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Bill Gates -- Recession-Proof

10/30/2008 5:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the amount of money Bill Gates is spending on office furniture for his new digs, you could buy yourself an entire office building.

Not much is known about Gates' new venture, bgC3, but TMZ spies tell us the new offices are going to be dope. For his private office alone, he is spending over $2.5 million on furniture from high-end designer B&B Italia. IKEA, it ain't.

He's also shelling out $75K for the coffee bar -- no alcohol will be served on site.

Everything is so top secret at Gates' new office compound, we're told shipments have to go through a metal detector and be inspected by bomb-sniffing dogs. I'm a PC!


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Janice Dickinson    

First! And he's employing people, so it's good.

2182 days ago

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Those dogs always go crazy when they smell Vista. Must be because it was a bomb!

I'll be here all night, try the veal.

2182 days ago


75K on a cioffee bar? 2.5 mil on his own office furniture?

I thought the 80's were over.

2182 days ago


Don't even start on Bill Gates. He donates more money than you can ever hope to have generated by your lousy company.

2182 days ago


This is peanuts compared to the huge amounts of money Bill and Melinda Gates have donated to various charities world wide.

2182 days ago



2182 days ago


Why is there an EXCLUSIVE stripe on this story? Gawker had the same story yesterday afternoon.

Someone tell Harvey to stop running TMZ into the ground!!!!

2182 days ago

Robert Haleluk    

Bill Gates is a joke!

SORRY, But its true!

I am sorry BILL, BUT I think its time u bow down... AND while your down there, do me a favor and kiss my Mac-Lovin' shoes!

I am sorry.. I can't sit around and let this tool keep hitting headlines like this. This is merely another stupid campaign to bring the hype over to Bill's side. Maybe you should take the spotlight off yourself and shine it on your products a bit more. I was a PC owner for MANY years, until I said ya know what I AM FED UP!

I AM A MAC!!!! AND, I love every second of my APPLE.. FACE IT, you can't compete with a clean, smooth, elegant, and a STABLE product. The only thing stable about bill, is his bank account.. Thanks to all you "I'm a PC!" people! Your not PC's, your idiots! You keep feeding this idiot money to keep making crap products.. If you cover dog crap in chocolate, its still dog crap covered in chocolate, regardless of how you look at it.

Instead of spending 2.5 million on furniture, maybe you should spend some money fixing your software's problems. I was a PC and gladly switched over to my Imac's and I LOVE THEM! I couldn't be happier.

The only reason people are still using PC's is because they can't buy a MAC or because they are too stupid to switch, meaning they are buying into the very crap that the products represents. If they would give it a shot they would clearly be much happier.

BOTTOM LINE, we don't care about whatever your working on.. It will end up a joke like the rest of your products and company.

Here's what I say to all you "I'm a PC'ers"...

"If your a PC then I am a MAC-Daddy!"

2182 days ago


Bill Gates donates more money than any other so-called Hollywood 'activist' who preaches to me. And Gates doesn't throw it your face like the Hollywood crowd. He's a good man and...whether this story is true or not....he deserves some luxuries if he wants them.

2182 days ago


Ok. I give to a few charities every year and even though it's not millions of dollars like Bill Gates, doesn't mean he's a better person than me or the rest of us. To be honest, I think people that actually have to put money aside to give to others are making just as important of a gesture as that of a captain of industry that can afford to dump of a few million and enjoy the tax break on it.

2182 days ago


For those haters saying that Gates donates because of tax breaks, eat a fat d!ck!!! The man gives far more money to charity and other causes that actually cost him more in taxes. Also, his will has been setup so that his 2 children only get 10 mil a piece. That's not chump change, but it doesn't scratch the surface of his worth. Before he dies, he will have given nearly 80% of his money to the world! He's also gotten Warren Buffet on board (you may have heard his name, he's only the 3rd richest person on the planet). Buffet is now giving his wealth away as well. So while there's a lot of money being spent on furniture and coffee bars (It is Seattle by the way), he's donating his BILLIONS to good causes.

2182 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Please stop deleting Robert Haleluk's posts. I find his extraordinarily idiotic posts quite humorous. Thanks.

2181 days ago

To see or not to see    

Italian furniture is classy and worth every penny of it !

2181 days ago

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