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Closing in On ID'ing Body

10/27/2008 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI has now said the body discovered today in an SUV in Chicago is "believed to be" that of Julian King, Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew.

Chicago cops have not yet commented.

It is worth noting -- the Amber Alert for Julian has been called off.


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Daily Mail? Haaa thanks I got my information from valid educational resources. Go do some research. Learn something. People from Australia and Europe are talking about us Americans make fun of the fact that our gun laws are so screwed up. They are completely shocked when they hear about the outrageous things that go on here in our country because they never see anything like that because they aren't idiots like some of you who think the answer is to put a gun into anyone's hand. The boy that shot up everyone in Virginia Tech went right into a store and after half an hour was able to get a gun just like that. Then we get the biggest school tragedy ever. Think about it people. No wonder they call us Americans stupid because some of us just don't get it.

2153 days ago


This is a horrible tragic act of violence. Why would you bring a criminal into your home like this? He may not be Julian Kings father, but that is hardly the point. No need to say things to hurt the family anymore than they are hurting already. STILL I hope some people think twice about getting involved with a criminal. I mean if they were in prison for drugs they would snort a pill off your coffee table, robbery they will take your belongings too, molestation will end in molestation, and attemted murder means that they are dangerous. They can murder you and or your whole family. Ladies&Gentlemen keep dangerous people out of your homes. If not for your safety then for everyone else!!!!!

2153 days ago

mom of 4    


2153 days ago

Soul Cry    

Terrible, terrible news. My heart goes out to the family. We need to be careful of those we bring into our lives.

2153 days ago


Dear JaneBird,

Stop bumping your gums and Move to England. Stop breathing our American Air. Prayers to the Hudson family, God Bless You...

2153 days ago


Umm..Janebird..Obama is pro guns too..

2153 days ago

Triple Play    

TMZ Please remove the senseless and hutrful remarks made by Amy # 9. It is obvious that she has no feelings or heart. sounds like a pig to me

2153 days ago

tired of ignorance!    

All you people who keep saying that Julia brought this to the family... did you not hear that Balfour has been known by the family for a long time? Julia herself has in her myspace that Jennifer and her husband were childhood playmates! And to top it off people can change and no one could have predicted that when Julia married him the family would be involved in this tragic situation. All the people that keep saying this is the fault of Julia need to take a look at the people they have dated. I fully agree with the person who asked "did you do a background check on your mate?" (#12).

To say that marrying him brought this on the family (especially when you are uninformed as we all are because we don't all know the family personally or know everything that transpired) is ignorant and you should just keep your mouth shut!

this is a sad situation that no child should have to suffer. There's not getting around that. But it happened and now we need to wait and see what happens and who was actually involved before jumping to conclusions! We all know nothing at this point except for what has been speculated!

2153 days ago


also ladies don't get yourself mixed up with criminals and bring them around your children. I don't care how desperate, lonely and insecure you are, or if you think it's cool to have a thug for a man, as it's often glorified in hip hop. This is the type of consequences that happen. That poor little boy. My heart just breaks.

2153 days ago


Also Janebird, no one has said he was shot..Maybe the feds need to knock on your door.

2153 days ago


SJ #48, I am extremely sorry for your loss. :( I can't imagine what you went through and are going through. I guess it just goes to show that you never know what it's like for anyone else unless you walk in their shoes.

2153 days ago


How much stricter is access to cocaine and other drugs and guess what, people still get them - Ever heard of smuggling? So we make stricter laws for access to guns in the US and the thugs will get them illegally and the law abiding citizen just hopes for the best because now they have no means to defend themselves.

I bet if you were in a bank or mall and some thug came in to rob and kill you with his illegally owned, smuggled into the country by othe thugs/criminlas and a legal gun owner was there and saved your life would you still want "stricter access?"

2153 days ago


#53: I completely agree with everything you just said.

2153 days ago


Dale he's pro-gun CONTROL. Do your research man. You are clearly uninformed. He has supported several gun control measures meanwhile Palin and the republican hunters out there don't care one bit about gun control. They see it as a community problem. True he's not 100% no guns in the country at all, that's not what I'm saying. But he has fought for gun control absolutely.

2153 days ago


Some people just amaze me - what has the weight of the little boy to do with him being murdered? I feel - almost - sorry for these morons. Living in Chicago? No way! Chicago had 400 homicides so far this year, I guess it's 401 now and easily beat Los Angeles and NY, which are much, much larger cities. Fire the major and his police chief to get some peace and quiet there.

2153 days ago
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