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Hudson Victim

Murdered by His Own Gun?

11/2/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jason HudsonOne of the victims in the Hudson murder case could have been shot to death by his own weapon.

Jennifer Hudson's brother Jason owned a gun that may have been identical to the murder weapon, according to law enforcement sources and neighbors who spoke with the Chicago Tribune.

According to those sources, Jason said the gun had been stolen from the family home -- the crime scene -- a few months ago.

Law enforcement sources are now investigating whether the gun used in the Hudson triple murders once belonged to Jason Hudson.

Jason's brother-in-law, William Balfour is the suspect in the case.


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It's getting closer & closer to Julia! She had access to the house, not Balfour! It's a set up against Balfour, and Julia is the Culprit!!!

2178 days ago


one can only hope it was .... now that's comedy.

2178 days ago


o wow..sounds like a inside job to me.

2178 days ago

suzy Q    

I wonder what is taking the Chicago cops so long TH ARREST JULIA? Or even bring her in for questioning? If they keep her there long enough, eventually she will "slip up"!

2178 days ago


By the way TMZ, CPD has not named Balfour as a suspect either. He's a person of interest still. You can be sued for defamation until CPD labels him as a 'suspect'. Also I still feel if Balfour is involved Julia is also.

2178 days ago


I really wish you all would stop pointing the finger at Julia. That woman didn't have anything to do with this. You people are basing your suspicions on the fact that she didn't give you enough emotion during her moment with the press. This is so cruel and viscious! Think about Jennifer's feelings. How would she feel reading all of these vile accusations of her sister, the only immediate family she has left. All the name calling referring to Julia's weight are unnecessary too. What does her weight have to do with anything? Grow up.

2178 days ago


They are coming for Julia real soon.

2178 days ago

Men are all sicko's anymore    

A very very long time ago I had a freind who was a grug dealer, he was robbed one night and his guns were stolen. He laid in wait in the dark for a week pretending to NOT be there.Well, one night the robbers or drug dealers gone bad, whateva, came back and there he was, sitting on his chair with another gun.As soon as they gained entry, he shot them and they shot him. I say "they" because it was TWO men. The one man died instantly, the other one was paralyzed and is in a wheelchair in prison and as for my friend, he died that night. At his memorial, he gave us all pot cookies he left in his will and they were real good. He knew he was going to die soon. I say that there was a gunfight and somebody somewhere is shot up too.Maybe it was that girl who was found over the same weekend dead of bullet wounds.Chicks in the hood can kill too or just be an innocent by loving a bad man.My story is true, I no longer associate with ANY drug dealers, I am all grown up now. This memory and scenario is real. Jason was shot with his own gun. How messed up is that?So, that blows anytheory I had about Julia doing this. Or maybe...hmmm

2178 days ago


i think james peyton jennifer hudsons ex might have something to do with it. isnt he like jason best bud? ;last month he,jason got into a physical altercation with william. over car payments. last yr jennifer was supposedly to marry james after she struck it big. they promised to marry. i think after she broke her promise to james after being in a relationship with him for over 8 yrs. when she got engaged to david otunga i think that infuriated james. maybe he was trying to win her back over. think about it. why is james still in the picture? if that happened to me i would be devestated. james peyton refused to marry jennifer till she has money. if jennifer had a pre nup do u think he would still marry her? i bet it was like a slap in the face with all the love and time he put into that relationship and she called it quits. he probably wanted to be mr. jennifer hudson. i bet u he couldnt wait to get out of the ghetto and blow all her money. jennifer is staying at donald trumps hotel in downtown chicago

2178 days ago


Even if William had been kicked out of the house, I imagine he's been in the house many times since and Julia may have told him where Jason kept it and he stole it. I think he did it or else he would WANT to take a lie detector test.

Somebody has obviously been talking or they wouldn't have found the gun so quickly. They had already looked in the area where they found it but went back again because of a tip. I hope they keep talking so they can wrap up this case and give this family some closure.

2178 days ago


um do you know that jennifer broke it off with her former ex-fiance? And if she did how do you know it wasn't because he didn't wanna come with her? A lot of people, particularly from the hood, don't want to leave the hood. My guess is he, like her family, didn't wanna leave the south side of Chicago. So Jennifer had to do her thing.

2178 days ago


I think this is getting weirder by everyday, the police need to do there job better!

2178 days ago


Julia is responsible for bringing Balfour into her sons life. As a mom, she should have never gotten with a man who had been in prison for attempted murder.

2178 days ago


I think that after the funeral on Monday that much more information or an arrest is going to take place. The Chicago police dept. hasn't really let any new information out over the weekend, they want to let the public memorial and funerals be over and then watch out, everything will fall into place. I'm sure by now that they have fingerprints from the gun or some information about that gun, if they knew so quickly that it was the gun used in the murders they know more about it, but are not releasing the info just yet.

2178 days ago


As I read more and more about this case, it seems that this may have been a drug cartel contract job. If Jason has a record, and if it's true that he was selling drugs out of his mother's home, maybe he was indebted to his dealer and this was payback. It's really odd that someone would shoot through the front door before entering, and just maybe his mother answered the door and knew what the deal was, and was trying to protect her son; she gets shot and they proceed to Jason's bedroom, shot him, and Julian, an innocent 7 year old, heard the commotion, came out of the bedroom and was grabbed and taken away because they thought he could identify them, and later was killed. It's the type situation that must be looked at from all angles and at all those involved. I doubt very seriously that Julia's estranged husband had anything hmmmmm?

2178 days ago
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