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Gone Country ... Club

10/29/2008 2:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country music singers like crooning about hard times and the small town life in their double wides, but from the looks of these luxury estates the only thing these Nashville stars find heartbreaking is if the pool boy shows up late.
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I work every day, haven't had a vacation in 4 decades or more, raised my kids on my own, sometimes have to still struggle to get the electric bill paid on time, dreamt of owning a real home all my life and still haven't achived that, my life is closer to being over than starting. When I saw these homes - it makes me cry.

2148 days ago


C, you have made a good point. I know that they have the money and can afford these homes, but Sheryl Crow owning three homes in L.A. alone besides the spread she has in Nashville?

There are still alot of people out there that either can't afford to get a home or are losing their homes right now and seeing these estates is a serious bummer.

2148 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

I cannot relate to this estate because I don't live great in the Golden State. In fact, i'd be lucky to put food on my plate. I contemplate the fate of those with papes. These estates are tastier than crepes. Yet, seeing this wealth is more devastating than California earthquakes. The American people can not relate. We need change. Change We can believe in. Yes, We can. Si Se Puede.

2148 days ago


Quit complaining. The celeb homes in LA are just as big and probably cost twice as much. I say good for them! They are celebs and can buy a beautiful house. I'm content in my little condo in the OC.

2148 days ago


I am envious of these people but you know what, good for them. I have a small house (and I mean small) and I am content. I would love to own a bigger house with a pool and the picket fence but I don't have the talent these people have or the good looks to snag a talented man so I just live my life the way it is and deal with it. I really, really like Reba's house!

2148 days ago


The picture of Toby Keith's house is not one house as the picture looks, that is if he really does live there. The house on the far right is for sale and it is on a busy street here in Nashville.

2148 days ago


You have been listening to Obama too much.. No one owes you anything. NO big houses,vacations, or free money.

2148 days ago



They are able to afford this kind of stuff because PEOPLE buy there products. Honestly, If I had that sum of money they make, I'll sure as hell buy up places like these.

2148 days ago


Imagine all the tacky interiors....

2148 days ago


Yeah but would you like to have all their bills and taxes and all the rest of the headaches that come with being rich and famous. We can walk anywhere we please and nobody bothers us, they can't. Can you imagine their electric bill alone? I guess it would be nice to have a home everyone envies, but it would take all day to sit down and make out every bill for every little thing that makes those mansions run smoothly. And think of all the people who have to be paid to keep it running. It's just not worth it. I'm happy with what I've got.

2148 days ago


I'd rather cry in a Benz than a Pinto.

2148 days ago


MAC-MANSIONS ARE UGLYYYYY........none of these money-belching fools has any taste if you notice ? And I've never seen photos of anything like extensive gardens {or any gardens....}, just very over-sized, non-human scale endless miles of house that no one needs, not even the people who live there. If you're going to do it up, what about something classier like at least surround the place with gardens,??? { ok, I have a thing about England and the way things used to be built and incorporating the beauty of nature and private gardens...}, somehow I just think of cheetohs,small brains and loud TV's when I see no-personality buildings like these.

2148 days ago


I don't care where they live, except I'd like to see their home recording studios. THAT I'd love to see. How about a tour of about 15 of them? Toby Keith drives a tour bus around with Reba in the mic telling us about which place is next, then we walk into the studio to watch the artist practicing some tracks. I'd be glad to go on that tour, alright. And at the end of the day, back to Reba's for a catered BBQ and a poolside jam with 8 or 9 area stars singing all sorts of stuff when they're not flippin the stir fry wok utensils at each other. Ever see Emmylou Harris try to shut up Vince Gill with a teriyaki carrot from 40 paces? How about Marty Stuart knocked into the pool by Patty Loveless by a flick across the back of the head with a raw steak? This stuff goes on everyday folks...............

2148 days ago


For heaven's sake, at least the majority of country stars don't preach at us about how we should be living with one piece of toilet paper per wipe and nothing but synthetic clothing on our backs like some other celebrities we all know. This is America. You work hard, you make money, you have the right to spend it.

Don't forget, a poor man never offered you a job. There has to be rich people out there. And since there are, I much prefer to know that some of them just do their jobs and don't spend their time making anti-American films like oli stone, dicaprio, and the list goes on. At least with country stars, you can get a little something once in a while that reminds you of how good goes on in this country.

2148 days ago


Hmmmm....well, my husband and I live in a middle class neighborhood. When I drive up at night he has turned on the outdoor lights for me - and when I come inside he greets me, then all of our 5 dogs go nuts. I wouldn't trade places with anyone for anything. It's not the house - it's what is inside

2148 days ago
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