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The Real Transgendered Housewives of Atlanta

10/23/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Barbie doll-wigged "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak (left) -- and male-to-female transgendered diva Alexis Arquette (right).
Kim and Alexis
One of them says she is 29. Alexis is 39.

We're just sayin'.


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Ick!! is that Herpes on his/her lower lip, yuk!!!

2170 days ago


It's obviously a joke that she 29...because if she is, she's a hard 29...and I think she's had a lot of work add all that up and you've got one chainsmoking, life livin goldiggin, plastic surgery havin, biatch! She sucks the life out of that show along with the other 4....hopefully they won't come back for season 2 ....I live in Atlanta and peeps....I can thankfully say, these idiots are in the minority....NeNe can't shut the eff up, Kim well enough said, ShereeOMG germs oh and Deshawn hiring people and complaining that she lives like a single mom....girl, make your kids their breakfast by your own crazy biatch. They are so completely insane....God have mercy for these money hungry biatches...and seriously she ain't 29!!!

2170 days ago


Oh please...don't even get me started on the hair...can you say "fake, fake...fake, fake"

2170 days ago


I feel so sorry for her girls...hopefully the dad can use this and sue for custody.

2170 days ago


She has no job, apparently can sing and has a million dollar boyfriend.....and she is 29 plus 20 equaling 49 yrs old. ...or older....she is getting her 15 minutes of fame and after that runs out, she will start a " wig " line on QVC,,,!

2170 days ago


This show should be called the transgender show. All them women look like men! Sharee looks like a black alexes, the blonde looks like a man with a bad wig. The asian has arms bigger than a man ..ugh.
And they are all users..great role models....NOT

2170 days ago


Kim may be a losser, but NeNe's weave is much worse.

2170 days ago


Those women can't speak english.. The word is ASK not AXs me some thing. They need to get with a person that teaches them how to pronounce words correctly. With the money they spend it would be a good idea. If they weren't married to men that made their money for them to spend they would be NOTHINGS that can't speak english. Talk about a croup that are low life..

2170 days ago


Call me crazy but ... I am from Atlanta and these are not "housewives from Atlanta." I have to admit that I am embarrassed! A couple of these girls are uneducated (hence their diction and inability to conjugate verbs when they speak)and none of them live in "Atlanta" but outside in the "new money" suburbs and did you see some of those crazy-looking characters at Sheree's party? And who pays $18,000 for a birthday party for a pre-teen?!

When I think of "socialites," I think of well-groomed, educated, wealthy women who devote most of their time to raising money for charity. Socialites are movers and shakers and they are the beautiful people. None of these women have created anything! None of these women meet any of these standards. The only one who appears to have a clue is the oriental girl who is a real estate agent. NeNe's husband is the only non-athlete husband/secret husband who appears to actually work for his money while Kim has a secret boyfriend (code for married).

They just gross me out and I am truly embarrassed! I beg all of the wonderful TMZ groupies to not think badly about Atlanta because of these women. Ppppllllleeeaaasseeeeeeee!

2170 days ago

Cindy in Dallas    

That whole "axs" instead of "ask" was driving me crazy too. If Sharee was raised in an upper middle class family, as she says, she should know basic english. So should the others, in their high profile lives.
NeNe would have come across alot classier if she had not let the MF bomb fly so many times at Sharee's party.Not very classy.
There is no way Kim is 29. I assumed she was doing that thing where people stay "29" forever. Come on TMZ, search for a birth record for us and tell us her real age.

2170 days ago


The sad thing is she may be 29. Her style makes her look older. Her tanning, make-up, hair and clothing age her. Without all that artificial stuff you probably wouldn't recognize her. In many ways she's like a caricature. She’s like the new Dolly Parton. Most of the current female country western stars don’t follow these old country stereotypes.

2170 days ago


no way that ugly thing is 29. i'm 32 and i look way hotter than she does. everybody i know and everybody i meet thinks i'm around 24 years old and their reactions are priceless when i tell them i'm really 32.

this old bag is more likely in her 40's and needs to stop lying. if she's willing to lie about something as insignificant as a number that doesn't matter anyway... then what else is she willing to lie about??????????

2170 days ago


29 my ass!!! I'm 40 and look way better than that!!! She's at least 10 yrs older than what they're saying. ANd "Alexis" needs to get that cold sore looked at.

2169 days ago


29??? yeah, right. Looking at her, I'd say late 40's AT LEAST!!! Is her husband really this stupid???

2169 days ago

chris t    

The women posting on here are just plain jealous that they do not look that good (and the guys are secretly dreaming of hittin it).

TRANSGENDERS RULE! Unlike monogenders, we can make our body parts to fit ourselves. Instead of breast and penis that are born too small at birth.. (or too BIG vagis from OVER USE).....they can get it just the way they want it. HAHAHA.

2169 days ago
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