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Hudson Murder Suspect's Alibi

Doesn't Add Up

10/28/2008 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

picture-152The case is building quickly against William Balfour, the man police sources have pinpointed as the primary suspect in the murder of Jennifer Hudson's family.

More details are emerging: The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting Balfour's girlfriend -- whose house he was arrested at -- has contradicted Balfour's alibi and cops have caught him in at least one other lie. Police have been tracking him through cell phone records.

A neighbor says a man he believes to be Balfour was seen pulling up to his GF's house around noon on Friday, got out of the car "carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquor," and was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt.

Balfour is in custody, and we're told he's considered the primary suspect.


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Let the brother go.

2149 days ago

Another angel taken    

sorry guys I have not been following all. Last night on nancy-grace (bag of wind) they said that the car was found when the suspect was in jail. When they asked around it was said that the car was not thare before yesterday morning. Do you think his girlfriend planted the car to make it look like he is not guilty?( the Stupid Bi*ch ) Who would want to stand by a child killer???? Either way it is so sad. That little boy was just a baby. Jennifer if you ever read this just know you have a whole nation praying for you. God bless and hang in thare.

2149 days ago

Wallie Brackett    

Jennifer and I went to school together in Chicago. She is such a sweet person. Once she let me listen to a CD she made. I cried for J Hud and her family. I am now mad as hell, because people are making drama out of a tragedy. Julia will need the support of everyone to continue living. To loose a parent, child and sibling all at once is fatal for the survivor. I don't know how I could go one, Lord Jesus ! J Hud will continue to perservere and shine brighter than ever.

2149 days ago


#16, You must be so proud of yourself. Anyway, This guy should rot in Hell!

2149 days ago


if he is guilty let him loose in population. let his fellow mates take care of him. r tax money should not keep another murder safe.
i bet he is in protected custody.

2149 days ago


I am very sad about these senseless deaths, but especially upset that a seven year old child was so brutally cut down barely after his life had started. I don't understand how Julia could have fallen for such a high risk person, who did time in prison for attempted murder. Her poor judgment cost her child his life, as well as her mom and brother theirs. This can be a cautionary tale.. look at the character of the person that you get involved with, especially if you have children. Their life may depend on it, and yours or the rest of your family's as well. So tragic.

2149 days ago


According to the news, she worked for chicago transportation not for the school.

2149 days ago


Typical porch monkey.

2149 days ago


Nice hair.

2149 days ago


This is the goofiest looking killer ever. You've gotta be kidding me. I mean, you'd expect some tough looking career criminal to be responsible for this. But no, you get this scrawny little guy with bad hair. Shame on him. I hope they show him exactly the same type of mercy he gave the 7 year old child he murdered.

And what kinda crazy keeps you in the ghetto of Chicago when Jenny offers you a way out to begin with? I don't understand the appeal of the area I guess...

2149 days ago


I'm just confused how anyone could think he looks like marriage and boyfriend material ... He looks like a no good, loser. I would not even let hm in my house. To think that someone willingly welcomed this waste of a human into their life and home is crazy for me to fathom. Maybe a lesson in life should be, "Don't marry a convict" - Ladies have some love for yourself and don't let people like this into your life.
With that said, I think he should be hung - and sell tickets ... I would buy.

2149 days ago

Windy City Mama    

Chicago Public Schools had no school on Friday. There are other schools, private and parachiol, in the city that use busses and did have school. There are also suburban schools that use busses and did have school. Lots of people are asking why Julia would have been at work if the children had no school that day. Do we know for certain that the bus she drives is for Chicago Public Schools only?
Whoever did this (I have too hard of a time wrapping my mind around Balfour being guilty, it's just too evil to contemplate), I'm guessing they had no idea poor Julian would be there. Sounds like they timed it to happen after he left for school, not knowing he didn't have school that day. Once he became an accidental witness, he became another victim. RIP little one.

2149 days ago


Poor man, I feel so sorry for him, look at his face, he looks so scared. Maybe he did not do it. What is that thing on his forehead? Man, I got so many theories like Julia did it, or the pregnant girfriend did it, or someone very close. Or he DID do it. Wow could have been they all did this to eachother like in tthe movies, or the video games we play to kill eachother. Splatt! Bang shootem ups like entertainment portrays violence all the time. And those songs that R and Bers sing if you want to call it music about killin, and bitch slappin and goin to jail. I wonder how low is pants hang. What color bandanna he gotz.But let forensics and science be the final say, science does not lie and dead people DO talk!!!

2149 days ago


Julia K... Many of woman do jail time simply because of a violent past and she was aware of his past charges so yea she should be no different putting her son and family in harms way. She knew he was VIOLENT!!. Chicago PD needs to do their job and hold her with some responsibility. Yes she is going through hell right now but other woman in these cases are as well and doing time.

2149 days ago


Sub-human piece of crap. How could he kill his own step son? At least the little boy is with grandma, again. I always think the death penalty is too easy. Let them rot in prison for the rest of their miserables lives.

2149 days ago
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