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See You Next Tuesday, John McCain!

10/22/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do John McCain, Jane Fonda, Harvey Levin and Kyra Phillips have in common?


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85. Look at that middle name Adrienne. "Hussein" Remind you of someone? It should. Doesn't that scare you? Again it should?

Posted at 3:05PM on Oct 22nd 2008 by Big Mr. P
That name doesn't scare me, people like you scare me

2190 days ago

Independent for Barack    

So I'm going to judge Obama based on his middle name.............something he had no control over. Right Mr. P. Vote Obama! That's completely wrong in so many ways.

2190 days ago


Adrienne you scare me. you can't even prove your own statement with something that didn't come from Obamas site.

So should we call Obama Barry, since that was his name in Indonesia as a kid.

2190 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Hey D- Obama was born in Hawaii and McCain was born in Panama!!!!!! I guess he's the one who isn't qualified!@!!
Take your head out of your crack before you spout off and get back to GED class...

2190 days ago


91. your proof is not proof at all.
He has posted more then one certificate and they are all different which means he is a fraud.

Posted at 3:10PM on Oct 22nd 2008 by D
Oh come on, this was settled months ago, it was verified by I trust them, you on the other hand...nah

2190 days ago


its been real. but sadly i have to go back to real life now.

2190 days ago


Right wing Christians are hypocrites you are an idiot.
Mccain was born on a military base, which is consider US soil

so u might want to go and get that GED

2190 days ago


settled months ago? to bad the judge hasn't decided. i am debating with MORONS HERE

2190 days ago

Big Mr. P    

You Go D!! Right on!

2190 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    


Here is proof from two unbiased sources determining (with supporting evidence) that Obama was born in the U.S.

1. Snopes article

2. article:


The lawsuit has no merit.

2190 days ago


This old man needs to go. He couldn't win it in 2000 either. McCain has demenia! And how about them spending $150,000. on Sarah Palin's clothes at Neiman Marcus? How long before McCain's wife starts hitting the pill bottle again. An addict running loose in the White House. Geezzz...........These two people are such a joke! Especially Palin, whom I find to be a total disgrace, liar and hate monger. I hope they throw the book at her in Alaska and make her pay back all that State money she spent traveling around. (On tax payers money!) How did she ever get elected in that low population state anyway???????

2190 days ago


as you can see i am a poorly educated person as i do not use capital letters at the beginning or my sentences or commas etc. i am just as hateful with my family as i am on this blog i have no friends this blog is my only social contact i am pitiful

2190 days ago


see if you had read previous comments you wouldn't look so stupid right winged moron.
we have already discussed that

2190 days ago

hell with them all    

Obama's heart is not for AMERICA listen and read the life he lead. He is for the Middle East and always will be. His wife I am proud for the first time in my life in america. Why because her husband who does not care for us is trying to get to the highest office inorder to help make this country fall to the enemy. Where the midlle East watch and learn and listen to his fake words. be careful very careful.

2190 days ago

Independent for Barack    

Two weeks before the election and conservatives are still trying to prove Obama wasn't born here. Unreal!! I'm sure there are a lot more educated people than the ones posting on this site that would have figured that out by now if it was true.

2190 days ago
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