dating a chick who is 20 and he is older than Linda. So the guy likes to skateboard. What's wrong with that? I know a ton of guys in their 30s and 40s who still like to skateboard. So he's younger than she is, SO WHAT!!?? Why so you sexist pigs have such a double standard? If some rich guy in his late 40s was dating a 20 yr old model NO ONE WOULD SAY A WORD. How is this different? Are you saying if a woman does it it is "Creepy," but if a man does it, NO PROBLEM? is that what you are saying? Why is it ok to discriminate against women and make disparaging sexist comments about women when every other minority in the universe is "protected"? Why does everyone have a problem with it. He is an adult, they seem to enjoy each other's company. SO WHAT?! Leave them alone!

2189 days ago


frickin' Derelict. who cares what this crazy broad does.

2189 days ago

King Beef    

*Waits for Mr. P's dumb ass to try and turn this into some stupid political debate*

2189 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

hahahahhaha, man tht is priceless ! her bf bringing his skateboard with him ! Listen, I have no problem with people being happy, but sometimes in life when u have children and even after they have " grown" up, u still think of their best interests, the problem with the parents in this family " unit" , is they never put their kids first and r both very selfish people. PS, at least Hulks gf leaves her Barbie Playhouse at home on trips! hahahahahaha

2189 days ago

hell with them all    

We need some HATE on this issue!!!!!!!!!!

2189 days ago



2189 days ago

Triple Play    

This is the most dysfunctional family of all time. That little RR&CK should still be in jail. His mother is a pig his father is a steroid driven maniac and his sister is a pudgy HO BAG

2189 days ago


Well jackyard...what's creepy is the way the guy looks. He's her kids's age and acts alot younger than them, if you can imagine that. Hulk's girlfriend is not 20, she is 38. There isn't anything wrong in dating a younger man but at least have some pride in who you're seen with in public. It is obvious the guy moved out of his parent's home and off his mom's tit only to find another tit to suck on. Maybe if the guy was cleaner looking and has a job and maybe some potential, he would be ok. If you can't look at the picture of that guy and see anything wrong with him, then you'll never get it. JMHO

2189 days ago

Triple Play    

What a mess. The whole family is disgusting. This has got to be the shallowest gene pool ever.That little jerk should still be in jail and so should his parents fo letting him run out of control.
To # 8 You just did it yourself

2189 days ago


Does anybody care anymore? At least the folks here in Fla. feel safer knowing he's not out on their streets.

2189 days ago


Will everyone please LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! They are people too ya know!!!

2189 days ago


Little Nicky is out of jail for 24 hours after spending 6 months in jail and momma Linda has already left Florida. Some Mom.

2189 days ago


Does her young dumb stud charge by the hour, day or does he have a weekly rate?

2189 days ago
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