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Leo Faces Off with the TSA

11/3/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think a man doing everything humanly possible to conceal his face at an airport would set off a few buzzers, but Leonardo DiCaprio got waved right through the passport screening checkpoint at LAX this weekend without ever having to let anyone see his mug.
Leonardo DiCaprio: Click to watch
The entire time he stood in the line, Leo never let the screening lady get a clear shot of his face, covering it with the low-riding baseball cap, sweatshirt pulled up to his nose and using his hand as a blocker.

Or ... maybe that's just what his passport pic looks like.


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ummmmmmmmm seriously who does he think he is?? cuz he really aint all that, no need for tht..

2180 days ago


Celebrity look-alikes to board airplanes to do a one off highjacking, and crash into a building. – the new weak link in airport security.

2180 days ago


Yeah, this says a lot for national security.

2180 days ago

name withheld    

aww, that's because he's so damn cute.

2180 days ago


Can't stand the guy, snob hooks into the global warming theory so he doesn't have to touch his own community and get his hands dirty,

He's a dime a dozen in that airport ,Just another Hollywood self important hypocrite boarding a plane, like a bad Disney movie playing over and over.

I feel sorry for the TSA who work LAX.

2180 days ago


I agree with #4....he is cute!!

2180 days ago


Someone needs to remind Leo that it is no longer 1998. People aren't that interested in him anymore. Also, what does this say about airport security? He is a passenger just like the rest of us and should be checked the same regardless of how rich he is or what class he flies in.

2180 days ago


Who does he think he is? I am not not impressed, nor have I ever been. He has always been such a SNOB. I really, honestly don not think he is 'all that'. Get over it!

2180 days ago

Burn Baby Burn    

He really needs to get over himself. He isn't all that first of all and second, he should have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

2180 days ago

artie help    

this lil butt wrangler has been sitting on george clooney's lap and face since what's eating gilbert grape?.

2180 days ago


You ignorant children are beyond pathetic, with your pithy little comments about how he "ain't all that" (God, learrn English!) and calling him a hypocrite while you no doubt sit on your fat, lazy a$$es doing absolutely nothing to help the environment.

Here's a 2-liter of STFU - share it amongst yourselves, kiddies!

2180 days ago


Just wonderful. Celebrity justice extends to national security, too. Celebrities are the untouchable gangster class who do as they please with no consequence. Scary.

2180 days ago


Once again, TWO for "celebs" and one for the little people. Just because someone is smart enough to memorize lines in a movie or TV show, they are considered "different" and above the rules for everyone else.
The only GOOD thing about this incident, it appears he was taking a commercial flight instead of private charter. Guess he's concerned about his "carbon footprint" LOL

2180 days ago


Well I for one absolutely love him!! He is gorgeous & a very skilled actor--love his movies..........I would do him, I would do him so hard.....ehem, anyways....None of us were there to see what exactly transpired before the cameras were rolling, so what big stinkin' deal, he went thru security.....we just wish we could do that!!

2180 days ago


1998 or 2008, DiCaprio is an international superstar, one of the most important and powerful players in Hollywood, a terrific talent, and one hot, adorable man. There are still plenty of us out here who care about Leo and his films and will see absolutely anything he's in because he never disappoints and his name is synonymous with quality. It's too bad he hides his face all the time ... it's waaaaay cute.

2180 days ago
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