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McCain Backer Attacked, Mutilated in Pittsburgh

10/23/2008 7:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley ToddHere's what went down with the McCain/Palin supporter who was allegedly attacked in Pennsylvania last night.

According to Pittsburgh cops, around 9:30 PM last night, Ashley Todd was robbed after she went to the ATM. The victim says during the robbery, the assailant saw the McCain/Palin sticker on her car and became "enraged." He struck her and knocked her down, and allegedly carved a "B" on her cheek.

The assailant is still at large. Police tell us all they have is a description -- a man, 6'4", with dark skin and dark clothes.

A McCain spokesman confirmed to TMZ Todd volunteered in McCain's Pennsylvania office.

UPDATE: Anthony Pugliese, Pennsylvania state chair of the College Republican National Committee (of which Todd is a member), tells TMZ, Todd is "shaken up" but is doing OK. Prior to the attack, Todd was doing phone banking at one of the McCain offices.


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That is horrible what happened to her. I put my McCain Palin sign up and within 2 days it was destroyed. But on the other side I saw some Obama signs there one day and gone the next. but i just figured that since obama says to take from some and give to others the sign stealers are just taking from one yard and putting it in their yard....doing as obama says.

2161 days ago

Big Joe    

Imagine how the critters will act once he is in office,... and why do they say a dark skinned male, say HE WAS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

2161 days ago


If anyone seriously thinks that things will calm down after the election - think again. The whole U.S. is heading for a meltdown, and I don't mean just the economy. The racial divide over this election is a powder keg ready to blow.

Man, I am so glad I live in Canada. You people scare me. Now would be a good time to put up that border.

2161 days ago


seriously, #60? It's kind of weird she had a LIMITED DESCRIPTION? It was dark, and she'd been robbed at knifepoint, and had her face mutilated and was in a state of shock. Give her a break for not getting a clear set of the guy's fingerprints already.

2161 days ago


57. This is absolutely outragous.... This country was based on freedom and christianity and if someone can not proudly show who they support in this election without being assaulted then what does that say about our country. I do believe that this IS what we have to look forward to however if obama is elected.... Exspecially since he does veiw our nation as a christian nation any longer.. May GOD be with us all!!!!! (THE ONE AND ONLY!!!)

Posted at 5:14PM on Oct 23rd 2008 by gina

There are thousands of religions world-wide, and in America. You need to realize that there are non-christian americans who are good people. We have seperation of church and state for a reason.

2161 days ago



Stop it with your racism!!! Several Obama supporters have been attack too, in recent weeks...and months, all in separate incidents. But I notice, conveniently, that the race of the attackers, nor the victims, was mentioned...nor did TMZ report the on these stories, including an ABC camera man being attacked by crowds, McCain supporters, at a McCain/Palin rally...and a man being brutally attacked on the street for wearing a pro-Obama T-shirt!!!

Now why would a story like this be hitting the presses just 2 weeks before the election??? Race baiting, that is why...and a clear attempt to try to influence the vote in the last remaining days of the election cycle!!! Have some morals for once. These attackers, in all these cases, are sick, regardless of political leanings or color. A responsible way to report this story is to talk about all of the attacks that both parties have experienced, like the shooting death of a man who was running one of Obama's campaign offices (he, the victim, was white BTW, I saw his picture). This happened some weeks ago, and there is news on a McCain campaign office having been targeted for crime!!! Get the balance right with your reporting TMZ, there are victims on both sides, drop the race baiting and subliminal programming (brainwashing)!!! As for those of you commenting, and making racist verbal attacks here, for you to allow yourselves to be pre-programmed to hate others like some unthinking Stepford Wives says all I, or the God we all pray to, need to know about you!!!

2161 days ago


Obama is the one that made it about race when he started running in the first place accusing the Clintons of racism. That's how he won the nomination and started the frenzy.

2161 days ago


Jeezlouise is completely rite and ChelBell give joann a break she just got old enough to legally get into a PG 13 movie lol j/k
Joann STFU u stupid follower ur not even old enough to know what Economy even means

2161 days ago


62. If anyone seriously thinks that things will calm down after the election - think again. The whole U.S. is heading for a meltdown, and I don't mean just the economy. The racial divide over this election is a powder keg ready to blow.

Man, I am so glad I live in Canada. You people scare me. Now would be a good time to put up that border.

Posted at 5:18PM on Oct 23rd 2008 by katie
Katie, what do you think about Americans having to spend thousands of dollars on health care?

I'd love to hear how your national health system has worked for you and other Canadians

2161 days ago

Joe Mama    

who does that? wtf is wrong with people.!just because someone does'nt want to vote for obama, does'nt mean you have to attack them.

2161 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

Please don't get it twisted. There have been Obama supporters that have been attacked and I think that those stories have been suppressed so that Obama/Dems aren't accused of playing the victim/race card. That fact in no way justifies this attack nor do I mean to be negative about the McCain story getting out. My intent is to show that there are extremists out there and nothing is coming from one side only. If this person really is an Obama supporter - then he has been lead astray and is a far far far cry from what Obama stands for.

2161 days ago

Big Red    

Beware all of you. This incident is only the begining. You think he was vicious to her. When his candidate doesn't get elected whoever that may be. He will will want a new couch & TV for his home. That is what usually happens when the riots start. You can believe they will start if the wrong person gets elected. Alqeida would've probably done the same thing to her.

2161 days ago


Some good news Republicans. This is on

Most accurate pollster in 2004 election shows: Obama 44.8%, McCain 43.7%, Not Sure 11.6%...

2161 days ago


I really do believe that there will be a Rodney King type riot when obama loses. I am not being sarcastic either. not saying there aren't some radical republicans out there but boy there really will be a riot when mccain wins.

2161 days ago


Wow. TMZ really needs to moderate their comments. The verbal hatred and intolerance (and lies) in some of these posts are the kind of things that inspire certain people to resort to despicable acts like the one reported. To highlight the stupidity and intolerance that pops up here:

"this is nothing comparing to what's coming from the Muslims if Obama wins"

"If people go to youtube and look at Obama's ties to his cousin Odinga in Kenya" (Note that they are not actually cousins - this is a blatant lie)

"mcbushs people will do anything to try and make obama look bad, even carving things into their own face" (Please, as a liberal Democrat, I'm ashamed to be associated with someone who would make this accusation)

"If this is what being a Muslim Socialist means, I don't want any part of it!" (You need to get your news from somewhere other than an e-mail chain, because your facts are a little off)

"Bitch deserved it. She was probably someplace she didn't belong." (Democrat or Republican, I think we can all agree that this comment is pretty distasteful)

"Blacks in America are the biggest racists in the world" (Does this person realize that this is a racist statement?)

There are plenty more. Would it be too much to ask for an option to flag posts for removal? I believe in free speech, but I all believe in a community's right to censor intolerance and hatred to prevent its spreading.

2161 days ago
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