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Jacko Unmasked

10/23/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While most people put on masks this time of the year, the artist formerly known as Michael Jackson decided to take his off. Trick or treat?
Michael Jackson: Click to watch


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It would take A LOT of Jesus Juice for me to go near that. Then again, I'm not a pre-pubescent boy, so I guess that problem would never come up.

2199 days ago


The photo is already up on a topic involving politics.

2199 days ago

al loanese    

why report on this pedophile....aduls red tmz and we are not in his age group.........pedophile mike must be going thru withdrawals, because he is being watched and cannot hang around little boys I bet his boys will be next!!!

2199 days ago


Please put the mask back on my eyes my eyes...

2199 days ago

Nashville Star    

Michael Jackson is the King!

2199 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

Wow, still the most popular person in the world.

2199 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Wouldn't it be easier to stay home ? Look at the logistics at work , so much planning just to go to a boutique and get a little bag of crap. Let the shop go to Him ! And that nose , the "Dr." who did that should have their name on a billboard , I did Micheal's face...

"But that's what He wanted me to do"

2199 days ago


What happened to his castle and theme park in Ireland?
There's an extradtion treaty??????

2199 days ago


Was it worth it? I totally agree with you.

2199 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

Why is it when we go to watch the TMZ videos, we have to suffer through a GD commercial??? I am so sick of this!!! And also of this idiot man-child who doesn't know enough to give up. Nobody cares about this loser anymore!

2199 days ago


What I want to know is, how many recently dead people did they use to get all the facial parts for that creature? Also, did you notice that his nostrils are now so small you couldn't breath through them unless you were at complete rest and you were a turtle? The third thing is his fingers - they are old mans hands, bony, bent, big knuckles, like he spent his life digging up carrots in a minefield.

2199 days ago


No doubt he is a musical genius.....but he is just plain weird, not to mention a pedophile.

2199 days ago


What's the difference between a rich perv and a poor perv? The rich one bribes children with theme parks instead of candy. I know some moron is gonna say he was not convicted...but so what? What grown man wants to sleep in the same bed and have sleep overs with a child that is not his? That within itself is a red flag. I would never ever let my child visit "never ever" land so the parents are also to blame..they let his fame blind-sight them from being aware of their child's safety. As for his face, his plastic surgeons should be shot. I can only hope they revoked their licenses.

2199 days ago


Do you think Michael Jackson has lost any other appendage? All the young boys in the country (and their parents) might rest easier if he had...He's a total PERV!

2199 days ago


love you, michael. you're still the king of pop*********** ********* ***************************************************
************************************************************* ******* *************************************************
************************************************************ *** ***********************************************
************************************************************ ***********************************************
************************************************************** *********************************************** *************************************************************** ************************************************
***************************************************************** *************************************************
******************************************************************* ***************************************************
********************************************************************** ****************************************************
************************************************************************* ******************************************************
****************************************************************************** ********************************************************
******************************************************************************* *********************************************************
********************************************************************************* ***********************************************************

2199 days ago
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