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Palin in "Out of the Closet" Controversy

10/30/2008 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Governor Sarah Palin's "Aw shucks, I shop at thrift stores" admission cost her favorite Alaska shop something kinda important -- its name.
Sarah Palin, Out of the Closet
Out of the Closet is the name of the consignment shop Palin frequents back in Anchorage. It also happens to be the name of a chain of non-profit stores in California and Florida run by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). It's proceeds go toward HIV medical care, testing and prevention service, among other things.

When the AHF heard about the Alaska version via all the Palin hype, they sent over a cease and desist letter asking them to change their name. TMZ talked to Ellen Arvold, who owns the shop. She admits she's a little bummed, but plans on complying and changing the name of her store.


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wayne matthews    

go to . We need to stop homosexuals from spreading aids. This is just the begginning, if Barack hussein obama is elected are chances of getting aids will go up and tax money will go toward homosexuals for their healthcare and lifestyle.

2094 days ago

Proud American    

Everytime McCain or Palin open there mouth, they put their foot in it. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!


2094 days ago


If people feel this is such a petty story, why are there multiple pages of comments?

If anyone has owned a business, cease and desist orders are part of doing business. When you open a business, it's the owners responsibility to make sure there are no copyright or trademarks on the name. The owner simply screwed up and YES they have to change the name or they can get sued and then the courts will eventually force them to change the name. A C&D order gives the business owner a certain number of days to comply and if they don't then it goes to court.

Palin didn't know and by mentioning the store name, rather than just sticking with "thrift store" she publically notified the true owners of that name that someone was using it. It takes years to brand a name and if anyone thinks it ok, please open a business called Microsoft or Coca-Cola and see how long it takes for a cease and desist order to come in the mail.

And I agree, this really isn't TMZ material..

2094 days ago

bite me    

32. Everytime McCain or Palin open there mouth, they put their foot in it.
Posted at 9:40AM on Oct 30th 2008 by Cassie

Well Kassie that is your opinion, however lets look at your candidates shall we......
Biden: Can't make up his mind who he is for, what he stands for and basically is very entertaining as he reminds me of ex-President Ford falling down, only Biden does it with his mouth. During the primaries Biden said he didnt think Obama had enough experience to handle this position. Guess Obama paid him off, as he has so many other people, media organizations and possibly even his own family..(Aunt in Boston, will not speak about Obama until AFTER the election, now that screams...WHT NOT???)

As for Obama, he opens his mouth and you fall to the ground, he spouts lovely words, but has nothing to back it up. What is he going to cut, to make life so grand and wonderful to reduce our taxes, to pay for his healthcare plan?
When it is most important for Obama to speak, as in answering all these questions the American voters have been asking him he says oh it isnt true, and then brushes them off (and please don't respond "last minute scare tactics", because these questions have been out there since the primaries), and the Democrats believe him, what has he done to make him trustworthy???
I am voting for someone who has a track record and I know most of his past, he may not be perfect, but I feel safer voting this way

2094 days ago


aids is not a GAY disease, so why lump them together? Ignorant People suck!

2094 days ago


how much money should i give to an organization that politisizes the treatment of an already nearly completely preventable desease?

2094 days ago


RE: Comment from LOL about Palin and socialism and kickbacks to the people of Alaska. Obama's idea of redistribution of wealth is to take (tax) the money from people who earn it and give it to those that don't. The Alaska program is based on the money paid to the state by the oil companies "leasing" Alaska land to drill for oil. It is not a tax, rather lease payments. Rather than put the money into state coffers, Gov. Palin rebates the income, not a tax, to the people who own the land, the citizens of Alaska.

2094 days ago


John McCain's campaign is looking for a scapegoat. It is looking for someone to blame if McCain loses on Tuesday.

And it has decided on Sarah Palin.

In recent days, a McCain “adviser” told Dana Bash of CNN: “She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone.”

Imagine not taking advice from the geniuses at the McCain campaign. What could Palin be thinking?

Also, a “top McCain adviser” told Mike Allen of Politico that Palin is “a whack job.”

