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"Mad TV" Crushes "SNL"

11/2/2008 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Republicans have won the November election -- in the funny department.
Condoleeza Rice: Click to view!
"Mad TV's" spoof on the real Condoleezza Rice cutting herself loose is pee-in-your-pants hysterical.


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my name is bindy not bindi    

i loved it... finally michelle as she really is.... i vote mc cain / palin

2144 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

it did take me a few minutes to read oogles boogle's post ... but i found it very interesting reading... i am african american am voting mc cain/ palin on tuesday..... obama is one scary dude and i don't want him as president ... this country will go to heck if he gets in and it scares me... reading this scared the heck out of me.... that man is not fit to be president....


2144 days ago


This skit is an example of nothing other than advanced buffoonery. The actress should be ashamed of herself. The tidbit money that MadTV pays its actors is hardly worth this young lady making herself look like a full-fledged Sambo. Now it is written in history that she actually agreed to participate in this ridiculous sketch. Politics aside, Condoleezza Rice is as smart as a whip and is far from the stupidity and raw ignorance behind and in front of this sorry excuse for entertainment! Condoleezza Rice is not a wanna-be unfunny ghetto thug. It has been and continues to be a struggle for women to be respected in our culture-- particularly difficult for women of color, and for one woman to actually participate if trying to berate another woman and set us all back a century, is an a egregious act of selfish idiocy. It is a sad day in Hollywood when people stoop so low and humiliate themselves and other people in the same vain.

2144 days ago

Dean Martin    

You'd be surprised how much corporate America and the Government does business with those Muslims you accuse Obama of supporting. Wasn't it just last year,that Bush wanted a Muslim company to control our ports of entry? Look at all the jobs that were sent out of this country.This country has been going to hell in a handbasket for the past eight years. Go ahead and vote for John "I'm going to keep this multi-trillion dollar war going,but not raise taxes" McCain.reagan promised not to raise taxes,too. Reagan broke that promise. If you believe him and that shrew who wants to seperate Alaska from the USA,you're naive. But then, a lot of people fell for Bush's bs twice! No matter who's elected,taxes are going up. It's a matter of who.

2144 days ago

Judy Obama    

Sorry but this was NOT funny at was STUPID...and I'm white!!!!!

2144 days ago


SNL always = fail

2144 days ago


so funny.

this is satire.

there ARE black people who act like that out there. if you've never witness it in real life, i'm sure you've seen them on reality dating shows. *ahem* flavor flav

we know all blacks, including condi rice do not act like that. so to imagine her behaving in such a manner is so ridiculous that its funny.

just because it involves race and stereotypes dont automatically feel guilty or be offended

2144 days ago


#15 said it all and I'll say it again. This is 1950's-style racial stereotyping at its worst. All it needed was a white person portraying Ms. Rice in blackface. It is not smart and it is not funny. If the Republicans had made Obama look like a black fool it would be all over the mainstream media.

2144 days ago


Mad TV usually isn't too bad... but that Condi Rice thing was just stupid and boring.

2144 days ago

Just me    

What's wrong with a good laugh? John McCain was on QVC on SNL. I thought this actress was great! Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning. And people get the chips off your shoulder, quit looking for things to complain about and smile. Life is so much better laughing.

2144 days ago


know this isn't meant to be a referendum on either candidate but one thing that bothers me more and more about Obama is that his state Illinois-and in particular Chicago-apparently has the highest murder rate in the country now

and with the 3 deaths of Jennifer Hudson's family members taking over the headlines it brings this under the spotlight for me even more so-news media outlets don't seem to be adding up the connection-and so find myself thinking that if the citizens there are not safe walking down the street with him as their senator-----why would I feel safe with him as my president-what has he done for Chicago the past few years-or Illinois?
this makes me nervous about what he will/will not do for America

sure I'm worried about the money in my wallet and how much I will or will not have
BUT if I'm not safe and alive to spend it-what does it matter ???????

2144 days ago


That was so stupid and offensive.

2144 days ago


LOL! Best line in the whole skit: "I'm a straight-up gansta!" Abslutely hilarious!

MadTV by a landslide!

2144 days ago


Ben Affleck imitation of Keith Olbermann was dead on.
He did a perfect imitation of that douchebag

2144 days ago


yure all douchebag tools!!!

get a life...what the hell do you think you are????

2144 days ago
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