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DUI Bust -- "But I'm a Race Car Driver..."

10/29/2008 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some chick named Ashley Van Dyke was busted on suspicion of DUI in Hollywood. Her fame status is considered "barely" at best -- but she tried to use it to get out of trouble anyway.

Cops nailed the former one-time SPEED TV host in West Hollywood late Monday night when she refused to cooperate with a deputy who was directing traffic. But after she was pulled over, sources say she felt the need to tell cops, "...but I'm a race car driver!"

Didn't matter -- 'cause we're told she failed the field sobriety test miserably and blew well over the legal BAC limit.

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No Avatar

AVD Superfan #1!    


All she wants to do is drive fast and look hot doing it. You people
are so mean . You don't even know her and should be a shamed of
yourselves! The bible tells us to do un to others as you want them
to treat you. So if you can't deal with that then you don't deserve
to see her race like the pro she is.

That cop SHOULD have let her do what she wanted to do.

2150 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

God puts girls like this on the earth for guys like me to despair over what we'll never have...


2150 days ago

Wealth Store    


This chick always has it coming to her. It's about time. Ashley is going to look stupid riding the bus over the next year. Her driver's license is toast.

2150 days ago


I went to Junior High and High School with Ashley up in the Seattle area...

2150 days ago


Wow what a joke! She is not even close to being famous. I have hung out with her through a friend a few times in Seattle and she was nothing but rude and snobby. This is more like a daily police report rather than a celeb gossip site article. Iol

2150 days ago


Geez AVD Superfan #1, calm down!

She just wants to drive fast and look hot doing it?

Are you serious? Yeah, you really sound like you have a college degree.

The cop should have just let her do what she wants?

Really? Driving drunk? Well, if she wants to drive fast and look hot while drunk driving, let her come to your town and do it on the street you live on. How hot and awesome will you think she is when she wipes out another person while driving drunk?

One would think that if she is truly a professional driver, that she would know when she has had too much to drink and wouldn't be driving. She's a pathetic loser.

2150 days ago


Give her a break. I know Ashley and have for about 5 years. Sure she is stuck up and snobby, (you get used to it) but everyone makes mistakes. This is only going to help her career, especially now that it is on TMZ, and we are all interested....so quit acting like she is the only one that drinks and drives, she just happend to get caught!!!!!!!! Lay off

2150 days ago


did she go to jr high/hs in Woodinville, WA?

2150 days ago

Still has not posted bail    

she may not have posted bail

#1 she was booted from her 'ride' on the her first bullrun for being a danger to others, then passed out in some dude's car in a thong
#2 was a flag girl on spike's show for the blink of an eye because she did not get enough camera time
#3 horrible lay
#4 she probably thinks this is all good attention and is enjoying every second of it
#5 was probably not driving her own car when she got pulled over
#6 wrecked other people's cars being dumb, then makes up fancy stories to sound like she wrecked on a bonneville speed run in a jet car when we all know the truth

2149 days ago


The only reason this has become public knowledge is because everyone who has been exposed to such a walking disaster has now had their inbox flooded with "BUSTED" emails.. It's about damn time. And she knows this.

2148 days ago

AVD Superfan #1!    

First of all, she's out. She's got PLENTY OF MONEY to pay bail. All those lukrative sponsor contracts...

Second, all of you writing bad things about her in the forums should be ashamed of yourselves!

2148 days ago


I'm AVD's older sister and you know what, STUCK up and SNOBBY but that's just Ash, you can love it or hate it! It is her personality and if you don't like it the find something else to bitch about! Love you Ash, just keeping it reall!

1591 days ago
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