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Yabba-Dabba d'Abo

10/26/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 39-year-old resurfaced at a NYC event recently, looking levelheaded.
Oliva d'Abo
At the age of 15, Olivia appeared nude in the Bo Derek bomb "Bolero."

Olivia recorded an acoustic version of "Livin' on a Prayer" with Bon Jovi.


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Boycott Canadian Seafood    

It never fails to amaze me how horribly mean people can be. First of all, you can't tell anything about how she looks from a headshot. Second, from all the other posts, she is still in great shape, but so what if she did gain weight? Does that devalue her as a person or diminish her talent in some way? You people are the reason that 50,000 people die of eating disorders each year. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. And if you're not, you are lacking in humanity and compassion and have worse problems than anyone who is battling a weight problem. So before you criticize anyone else, take a good hard look at yourself.

And just in case some of you try to go there, no, I am not overweight.

2135 days ago

blues fan    

Jean, you appear to have serious problems with food and body issues -- there are support groups for that, I suggest you look into them.

2135 days ago


Jean - So that that your only bragging right is that you can still fit into your HS cheerleading unifirm. Um, WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE IT!!! YOU ARE NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANY MORE. WHY ARE YOU TRYING IT ON???


Thank you for proving the old adage is still valid HS Cheerleader = Brainless, vapid, superficial bimbo. Just like in all of the teenybopper comedies and slasher films. I hope that someday you are able to attain some goal other than being a cultural sterotype.

2135 days ago


It's not like she was gone for a while... she's been on Law & Order: Criminal Intent many times... and she looks great!

2135 days ago

now, now    

I always thought she was so pretty, and I still do. This isn't the most flattering picture, and I'll bet anyone would look less than fabulous with that lighting and makeup.
I used to be a high school cheeleader myself. I kept the vest and skirt of my uniform as a memento and wore it for Halloween last year(dead cheerleader). I've had two children, but I had to pin it because it was too big. Did I brag about it? No--who cares about something like that? Only someone who enjoys making others feel bad about themselves, that's who. (Btw, how do you know the name of QVC brands if you're not watching the channel yourself?)
As for the cheeleaders all being brainless, some certainly are. However, making generalizations about them is just as wrong as generalizing about overweight people. I happen to have a graduate degree and teach math at a middle school. You need at least half a brain to do that...j/k.
Come on, guys--lighten up, it's the weekend!

2135 days ago


She played the very hot, very sexy femme fatal Nicole Wallace on L&O Criminal Intent. Her character ate men for breakfast with her beauty......always to the men's detriment. Olivia d'Abo is a freakin' hot actress and anybody who says otherwise had not seen her Law & Order appearances! Too bad they killed her character off in this past season's finale but she left her mark with beauty, brains and pure evil. Ms d'Abo played bad so goooood!

2135 days ago


This is totally just a terrible picture of her---time has been VERY GOOD to her...this photographer and lighting obviously were not

2135 days ago


Depending upon how many years you are from high school, acting like "fitting into your cheerleading costume" is some sort of claim to fame could mean you have serious issues. Nobody cares if you can fit into your old cheerleading costume. Nobody but you cares about your "glory days." Maybe that was the last time you were happy and, if so, I feel sorry for you. If you are the type of person who judges others by their weight, then you are just a ****. (Insert your own curse word here.) Get a a house for Habitat for Humanity with all that super cheerleader energy you have. Put it to good use and stop acting like you are "better" than others just because you are thinner. And if you DO donate a lot of time to help those in need, then you just need to learn the very useful tool of learning to "shut the f*ck up." Nobody cares to hear how vain you are.

2135 days ago


I'm thinking "Jean Summers" is fresh out of high school...hence her comment and her shallowness. Wow...very pathetic. And believe me Jean, you need not comment on my dieting habits. I am a very healthy person. But, go ahead anyway...I know it will make you feel better. And, do you know so much about QVC?

2135 days ago


I've seen this before. Women don't age well. As their looks fade, they panic. Thus the anti-aging creams and such. Women hate losing their looks and losing their power over men. I think it is funny.

2135 days ago


She still looks the same! Hasn't aged a bit. She is still beautiful as ever! WOW

2135 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I can't believe all the sick attacks on my post! Sorry I had a good time in high school and am loving life now!

Just because you were last picked in P.E. does not entitle you to happiness as an adult... you are probably still a loser!

2135 days ago


Olivia looks just fine - check her out on youtube. TMZ is famous for publishing bad pics of women.

Jean Summers, you keep surfacing on here with your only claim to fame being that you can still fit into your H.S. cheerleader uniform. How old are you? I'm 41, have a Master's in Education with a minor in Phys Ed, and yes, I am the same size 5 I was in H.S. My cheerleader's uniform is packed away at my Mom's (she insisted upon keeping it) but I feel no need to pull in out and wear it on any regular basis. I put it on a few days ago, as my husband and I have a Halloween party to attend, but I frankly felt silly, and decided to go with another costume.

Are you truly that shallow and insecure that you only value yourself for that reason? I suggest you go back to school, volunteer, do something other than taking up space on the planet.


2135 days ago


Jean was so cool in high school. That's why all the janitors and the cafeteria lunch lady did her. Like, oh my god!

Don't make fun of her for trying to relive her glory days. She's desperately hoping to make front page news in her home town's Weekly Buttwad newspaper. And since she couldn't grow a big pumpkin this year, squeezing her fat ass into her stanky cheerleader outfit and passing out Halloween "candy" in her local Wal Mart parking lot is now her only hope for superstardom.

2134 days ago

Alaska Girl    

Dear Jean Summers,
Are you kidding me?
a) she does not look like she has gained 80 pounds, she looks fine
b) are you some Rachel Zoe zombie?
c) nobody cares that you can still wear your HS cheerleading uniform
d) truth be known I can no longer wear mine

2134 days ago
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