McCain Backer Attacked, Mutilated in Pittsburgh

10/23/2008 7:09 PM PDT

McCain Backer Attacked, Mutilated in Pittsburgh

Here's what went down with the McCain/Palin supporter who was allegedly attacked in Pennsylvania last night.

According to Pittsburgh cops, around 9:30 PM last night, Ashley Todd was robbed after she went to the ATM. The victim says during the robbery, the assailant saw the McCain/Palin sticker on her car and became "enraged." He struck her and knocked her down, and allegedly carved a "B" on her cheek.

The assailant is still at large. Police tell us all they have is a description -- a man, 6'4", with dark skin and dark clothes.

A McCain spokesman confirmed to TMZ Todd volunteered in McCain's Pennsylvania office.

UPDATE: Anthony Pugliese, Pennsylvania state chair of the College Republican National Committee (of which Todd is a member), tells TMZ, Todd is "shaken up" but is doing OK. Prior to the attack, Todd was doing phone banking at one of the McCain offices.