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Closing in On ID'ing Body

10/27/2008 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI has now said the body discovered today in an SUV in Chicago is "believed to be" that of Julian King, Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew.

Chicago cops have not yet commented.

It is worth noting -- the Amber Alert for Julian has been called off.


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To Reality, what a mean thing to say about a child. I see why someone could shoot a child several times, because there are people like you in the world who don't care about other people. There are going to be alot of people in hell, and I'm sure you will be one of them. Shame on you and other people like you.

2155 days ago


You really need to get a life. Haven't you ever heard the saying don't judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes? Every person has made a stupid call in their love life at some point or another. Whether they admit it or not. NO ONE deserves to have their child die because of that mistake. It is absolutely pathetic that you have spent so much time on this site today judging others and using someone else's tragedy to speak your politics and views.
To everyone else making negative comments:
Put yourself in this families place and try to think about how you would feel seeing 3 loved ones die and complete strangers judging your family harshly simply because a famiily member is famous and private details were made public because of that fame. Have at least a little compassion.

2155 days ago


To Janebird-
Do you really think that banning guns will take them out of the hands of thugs. If you do, your only fooling yourself. These people will STILL have guns. They are illegal guns. Not registered. No one knows who has them.

2155 days ago


janebird -
I completely understand what your saying. I was totally against ANYONE being able to have a gun - until I did some research after the concealed carry law went into effect here in Minnesota. I was completely suprised to discover that most of the things I had assumed about guns were statistically incorrect. Since the law went into effect here (not sure exactly about how many years it's been) there has been 1 incident with someone who legally carried a gun. There have not been any problems other than that one which was not a murder or anything like that. No children being shot or bringing guns to school, no road rage incidents with people who legally carry a gun. No assults etc. Nothing.

I do believe however that there should be VERY strict laws regarding criminal liability for the owner of a gun, if their gun is stolen and used in a crime, or a child gets access to their gun. I believe that to own a gun is a huge responsibility and unless you are prepared to have it secured and under your control at all times, you shouldn't be allowed to have one. I also believe that there should be more extensive training for people who want to legally carry a gun. Also background checks need to be much more detailed - to avoid situations like what happened at Virginia Tech.

I personally have gone back and fourth about whether or not I am someone who should carry a gun. I'm just not positive that I really am fully prepared to actually use it.

Please take some time to do some research on the subject. I think you will find that you're assumptions aren't reality. The number of people killed by drunk drivers is many times more than the total number of people killed by guns, including police shooting a suspect etc.

2155 days ago

Mary Jane    

Let's get this straight: the mutilated body of a murdered child is found, and all some of the sick people on this blog can write are disgusting, hate-filled comments about his weight and that of his family? The comment about the barbecue sauce is especially loathesome. I don't honestly think comments like that belong here. Those people should be ashamed of themselves, but obviously they never will be. If they tried to get a blood sample from THEM, they'd get only ice water.

2155 days ago

Monica G    

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Hudson family tonight. No words can describe what they are going through. When they find whoever did this, i hope they get what they deserve.

2155 days ago
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