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MadgeRod Slinks Away to Seinfeld Motel

10/31/2008 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez are apparently going to serious lengths to keep their meetings secret ... not that Jerry Seinfeld thinks there's anything wrong with that.

The funnyman made his Hamptons house available to them for a quick rendezvous recently, says the New York Post. Madge-Rod both got picked up by helicopters in NYC and then by the Seinfelds in the East End. The Yankee and Madonna spent four hours at Jerry's place then schlepped back to the city.

Madonna's rep said she was unaware of the meeting.


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isn't that like satan, the Bible says the devil comes to us like a angel of light. so there is madonna, evil angel of light, coming to a-rod and getting him by the hand and leading him down the slippery slope. he is committing adultery, disrespecting his household. now he is embraced by kabbaballalaalaa propaganda and the Bible King James Version says when a man leaves his household and doesn't provide for them he is worser than an infidel.

2186 days ago

allen antrim    

Is this lady one of those rich and famous people who say the rest of us should not burn any carbon based fuels?

2186 days ago


Perez Hilton calls these two " Madriguez " !!!

2185 days ago


well, let's see, if we think back a few years, there was the little matter of Mr. Seinfeld dating a recently married woman, and in fact, busting up that union, so it doesn't surprise me at all that they're helping Madonna hide out.....they certainly know how to cover their asses

2185 days ago

Lynne Fulton    

When was this? Madonna was in concert in Vancouver BC Canada last night {Oct 30}.{10hours away, round air trip}

2185 days ago


They deserve each other,she thinks she's still got it and he thinks he's got it( definitely not on the baseball field) its really too bad they have children,what great examples they are?????????? You would think he would be afraid of catching something from her,though from whats been said about hime recently he's no prize either. Madge(YUCK) and A-Rod do have one thing in common they do like to sleep around.

2185 days ago


They make me sick - just come on out and stop sneaking around. Everyone knows they've been bumpin nasties ( and I mean nasties)! They are so horny they can't wait until the ink has dried yet. My advice - Madonna buy some toys, Alex hit the showers (cold).

2185 days ago


Good point # 19. Let's imagine the "carbon footprint" left because this boff hostess had the urge to play with her new brain-dead enema nozzle.

2185 days ago


Ah, madge is just trying to get Guy jealous....but it seems like it's not working for her. Why should it, he's got his lovlies, and seems much happier now with his new found freedom.

2185 days ago


i could never understand how one would cope with such media attention!!
they are both going through a difficult time with their respective divorces, but im glad they can be together at some points!!
i think they are doing the responsible thing by realizing that their former partners weren't fufilling what they truly wanted and got a divorce. so many people don't have the guts to do that. if you don't want to be with someone, they grow up and get out. don't just cheat. i think they are being strong in light of such harsh criticism.

2185 days ago


They aren't kidding anyone & noone cares anyway. They aren't the least bit as great as they think they are!! There are to many problems in the world to worry what has beens do....

2185 days ago


# 26 - There not both GOING through a difficult time-they CAUSED difficult times for others, including children. And they DID cheat, and he habitually cheated on his family. And you say they are responsible? Yea, they are are responsible for cramming their self-obsessed BS down the throats of others just to fulfill their moronic simpleton urges. I truly hope you do not have children or someone who legitimately cares for you, given your attitude. Now if two D-bags want to get together and drive each other into the ground without hurting others, so what, go at it. That's not the case here. Now I'll let you get back to mailing marriage proposals to Charles Manson and Scott Peterson. And please, get sterilized. That would be responsible.

2185 days ago


madge looks so sad and brokenhearted, while Guy looks so happy. Bet that sure gets madge's goat!! her revenge? arod to make it look like he (a-rod) cares about her. A-rod has so many girls he doesn't know what to do with all of them.

2185 days ago


grandma and the hunk


and her friends are lame too! Seinfeld? Has she ever seen his show???

2185 days ago


Of course the Sienfelds would generously offer their home for Madonna's little get together....they know what it's like to have broken up a marriage and need time together secretly. People like this attract each other....dirty, dirty subhumans.

2185 days ago
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