Maybe she is. But who chose to put this “whack job” on the ticket? Wasn’t it John McCain? And wasn’t it his first presidential-level decision?

And if you are a 72-year-old presidential candidate, wouldn’t you expect that your running mate’s fitness for high office would come under a little extra scrutiny? And, therefore, wouldn’t you make your selection with care? (To say nothing about caring about the future of the nation?)

McCain didn’t seem to care that much. McCain admitted recently on national TV that he “didn’t know her well at all” before he chose Palin.

But why not? Why didn’t he get to know her better before he made his choice?

It’s not like he was rushed. McCain wrapped up the Republican nomination in early March. He didn’t announce his choice for a running mate until late August.

Wasn’t that enough time for McCain to get to know Palin? Wasn’t that enough time for his crackerjack “vetters” to investigate Palin’s strengths and weaknesses, check through records and published accounts, talk to a few people, and learn that she was not only a diva but a whack job diva?

But McCain picked her anyway. He wanted to close the “enthusiasm gap” between himself and Barack Obama. He wanted to inject a little adrenaline into the Republican National Convention. He wanted to goose up the Republican base.

And so he chose Palin. Is she really a diva and a whack job? Could be. There are quite a few in politics. (And a few in journalism, too, though in journalism they are called “columnists.”)

As proof that she is, McCain aides now say Palin is “going rogue” and straying from their script. Wow. What a condemnation. McCain sticks to the script. How well is he doing?

In truth, Palin’s real problem is not her personality or whether she takes orders well. Her real problem is that neither she nor McCain can make a credible case that Palin is ready to assume the presidency should she need to.

And that undercuts McCain’s entire campaign.

This was the deal McCain made with the devil

2094 days ago


20. I can't wait for this election to be over so everyone will STFU. It doesn't matter who you vote for, either way we are screwed!

Posted at 8:25AM on Oct 30th 2008 by !!

Thank you! I feel the same way. When I want to be bombarded with politics, I can turn on the nightly news.

Anyway, AIDS is not just a "gay disease". Anybody here remember Ryan White? I can't believe that after all of these years , people are still this ignorant.

2094 days ago


Not Palins fault. The shop should have checked the directory of buisness names. Simple.

2094 days ago

concerned citizen    

Soooo, do ya think this is the store that Palin will donate the $150,000 worth of clothes that the GOP bought for her and her family?

2094 days ago



2094 days ago


Uhh....Palin used the word socialism to define how oil money is handled in her state. Her words, not mine. Google it, there for all to read. Article in the New Yorker for an interview Palin herself gave.

Those calling Obama socialist. You do realize there actually is an american Socialist party right, who has a real live candidate running for president this year? Do you also realize this party is incredibly pissed @ the GOP for equating Obama with them?

Obama's proposals are not re-distribution of wealth, just get off that high horse already. See...we have this thing called a government that takes money to run. Programs that many GOP party members voted for, no one screamed socialism then. The middle class used to have tax breaks that made their lives easy. Those got cut, rich people got a tax cut, and here we are. Obama is just reinstating what's there. Where were the cries of socialism when the middle class was getting a fair shake?

The GOP's socialism arguments are just well, funny, LOL.

2094 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Palin's a socialist - run for your lives!! She admitted that Alaska is a "socialist state" that "spreads the wealth." It's all in New Yorker magazine, in her words, from the Sept 22nd article titled "The State of Palin."
I hope all of you Republicans sent back your distribution checks that you received this summer - it a SOCIALIST program, kids, and I hope you didn't cash your check and participate in it...Bush is a SOCIALIST too!!

2094 days ago


Anyone else noticed a reoccuring theme with Sarah Palin?

The mayor or Wasilla encouraged her to run for council.......she did, and not only that she eventually ran against him and became mayor......backstabber?

The Governor of Alaska asked her to be on the gas and oil commission....she did. and not only that she ran against him and became Governor......backstabber?

The Republican Nominee (McCain) asked her to be his running mate....she did, and not only that she is subtley undermining him and thinks she can be President!

I wouldn't trust her as far as you could throw her.......she'll cut you to promote herself.

2094 days ago
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